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This Tumblekit review has been written within the first 60 minutes of using it. With the costs around 7$, and for that kind of money, I’ve got what I’ve paid for. It has multiple account support, and it completes wonderfully with the Tumblita for iOS.

This review was completely written in Tumblekit

Features of interest

  1. Multiple account support – a must have for me!
  2. Full Markdown editor
  3. Supports all types of content
  4. Fully reads Tumblr content

Major wins

Markdown preview

This feature alone makes Tumblkit my preferred way of publishing online. Finally, an amazing way to see how your work looks like in real time, as you create. It’s like a painter, who can see it’s finished product, the moment he uses the brush. It is absolutely amazing. I would love to see this in some other applications as well. Maybe it’s time to get that Terpstra’s Markdown application. Now I finally see the benefit of it.

Multiple account support

This feature is a must-have, and the fact that Tumblkit has it makes it all that better. This lets a professional blogger (or rather a professional Tumblr-er) easily access all of his publishing platforms at the glance.

Gets you out of the browser

There is no need to use the browser anymore, for your Tumblr activity. And rightfully so. It makes me get out of the browser viewing experience, where there are other distractions to the booth. Gets me in “pure Tumblr” mode, where all I can do is Tumble. Maybe I am the goofy cause of that, but I love no distraction environments for my creative process.

Minor Flaws

Keyboard shortcuts to switch between account

I didn’t figure out how to switch between the accounts. I know they’ve included the keyboard shortcuts for accounts, but I can’t seem to grasp it from the get-go, so I believe it is a small flaw by design. Will email them about it. If you’re using only one Tumblr account, you won’t notice this one.

No Full-Screen support

Now the second missing feature that I would love to see is mountain lion full-screen support. I am on a Mac, and I am in love with “no-distraction” environment, and this is a major flaw in the design of the app, and I believe it’s easy to implement. At least for the composition mode.

Minor bugs

There is a minor bug when I switch from the markdown view to HTML, it deletes all of my work. I believe that this is a bug that will be easily corrected, once I inform their technical support.

Overall impression

This app is practically an answer to all of my publishing needs. I’ve used to have problems with writing and publishing, but this app lets me create at the push of a button, without any extra steps required. I might say, that this is easily best spent 7$, as it solved so many publishing problems I’ve had, all at once. Somehow I feel I am too much Tumblr happy, but it is what it is for now.


Even though I’ve originally written this article in Tumblekit, later on, I transferred it to my WordPress (as for the time being it’s my main blogging platform). I’ve done so, by copying markdown text into Byword and later on converted it to HTML. Totally tempted to move my blog to Tumblr completely, or look for markdown alternatives on WordPress.


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