Streamlining iPad publishing, challenges and overcoming obstacles

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I was complaining a lot that tablet is kinda redundant device in my household. Device that I didn’t really know why I bought, except to have the whole ecosystem.

No purpose behind this?

To be honest, I never knew the purpose behind buying a tablet. I always fantasized about reading on this kind of device. And reading is great, but lately I find myself spending way more time typing than reading books. Actually the book reading is one of the last things I’ve been doing lately.

Even though I’ve got MacBook Air, through entire day I felt like I would be overwhelmed with laptops variety of options. And when I am on iPad I am certain that I am not working.

Serious device vs entertainment device

I am trying to attach some seriousness to the laptop, as a pure working environment. If you want to surf the web, and goof around, you’ve got iPad. This way I make the clear distinction between the working environment, and fun environment. I believe that this used to make me productive, until this point, where I was procrastinating that much with turning my laptop on, that I’ve started writing on my iPad.

And I’ve been rather productive. I’ve been publishing too.

At this point I am going to ask my office for something productive for myself. I am going to ask for an Apple keyboard, as this one is going to be attached to my iPad all the time. I want it here, as it helps me get things done. This keyboard is a God’s blessing for me.

It’s weird how I always shunned iPad as second class device, as something designed only to have fun with. Turns out that there is so much more power in this device, than I thought possible. I always leaned towards making it a productive powerhouse, but on the user level, until this point, I never made it.

I’ve been putting iPhone in front of it as well. Because of it’s small size. But now, after today, my whole perspective on it changed. It’s single tasking interface is actually helping me focus on the most important task in my life: writing.

Blogging device of choice

I am trying to make it my preferred way of publishing content. This way I am not relegated to carrying laptop with me. My battery autonomy will be higher and I will have less luggage to carry on my travels.

Difficulties of iPad blogging

As a markdown user, I’ve encountered a several problems with iPad blogging. I can’t seem to find the right application to fit the job. Poster and Blogsy both have some problems. And I am not quite happy with either of them. Native WordPress app is not cut out for the job.

I don’t like creating in Blogsy. It doesn’t have a full screen feature, and that is a big turn off for my creativity. And creativity means everything in this field of work. I am tempted to remember, find and review one app that I’ve seen recently, that was advertised as “Blogsy killer”, as Blogsy is kinda an iPad writing standard.

I’ve reviewed it in the past, gave it a good grade, as I really liked it on the first sight, but after quite a while, I noticed that I wasn’t using it. Hence, something was wrong with it. And it’s clunky user experience. Maybe I should push myself into using it more often, but seriously, no markdown support is a major turnoff. Hence I am in:

Search of a replacement app


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