Setting up workflow on your android device: Swipepad

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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I can’t believe I haven’t wrote about this great application sooner. It’s one of those applications which make me happy that I don’t have iPhone (yet). It’s low memory consumption and seamless integration at the very core of the Android system is what makes it so beautiful. Now there are some sever benefits of having this app on your phone, and one of the most important one’s is simplifying your multitasking. Now, you know that we at Alpha Efficiency aren’t that much into multitasking, but sometimes it’s necessary to run multiple app’s in order to get things done, swipe pad helps you exactly with that!

Swipepad on Samsung Galaxy S

Swipepad is really simple, all you need to do is to press at the edge of your screen to pull it out and it will black out entire of your screen and will show you the shortcuts that you’ve predetermined. Now this doesn’t sound like a lot of a big deal, but it’s greatest strength is that it works in EVERY SINGLE APPLICTAION on your phone! It’s system persistent. The basic app itself is free, but it’s additional plugins aren’t. Which is cool, because if you like this app, you should definitively support the developer and get the add ons, which cost 1-2$ each, and they are totally worth it!

Addons included are:

Widget Pad (allows you to add widgets instead of simple shortcuts, on your swipe pad screen)
Tasking (shows you the huge list of the apps you’ve recently used)
App Launcher – Allows you to access all of your apps from Swipe Pad
More Space – allows you to make more than one swipe home screen

Now enjoy completely new experience on your Android phone!


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