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Whether you use Twitter for business or personal purposes, achieving growth on this social media platform requires a lot of effort and consistency in publishing original content, establishing high-quality relationships with other users, following trends within your field of interest, and more. Luckily, you can use different Twitter tools to stay on track during this process. However, it is crucial to choose wisely, as not each one of them will be able to support your goals and ideas. As many people currently talk about Tweet Hunter, our digital marketing agency decided to test it for you. Keep reading to get a detailed insight into all pros and cons of this emerging Twitter growth tool.

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tweet hunter pro twitter tool review

What is Tweet Hunter?

Created in May 2021 by Thibault Louis-Lucas and Thomas Jacquesson, Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool that can help you write viral tweets. Moreover, you can use it to analyze the performance of your Twitter account, manage customer relationships, and create advanced strategies to achieve business objectives on this popular social media platform. This tool is designed to help you better target your audience, create more business opportunities and monetize your efforts. No matter how many followers you currently have on your Twitter account and how many viral tweets you wrote in the past – using Tweet Hunter can make your further progress easier.

Key Features of Tweet Hunter

When choosing between different Twitter Tools you can use to grow your account, it is only natural to look for one that provides a wide range of useful features in one package. Tweet Hunter does precisely that, as its features can be classified into the following categories:

AI writing assistant

Content is a crucial piece of the puzzle in social media advertising, but constantly outperforming your competition in this field can become challenging. If you are having trouble regularly coming up with new tweets or want to improve your content’s quality without relying on Twitter Ghostwriting Services, Tweet Hunter’s AI writing assistant could prove beneficial for you. It can help you generate thread ideas, write better hooks for grabbing a reader’s attention, rewrite tweets, obtain ready-to-use custom tweets daily, and predict your tweets’ performance before publishing them. That can save you valuable time, get you out of writer’s block, and open opportunities for crafting different content strategies.

CRM tools

Businesses that use Twitter to increase sales need to focus on building high-quality relationships with potential customers. Tweet Hunter’s CRM features can help you better connect with people across this social media platform. Besides allowing you to utilize artificial intelligence to find new leads, this tool can also help you reply to specific people’s tweets or tweets within your niche more easily. You can also use AI to craft the best possible replies, import or create lists of people based on past interactions or any other criteria, quickly reply to all your mentions, and more. 

Schedulings and Automations

Keeping up with publishing content during the best time to post on social media can be difficult, as you’ll often be occupied with other tasks during those hours. That’s why using Twitter tools that offer tweet scheduling option is crucial for securing growth. We found Tweet Hunter’s scheduling to work perfectly, and besides that, you’ll get access to various automation tools. For example, Tweet Hunter provides an Auto DM feature that allows you to automatically send direct messages based on your interactions with people on this social media platform.

You can also turn on random retweets of your well-performing content and even select an option to remove those retweets after a couple of hours in order to clean your profile. Tweet Hunter can also help you prevent spamming your threads by automatically delaying tweets. 

Advanced Twitter Analytics

Tweet Hunter makes monitoring key metrics easy. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of your follower growth rate, advanced tweet performance analysis, and sorting your tweets by their performance. This tool also allows you to share the history of your progress with others.

How Tweet Hunter can help you grow on Twitter

Now that we know Tweet Hunter’s key features, it is time to learn how putting them to use can help you achieve success. As you are probably aware already, growing on Twitter requires more than setting up an attractive account profile picture and occasionally publishing tweets in the hope people will reach out to you. Instead, you need to constantly invest time and energy into coming up with original content ideas, finding new leads, and analyzing the performance of your account. However, this can lead to burnout, and that’s why we recommend getting yourself a tool that can support your efforts to achieve Twitter growth. After conducting extensive tests, we found out that Tweet Hunter can help you:

Write better content

While you might have a lot of content inspiration at the beginning of your Twitter journey, coming up with original brand tweets is likely to become difficult after some time. That is especially true if you are on a tight schedule and don’t have much space to dedicate to browsing this social media platform in order to find high-performing content you can use as inspiration. Tweet Hunter’s 2M+ tweets library can help you obtain fresh content ideas more easily. Just type in a keyword; this tool will provide you with all the viral tweets containing that keyword. You can also obtain inspiration from a library with over 4 thousand hand-picked tweets that are performing well. This growth tool gives you an insight into the most famous content formats you can use to improve the quality of your tweets and make them people’s favorites when exploring social media in the morning.

However, if inspiration libraries are not of enough help for you, Tweet Hunter also offers an AI writing assistant that can help you generate original content within just a few clicks. All of this, combined with another feature, which allows you to see the prediction of the performance of your tweets right before publishing them, makes Tweet Hunter a powerful traffic-driving machine. And whenever you get a tweet inspiration, you can write it down and schedule it for publishing in the future. 

Connect with others

As we have already mentioned, building solid relationships with your target audience on Twitter is a powerful way to increase sales for your business. Tweet Hunter provides tools that allow you to analyze and rewrite your past content people loved the most, extract user data from your competition’s tweets and engage with their audience, find accounts similar to your already existing clients and prospects, send auto DMs, and more. All this makes it a perfect Twitter audience growth tool and customer acquisition engine that can support your efforts of establishing a strong presence on this social media platform and turning leads into regular clients.

Craft better strategies by understanding your Twitter account performance 

You can use Tweet Hunter’s advanced Twitter analytics to get better insight into the performance of your current strategies and use that knowledge to adjust them accordingly. For example, Tweet Hunter provides you with quick access to detailed stats for your previous tweets, such as profile visits, likes, and replies generated, so you can then use AI to write similar content. It is also worth mentioning that this tool allows you to sort all your tweets by their performance or publish date. That way, you can see what content format your audience finds most engaging and the exact time of the day you should publish tweets in the future for the best possible outcome.

Grow your email list or promote products with the Auto Plug feature

Promoting a product or growing your email list by sharing links on Twitter can take a lot of work due to the limited reach. The best way to increase your reach is to plug a tweet just after your initial tweet performs well. Tweet Hunter’s Auto Plug feature allows you to set a specific threshold, and every time your tweets pass it, a link to your product pages or newsletter will be published. 

Make your profile look fresh by deleting retweets

Besides allowing you to support other users’ efforts, the retweet option on Twitter is also a powerful way to target people in different time zones if you are using it to retweet your own content. However, retweets can stack up over long periods and make it look like you are not producing much fresh content. As manually removing retweets from your profile can be a time-consuming task, Tweet Hunter’s feature which allows you to delete all of your retweets in one click. Cleaning your profile will help you highlight your fresh tweets to new visitors and make it clear that you are actively producing original content. That should help you improve the quality of your Twitter audience.

Save time

Growing on Twitter requires repeatedly completing specific tasks, which can become very time-consuming once you acquire a large follower base. Tweet Hunter helps you automate boring tasks such as retweeting your own content, sending giveaway gifts to people in DM, manually reaching out to users who interact with your tweets, removing retweets from your profile after a specific period, and more. That’s especially useful for startup founders who could benefit from having more time to focus on other aspects of growing a business. Tweet Hunter makes the whole experience of growing your Twitter account much less energy-draining.

After signing up on Tweet Hunter, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide on growing your Twitter account. That can help you avoid the usual social media missteps people make when starting out, one of them being prioritizing the number of followers instead of focusing on building quality relationships with people interested in similar topics.

Tweet Hunter Review: What do we love the most?

What we enjoy the most about using Tweet Hunter is its versatility. It is truly an all-in-one Twitter growth tool capable of supporting a wide range of tactics for expanding your sphere of influence on this social media platform. Whether you want to boost your personal brand by writing quality content, increase the number of sales for your business by acquiring new leads, or enhance your social media monitoring by obtaining more insightful data- Tweet Hunter will provide you with all the necessary tools for executing your strategies to perfection.

Another thing we really loved about Tweet Hunter is the fact that its creators invest lots of effort to constantly make this tool better. They regularly update this tool and add new features that users can use to quickly achieve Twitter growth. That makes us feel optimistic about Tweet Hunter’s future.

What is Tweet Hunter missing

A wide range of features makes Tweet Hunter one of the best all-in-one Twitter growth tools. However, we believe this tool could become even better if the team behind it introduced a real-time analytics feature. Even though it allows you to see detailed metrics for the past 7, 30, or 90 days – the ability to track performance in real-time could prove beneficial in a few cases. Still, compared to the competition, Tweet Hunter is the most versatile tool currently available for those who want to make their progress on Twitter as smooth as possible.

Is it safe to use Tweet Hunter?

If you are looking for some magical tool for executing follower growth hacks and prohibited tactics that only work short-term, Tweet Hunter may not be the right choice for you. This tool is designed to support the efforts and make lives easier for users who understand that Twitter growth requires constant investments of time and energy. Copying other people’s content and spamming users is against the policy of this social media company, which is why you need to use any Twitter tool in a smart way and learn how to properly utilize its features to minimize the platform risk. Fortunately, Tweet Hunter has a spam protection feature that can help you ensure that your content is in accordance with Twitter’s policies.

How much does it cost to use Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter pricing starts from $49 per month, and this plan includes all the features except the AI content generation tool. If you want a superior plan, which includes all the features – you’ll have to pay $99 monthly. 

However, you can try this all-in-one Twitter growth tool for free during the 7-day trial, and if you need more time to decide whether you like it, Tweet Hunter also has a 30-day refund policy. In theory, you can test Tweet Hunter for 37 days without paying a single dollar. And depending on the size of your account, you can even get a customized enterprise plan.

Once you pay for a monthly subscription, you can add as many Twitter accounts on Tweet Hunter as you like without additional cost. And you’ll also be able to use a Tweet Hunter for ghostwriting for multiple clients from one account.

Is Tweet Hunter worth the money?

Yes – Tweet Hunter is one of the best Twitter growth tools currently existing, and it can help you generate much more than $99 per month. Startup founders, social media managers, or even individuals trying to boost their brand could benefit from its advanced artificial intelligence, automation, and analytical tools. No matter your current account size, Tweet Hunter can help you save a lot of time and nerves moving forward in your Twitter journey. 

Are you ready to start growing your Twitter account? Create an account and find out why we consider Tweet Hunter to be the necessary tool for building a successful online presence.


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