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As a web marketer I have quite the number of clients. Each and every one of them has different and specific needs. Google Chrome Multiple User Profiles are an absolute life saver, when you are stuck in a situation like that! Juggling between them was a bit clunky with LastPass. But as you already know, I don’t like to have any sort of friction while working. So instead of looking for the solution, solution found me. Google Chrome introduced multiple user profiles for browser. At first I didn’t find it that useful, because I thought it would just switch me back between accounts. But something magnificent happened.

When you switch the account, Chrome elegantly opens a new Chrome window, with entire different set of everything, cookies included! This move by Google team, completely bought me as a power user. Made me forget about all the spying Google does, just for the promise of frictionless working experience. I was fighting the good fight for awful lot of time. I was using various different cookie swappers, that helped me maintain multiple online identities, but Chrome blew all of that away. It’s not only that I can change identities, it also changes extension sets.

Best thing about it, is that you can log onto completely new computer, do your work, and once you are done, you can simply delete the profile you made, and with it, all the information that you’ve synced. In the lack of better words, it is simply amazing. I hate how Google always manages to keep me tied to their system, no matter how much I want to bypass their spy world.

New function in Chrome is made for power user. If you have multiple clients and multiple emails that you need to access, this is the go to browser. Take a look, how my working environment looks like with the usage of multiple browsers.

With multiple clients, there is an increasingly great need for multiple user accounts in your browser. Back in the past, I was solving that with multiple browsers being opened, but now Chrome became the main thing. I don’t even turn on the Safari anymore. I am completely locked like a duck. Mozilla please come and save me!


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