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Actively posting on LinkedIn can be a difficult task because staying relevant and providing valuable content requires a lot of time and effort. As Artificial Intelligence systems rapidly evolve, some content creators have started using AI-powered social selling tools to gain a competitive advantage in positioning their business and personal brands.

In today’s article, experts from our digital marketing agency will dive deep into reviewing Taplio, one of the emerging selling tools for LinkedIn that helps businesses and individuals enhance their activity on this popular social media channel.

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What is Taplio?

Taplio is an AI-powered tool that can help you enhance your LinkedIn content creation process by generating ideas for your posts. It was founded in 2022 by Alex Berman and Tom Jacquesson with the goal of helping both businesses and individual users thrive on this popular platform without hiring social media marketing agencies. 

After paying for the subscription, you will be able to access Taplio from your browser. It is also a good idea to install Taplio Stats – an extension for Google Chrome that provides quick access to key metrics and content inspiration while browsing LinkedIn.

Main benefits of using Taplio

You might have used some of the selling tools for social media channels before and found them more or less helpful. To save you time and other valuable resources, we at Alpha Efficiency decided to conduct extensive tests on Taplio. In this section, we will show you which benefits you can expect from using this tool that emerged as a new trend among successful LinkedIn creators:

Boost your content creation process with AI

From generating content ideas to actually writing posts, Taplio provides tools that both businesses and individual persons will find helpful.

Getting ideas for high-quality content might be easy right at the beginning of your LinkedIn journey; however, after months and years of actively posting on this social media network, finding fresh ideas for your posts can become exhausting. Taplio is one of the best available selling tools for businesses and individuals who want to boost their content creation process.

Taplio not only helps you generate content ideas by analyzing viral posts and industry trends, but it also allows you to insert an already existing text and use an AI rewrite tool to make it become unique. When you are on a tight schedule, you can use AI generate content option to publish fresh posts within minutes. All this combined makes Taplio one of the most useful selling tools when it comes to content creation.

It is easy to schedule your posts with Taplio

Keeping track of your content publication can be time-consuming, especially for business owners who already have a variety of tasks that require completion in front of them. That’s one of the main reasons why many people look for selling tools with a feature that allows them to schedule posts. However, if you want to drive online business growth, it is crucial to learn more about the best time to post to social media, depending on your goals and business model. After you determine the ideal time for your posts to go live on LinkedIn, you can use the preview option to check how it will look once published and then schedule it in Taplio within just a few clicks.

Automating content scheduling allows businesses to assign employees to more complex job roles. Individuals who regularly post on LinkedIn can also benefit from it by not having to worry about accessing the internet browser at an ideal time for publishing posts.

Taplio can help you generate more leads

If lead generation is the primary goal you want to achieve with your LinkedIn activity, you’re going to find some of Taplio’s features very useful. For example, the auto DM feature can help you automate the process of sending direct messages to people who interact with your content, and you can adjust this automation tool to send customized messages under specific circumstances. Bulk messaging is also available – you can create lists of people depending on their interactions on LinkedIn and then quickly send customized messages to each group. All this makes Taplio one of the most helpful CRM tools within the social media industry.

Improve your LinkedIn strategy with analytics tools

Adjusting your LinkedIn strategy based on your content performance is a must if you want to grow your business or personal brand faster. While user interfaces on some other selling tools tend to be overcomplicated, Taplio does a great job summarizing the most important KPIs content creators need to follow to achieve success in social media advertising. You can quickly check what posts are performing the best, and in case you are interested in detailed posts performance, there is a separate tab. That makes Taplio very insightful, and you won’t have much trouble getting a good grasp on the user interface. By allowing you to analyze the performance of your posts easily, Taplio helps you quickly identify what type of content is the most beneficial.

This LinkedIn growth tool also provides you with an option to analyze how your organization is performing as a whole or check the performance of each member separately. Taplio’s analytics tools allow you to improve your LinkedIn strategy and drive more business.

How can Taplio improve your business/brand?

As a business-driven platform, LinkedIn is an excellent place for promoting your company and its culture. Providing high-quality content is the best way to improve brand awareness and open new business opportunities on this platform. However, as keeping track of viral posts, generating content ideas, and generating leads on LinkedIn requires a lot of time, many business owners seek help from social media marketing agencies or hire professionals to work in their company and take care of its LinkedIn activity. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is still not enough to maximize your online business growth – especially if the competition utilizes AI-powered social selling tools to create valuable content and connect with potential clients effortlessly.

By using Taplio, one of the best currently available LinkedIn growth tools, you can save time and money for your business while boosting your brand image, connecting with wider audiences, and driving more conversions. Detailed insights Taplio provides can help your business stay relevant within its industry by allowing you to create viral posts within 10 minutes without hiring professional services.

In addition, this tool can help your team members in their attempt to build personal brands on LinkedIn. And considering that LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media communities, especially for business-related interactions, improving the personal branding of each team member can create additional opportunities for a company as a whole. Taplio can also make your social media monitoring more efficient – allowing you to track KPIs easily. 

However, keep in mind that Taplio can be a handy tool for an individual person too. If you are a freelancer seeking job opportunities or an individual looking to land a job by building your brand, Taplio can help you improve the quality of your content and save you valuable time by automating boring tasks.

Taplio pricing

Taplio uses a subscription-based pricing model, which is very straightforward. With only one available plan that costs $39 per month, you will get all the necessary features for achieving LinkedIn growth. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Industry news and the library with more than 3 million viral posts that will help you get inspiration
  • AI assistant for writing high-quality content
  • Auto DM and Auto Plug features
  • Tools for sending personalized DMs within clicks
  • Option to integrate it with your CRM
  • Necessary analytics tools

If you are unsure whether Taplio will prove useful for you, there is also a 7-day free trial option, during which you can test all the features available in the paid version. It is more than enough time to test the functions we have written about in this article and taste some of the benefits of using Taplio. After that, you can decide if this tool fits your needs and continue with the subscription plan. Keep in mind that by using coupon codes&promo codes, you can get Taplio for a reduced price.

Something Better Than Taplio Promo Code

I know that many of you are looking for a great steal on social media management services. Given that I am very familiar with Alex behind Taplio, I can tell you that you don’t need to waste too much time on looking for promo codes. They rarely, if ever, push them. But they have something else in store for people looking for deals. If you connect your Taplio account with your Tweet Hunter account, you will achieve a whopping 25% recurring monthly savings on both accounts! That’s a cheat code right there, and I can manage my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts similarly.

Is Taplio worth the money?

Yes, without any doubt! And this stands for both businesses and individuals who need help with building personal brands. If you are struggling to keep up with your ideal content schedule on LinkedIn due to a lack of inspiration or simply because you don’t have enough time to post on social media regularly, are struggling to generate leads, or feel like your overall branding strategy needs improvement – Taplio and similar selling tools are definitely worth investing money in. 

Are you ready to thrive on LinkedIn? Create a free account to start your Taplio journey today, and quickly you will learn why it is considered the best tool for boosting your online presence!  

If you believe this article helped you better understand Taplio, you can find more useful online selling tools in the tools review section on our website.


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