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This article is a reblog from TabletProductive.com, blog dedicated to leverage your tablets productivity levels. Chris has amazing productivity content there, so I suggest you drop him a visit, and see what he has to offer.

I have to say I am very interested in checking out the Surface Pro. I am able to do most anything with my iPad but there are times when I prefer to work on my home Mac Mini or my dual-monitor Win XP machine at work. These are the times when I am doing hardcore spreadsheet work or big/complicated word processing. This means that there are times when I just can’t get certain work done when away from a desktop.

If the Surface Pro allows me to be productive anywhere at anytime with the native apps I use…in a tablet form; I would have to agree with the title of the linked article attached to my post… that the Surface Pro changes everything! Just think of the ability to have a tablet one moment and then a full desktop computer the next; with a real monitor, keyboard and mouse! This would eliminate the need for a laptop and a desktop in one.

Of course, the Surface is not an iPad and it is not a MacBook Pro either. But, the concept is definitely cool and the pre-press seems to be positive. And, the concept of the Pro just makes more sense than the original Surface. Who knows, maybe it will be successful and force even greater innovation from Apple? What is to say that future versions of the iPad do not have similar, desktop-like, shape-shifting characteristics?

And this is why competition is good!

What do you think?

My opinion on Microsoft tablet is that they are late to the game, and it will take them at least a year or two to get it right. Windows 8 has potential, but I don’t see Microsoft as a hardware producer at any time soon. I don’t see it offering anything that would benefit my work, nor I see it being a competitor to Apple’s iPad. Especially with Apple coming up with iPad mini. Once it has unique selling proposition, it might be interesting. Until than, it’s going to collect the dust from the shelves.

Windows 8 is solid foundation for mobile operating system, and once hardware manufacturers come up with good solutions, along with the developers that come up with good applications, we might see a competitive system in a year or two.


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