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Brian Bojan Dordevic
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This article first appeared in Alpha Efficiency Magazine: Issue 12: Milestones

It’s not often that we declare our undying love for an app, but we love Blinkist.

In our busy worlds, the pleasure of reading a great book and consuming knowledge can become relegated to holidays and hospital waiting rooms.

This is why Blinkist is such a revelation – it gives you the opportunity to consume exciting, interesting works of great literary knowledge in ten minutes or less.

I love using Blinkist to explore new books that I might never have got round to reading, but also to revisit old books (like Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence) that I enjoyed but will never find time to read in its entirety again.

If you like the abridged version in the “Blink”, you can decide to invest more time in purchasing and reading the full book. But in the meantime, I guarantee you’ll be exposed to more fresh, challenging ideas than you’d ever be when you had to pick a book of the physical or virtual shelf and read it cover to cover.

We know you’ll love Blinkist, which is why we’ve persuaded Holger to give 100 of you a whole month of Blinkist Premium for free, no strings.

What’s more, three lucky readers picked at random will win six months of Blinkist Premium.

Try it, love it and start expanding your minds!

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