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Update November 2019

We’ve been using Google Suite since 2010. During this period of time, Docs and Spreadsheets were the first one to incorporate the collaborative features that were at the time not seen on the MS Office and iWork at the time. This vast experience in G Suite has created a work culture in which Google managed to snatch the significant piece of the market share for productivity tools.

To this day Alpha Efficiency team has been using Google suite, to a point where we established some astonishing workflows that are still unavailable for other productivity ecosystems for 2019 and beyond.

NotepadLately, I’ve been doing quite a lot of writing in Google Docs, and these are some of my thoughts.

The Good

When several people collaborate on the same document, Google Docs is incredibly powerful. Suggestions to edits and collaborative workflow outmatch Microsoft Word by insane margin. Didn’t even have a chance to compare it to pages, but usability of the app itself is insane.

The Bad

Wondering should Darren and me switch to Google Drive for all our writing purposes. There are a few things I am missing:

  1. Lack of Markdown support
  2. No word counter
  3. Lack of minimalistic interface (like Byword has)

Strong consideration, if not for blogging, than at least for magazine articles, which are being filtered through either way.

iPad Support

iPad support is making this tool very versatile, enabling me to write on my iPad on the go. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to use Word processor to write longer pieces.


The app itself is actually the most powerful collaborative word processor on the market. No matter how much I dislike Google, seems like they’ve made insane productivity tool, that I am debating on exploring in details.


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