Apollo.io Review: Is It The Best Sales Intelligence Tool For B2B?

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The B2B landscape can be tough. No matter how much time you invest into lead generation and sales engagement, the results sometimes do not reflect that.

Your CRM data is fragmented, and your sales outreach feels more like shots in the dark rather than precision sniper work. You need a sales intelligence solution that will help you reduce cost per acquisition and allow you to effortlessly keep track of your progress.

Having been in the trenches myself, I understand the pain, the confusion, and the desire to streamline sales process. Over the years, I’ve tested various sales engagement platforms for my digital marketing agency.

In this detailed Apollo.io review, I’ll show you what you can expect from this sales intelligence solution. You’ll discover if Apollo.io fits your business needs and how its unique features can save you time and help you get the most out of your outreach efforts.

After we’re done analyzing the pros and cons of this platform, I’ll show you Apollo io pricing. I’ll give you my honest take on whether this tool is the best bang for a buck. My goal for writing this Apollo.io review is to help you make an informed decision tailored to your team’s unique needs. Let’s start!

Table of Contents:
Apollo.io review

What is Apollo io?

Apollo.io has quickly become a significant name in the world of B2B sales engagement. If you’ve stumbled upon various Apollo io reviews, you’ve likely seen a whirlwind of commendations.

But what truly is Apollo.io?

Founded in 2015, Apollo.io is fundamentally a sales engagement platform tailor-made for marketing professionals and sales teams grappling with the challenges of B2B outreach.

It has a massive database with over 220 million global contacts (and their email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and more). But what impressed me even more than the volume was database accuracy.

You may wonder how creating such a large database while maintaining accuracy is possible.

Apollo.io works by harnessing data from various sources, including website scraping (with notable sites like LinkedIn) and data purchases from third-party providers. The network of over 500,000 users continually enriches this database via inputs like email signatures and CRMs.

You can count on Apollo.io to deliver accurate contact details around 85% of the time.

That’s a pretty good number.

With advanced filters, Apollo.io is a perfect lead intelligence tool for targeting specific industries, company sizes, job titles, or other demographics.

Apollo.io’s recent growth is nothing short of spectacular. With an impressive 900% revenue growth since 2021, this platform has rapidly expanded its user base. Over three million sales and marketing professionals now use it to generate leads, research prospects, automate tasks, and keep track of various engagement statistics.

Who Is Apollo.io Best Suited For?

Apollo.io is an ideal companion for startups, small businesses, and compact sales teams. Designed with the intricacies of B2B sales and marketing in mind, this platform provides a seamless integration of contact data for targeted outreach campaigns.

Specifically, if you work in a B2B organization, you’ll find Apollo.io exceptionally beneficial. It has specialized features allowing you to reach specific industries, company sizes, and demographics. Using this tool, you can find high-quality leads in bulk and significantly reduce cost per acquisition.

While Apollo.io may work for B2C businesses, too, I’d argue there are better alternatives for that sphere.

Apollo.io Review – Features and Main Benefits Of Using This Platform

As someone who has spent years offering CRM consulting services, I know that a wide range of available tools can often be overwhelming. Apollo.io stands tall in the crowded marketplace of sales engagement tools.  Yet, numerous advantages of this robust platform might not be immediately obvious to the casual observer. 

In this Apollo.io review, I will share my hands-on experience, emphasizing the specific benefits for your businesses.

Apollo Advanced Search

Every marketer knows the feeling: staring at a screen, sifting through countless profiles, hoping to find that golden lead. You have this vivid image of your ideal customer, yet every lead you pull seems slightly off. Lead quality is more important than quantity. However, it seems like the Apollo team wanted to secure both quality and quantity for users.

With its advanced search capabilities, Apollo.io can eliminate the guesswork from your lead generation efforts. Here are some of the advanced search features this platform offers:

  • Over 65 filters: You can use over 65 filters to ensure that every lead you target aligns precisely with your company’s values and objectives. I was quite impressed with the variety of filters. They are exploring firmographic details such as industry and location. But you can also extract technographic insights like a company’s tech stack with suitable filters.
  • Personas: Apollo.io emphasizes the importance of personas in lead generation. Using these personas, you can set up your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This streamlines your targeting process and ensures you’re reaching out to contacts aligning with your company values.
  • Buying intent & signals: Apollo.io can detect buying intent and signals. This buying intent data allows you to identify prospects actively researching solutions similar to your offer. Furthermore, the platform provides actionable talking points to enhance cold outreach and emailing strategies, making your pitches more resonant and persuasive.
  • Save search & alerts: Once you’ve refined your search criteria, you can save it. Should any new leads match this criteria in the future, you’ll receive timely email alerts, ensuring that no potential lead slips through the cracks.

But make sure to understand various B2B prospecting tactics so you can set your business on a growth path.

Lead Scoring – Prioritize High-Quality Leads To Boost ROI

Do you know that overwhelming feeling when you have a massive list of leads but no clue where to start your outreach process? Apollo.io offers a lead scoring feature to help you understand which leads are hot, ready, and waiting for your attention.

Before I tell you about Apollo’s lead scoring capabilities, let’s first explain what lead scoring even is.

At its core, lead scoring is a system that ranks potential leads based on their perceived value to a business. It helps sales teams focus their energy and resources on the most promising prospects. By effectively prioritizing high-quality leads, you can optimize your sales efforts and significantly improve return on investment (ROI).

Now, how does Apollo.io streamline the lead scoring process for you?

Apollo.io offers an AI-driven lead-scoring mechanism. Instead of just handing out generic scores, this tool looks at your company’s past wins and interactions. So, if you’ve had a streak of success with a certain type of client, Apollo’s AI takes note.

What I particularly enjoy is that Apollo.io offers the flexibility to create custom scoring models. You can mix their huge database with your own CRM insights to get scores that perfectly vibe with what you’re looking for. For example, if someone opens your email three times a day, Apollo.io can automatically recognize this and alert you.

Lead scoring happens in real time, meaning your sales team will always know who to target next.

And to help you avoid confusion, Apollo.io made lead scoring transparent. You always know why a particular lead has a specific score. This allows you to tailor your outreach strategies more effectively and develop a personalized approach for each potential customer.

Data Enrichment – Ensure Your Data Is Always Fresh and Accurate

Isn’t it frustrating when you base decisions on data, only to realize it’s outdated or incomplete? Quality data is the foundation of solid business decisions. But as the business landscape keeps evolving, so does the data. And let’s be honest; maintaining fresh and accurate data is challenging when you have a massive database with potential clients.

Apollo’s Data Health Center is designed to spotlight areas of your total addressable market (TAM) and highlight any missing or inaccurate data. This helps you stay aware of potential market opportunities and can ensure that your CRM stays accurate and complete.

Job changes and missing emails? Apollo tracks this as well, allowing instant updates. And as a cherry on top, this prospecting platform offers automatic data enrichment, so fresh data gets added to your CRM in real time.

By enriching and updating your data seamlessly, Apollo.io ensures your outreach efforts are spot-on, and your business decisions are always informed.

Now, let’s move on with our Apollo.io review and discuss how this platform can help you make your outreach more personalized.

Apollo AI writing assistant

AI Writing Assistant – Create Personalized Emails Faster

Navigating the challenging waters of cold outreach is no small feat. Our inboxes are inundated with generic sales pitches and impersonal cold emails. Standing out amidst this flood requires a touch of personalization, insight into the recipient’s preferences, and a lot of time crafting the perfect message.

Apollo.io offers an AI Writing Assistant designed to help you with your email outreach efforts. It leverages buyer data to draft emails and save you time. Powered by Apollo’s vast contact database, this AI assistant crafts hyper-personalized emails tailored to each prospect in your pipeline. The idea? Boost engagement, nurture relationships, and enhance conversions – all in a fraction of the time you’d typically spend.

Here’s a quick overview of how Apollo’s AI writing assistant can elevate your outreach:

  1. Precision-Personalized Emailing: Apollo uses buyer signals to tailor email messaging specific to each prospect.
  2. Attention-Grabbing Openers: Personalized openers are essential in the world of cold email outreach. With up to five distinct openers designed for each contact—ranging from acknowledging company goals to celebrating work anniversaries—you can ensure your email grabs attention right from the start.
  3. Minimized Research, Maximized Engagement: It generates opener options tailored for each contact, letting you spend less time digging for information and more time fostering genuine connections.

If you want to further boost your efficiency, I highly recommend checking some of the best AI tools for digital marketing.

Apollo Conversations – Don’t Miss Any Crucial Detail From Your Calls and Meetings

Apollo Conversations is a comprehensive tool that helps you organize crucial details from your calls, facilitating better coaching, increased call conversions, and a more data-informed approach to communication. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Easy Access to Call Recordings: Store and retrieve all team call recordings seamlessly within Apollo.
  2. High-accuracy Transcripts: Transcribe your calls with precision, making it simpler to revisit or share insights without re-listening to the entire call.
  3. Filtering Capabilities: With seven different filters, including date, user, and duration, you can swiftly pinpoint the calls you’re interested in, optimizing your review process.
  4. Conversation Insights: Dive deep into specific conversations by accessing insights through four tabs:
    • Call Details: Overview of participants and their associated contact and account details.
    • Summary: AI-generated call summaries highlighting outcomes, next steps, and key pain points.
    • Key Topics: Highlights action items, addressed questions, and tracked keywords throughout the call.
    • Comments: Team members can annotate specific call sections, facilitating team discussions on salient points.
  1. Playback Features: Offers user-friendly playback with fast forward, rewind, volume control, and full-screen mode, ensuring smooth review of calls.
  2. Participant Activity Overview: Displays when each participant spoke and shared screens, allowing for easy identification of active contributors and their specific contributions.
  3. Share Calls: Clip and share specific call sections with internal team members or external contacts. Whether it’s a key insight or a moment worth revisiting, sharing is made seamless.
  4. Privacy Settings: Grant access to call recordings selectively, ensuring privacy and compliance.
  5. Analytics: Monitor team activity and interaction metrics like talk ratio, patience, and question rate. This data-driven approach provides insights into team performance and areas for improvement.

Apollo Plays – Automate Your Workflow And Connect With Ideal Customers At Scale

With sales automation tools like Apollo Plays, even small marketing and sales teams can operate like big ones. The main idea behind Apollo Plays is to help you automate time-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters – turning leads into customers.

Whether updating contact information, integrating timely insights, or setting alerts for manual actions, Plays ensures your workflow stays dynamic and responsive. The key is automation, allowing you to capitalize on timely insights and engage with your prime customers without the constant manual grind.

Key Apollo.io Benefits with Plays:

  1. Perfect Lead Detection: Using signals like buyer intent, headcount growth, or custom fields from your CRM, Apollo auto-sequences the ideal leads, ensuring you’re pitching to a receptive audience. For example, as soon as a startup showcases signs of growth (maybe they’re hiring digital marketing roles or showing an uptick in online engagement), you can set up outreach sequences to let them know about your offerings.
  2. Timely Engagement: Engage leads and customers right when it matters. Be it a product inquiry or a follow-up, Apollo ensures you never miss that crucial moment. Let’s say a potential lead just checked out your product page. Isn’t this a perfect time to engage? With Apollo Plays, you can set up automatic actions that occur whenever your leads check your product page and ensure you don’t miss big opportunities.
  3. Lead Signal Alerts: Apollo Plays lets you set up customized alerts based on specific lead signals. Whether it’s a lead that perfectly fits your target demographic or a past client that’s shown renewed interest, you can get instant notifications sent directly to platforms you use every day – be it Slack, email, or Apollo’s control center.

Popular Plays Templates You Can Use To Quickly Set Up Automations

Apollo.io offers a rich library of 21+ play templates, helping you implement sales automations as quickly as possible. Here are the Three Key Play Templates to Consider:

  1. Work Companies Researching Your Category: As soon as a company begins exploring products or services similar to yours, this play ensures you’re the first to reach out, allowing you to make an impact when interest is at its peak.
  2. End Sequences for Outdated Contacts: Maintaining the relevance of your outreach is crucial. If a contact’s information becomes stale or outdated, this play automatically removes them from ongoing outreach sequences, ensuring your deliverability remains unaffected.
  3. Call When Email is Opened or Clicked: Timing is everything in sales. The moment a lead engages with your email, either by opening it or clicking a link, this play triggers an instant call action, allowing for immediate engagement when interest is fresh.

Apollo Analytics – Keep Track Of Team Performance and Optimize Your Efforts

Apollo.io arms you with the data intelligence you can use to refine your outreach methods, align your team’s efforts, and elevate your sales techniques.

Apollo Analytics is designed to offer actionable insights that can truly transform your sales approach. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in numbers or wondered how to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, then you might find Apollo’s Analytics helpful.

  • Reports: At the heart of Apollo Analytics is the Reports feature. Reports aggregate in-app metrics, presenting them in diverse visualization types. Thanks to customization options, you can refine these visualizations using specific filters.
  • Metrics & Dimensions: Apollo breaks down data into two essential components:
    • Metrics are the ‘What’ of your report. From tracking the performance of emails sent through Apollo Sequences to monitoring interactions with contacts and accounts, metrics delve deep into every facet of your sales operations. For instance, if you’re keen on understanding your team’s email efficiency, Apollo offers email metrics to track performance.
    • Dimensions act as the ‘Which’ of your report. They help contextualize the metrics. Want to gauge the efficiency of a particular team member or understand the sales trajectory over specific months? Dimensions provide these contextual layers, allowing a granular analysis of your data.
  • Filters & Visualization: Apollo gives you the power to decide what you see and how you see it. Filters let you zero in on specific subsets of data, enabling targeted analysis. And when it comes to data presentation, Apollo offers many visualization methods, from tables and columns to heatmaps.

If you’re pursuing excellence and efficiency, Apollo Analytics is a tool you’d highly recommend integrating into your sales workflow. Offering a deep dive into performance, Apollo ensures that teams don’t just work hard, but they work smart.

Apollo Chrome Extension – Get Valuable Data As You Browse

I love that you can also utilize this prospecting tool as a Chrome extension. Apollo Google Chrome Extension promises a seamless experience of harnessing valuable information as you navigate popular online platforms.

Let’s say you’re browsing through LinkedIn profiles in search of potential leads. You usually search for contact data manually, right? That can be time-consuming. Apollo Chrome Extension lets you directly tap into verified contact information like direct mobile numbers and email addresses. All from an individual’s profile page or a company’s ‘People’ page. Once you gather desired data, you can then effortlessly integrate it into your lists and sequences in Apollo.

It”s not just LinkedIn. Once you enable Apollo Everywhere, you can get valuable insights as you browse any company’s website.

This extension will supercharge your email management if you heavily rely on Gmail. It adds new tools to your Gmail inbox. You can then leverage Apollo’s email templates, set up follow-up reminders, track emails, and more.

Additionally, the Apollo Chrome extension adds more functionality to your Salesforce and HubSpot accounts, so I highly recommend using it if you subscribe to this platform. Which brings us to the final question…

Apollo.io Pricing

Apollo.io Pricing

Apollo pricing structure caters to different user needs. From individuals just starting in sales to established corporations, there’s an Apollo plan tailored for every business development stage.

I have some great news for you. Apollo.io offers a 14-day free trial for any plan you choose.

Here’s a snapshot of this pricing model, alonig with some insights on who might benefit the most from each plan:

1. Free Plan – $0/month

    • Features Highlight: Unlimited Email Credits
    • LinkedIn and Gmail Extensions
    • Basic Sequence Automation & Filters
    • Send 250 emails per day
    • Limited Integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and more.

2. Basic Plan – $49/user/month

      • What’s Added: Increased mobile and export credits
      • Expanded A/B testing, Buying Intent, and AI-Assisted Email Writing limits
      • Advanced filters, custom fields, and deals features
    • Enhanced integration with various email providers.

3. Professional Plan – $99/user/month

      • What’s Added: More extensive mobile, export, and record selection credits
      • Advanced reporting and dashboards
      • Manual tasks, dialer, and call recording capabilities
    • Elevated AI writing limits and advanced Greenhouse integration.

4. Organization Plan – $79/user/month (min 5 users, billed annually)

      • What’s Added: The highest credits for mobile, export, and record selections
      • Customizable reports, enhanced security, and SSO
      • Maximum AI writing limits and advanced API access
    • Top-tier conversation recording limits and play capabilities.

As with any SaaS offering, the best plan for you depends on your unique needs. Apollo’s tiered pricing allows you to scale your tools and features as your company grows.

Apollo.io Review – Is This Platform Worth It?

Having used Apollo.io for years, I can say it’s one of the best sales engagement tools. Its capabilities have enhanced my sales strategies and helped my team stay on track toward goals. It helped me generate high-quality leads and learn precisely what I need to do to convert those leads into clients. 

The best part? Apollo.io continues to evolve, introducing new features and refining the existing ones based on user feedback and market demands.

So, is Apollo.io worth it? If you currently lack proper tools to increase sales, it definitely is. But if you don’t want to commit before testing the platform, you can start a free Apollo trial here.


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