Demise Of iCloud Collaboration And Return To Google Spreadsheets

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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Since I started working in a company where Google Apps is the standard, my stance on Google has changed. My main source of income is brought to me through my extensive knowledge of Google Adwords platform; furthermore my office uses Google Apps for all of our documents and correspondence. We use Gmail, Google Docs and I’ve strayed my way today and put Google Chrome on the first page of my OS X Mavericks dock.

Instead of being hypocritical, I just decided to be pragmatic. Alpha Efficiency is moving its most important data into Google Drive Spreadsheets, as there is no better way to collaborate on the spreadsheets across iOS and OS X devices. We’ve considered how to go about it, but our strong iOS paradigm kept us in a long and fruitless search. Evernote was the first attempt, but the spreadsheet and data experience in Evernote is horrendous. Then iCloud collaboration arrived and we had a glimpse of hope that our Vision Quest will be finished. But we were disappointed.

No solution was coming our way, but our data was accumulating. We wanted to go for something “sexy”, but sexy didn’t came along. If you have an idea of the spreadsheet software that will solve our spreadsheet needs on iOS and OS X alike and has collaboration features, please do let us know.


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