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Digital marketing is rapidly changing with the improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. If we look at the past, companies that managed to adapt to major changes gained a considerable advantage over competitors within their industries. And chances are that most of your competitors are already using AI digital marketing tools to polish their workflow and run more effective campaigns.

To help you join the future and secure business growth, in this article, Alpha Efficiency introduces you to some of the best AI tools for digital marketing. From social media management to designing visuals for your website, these AI marketing tools can help you add a fresh dimension to your work and open up additional opportunities to connect with your target audience. So let’s start exploring the exciting world of artificial intelligence!

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What Is an AI-Powered Marketing Tool?

AI marketing tools are software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning models. These tools can make decisions in a similar way humans do, but much faster. Many companies use AI marketing tools to automate complex tasks, such as analyzing customer data, predicting future trends, conducting quality keyword research, and much more. 

While many people worry that AI tools will replace humans in the digital marketing industry, we prefer to look at the bright side – they’ll help your employees improve the quality of their work and allow them to focus on critical tasks. Before we start exploring the best AI marketing tools for digital marketing, you should gain a clear understanding of how they can help your company. So let’s jump to the next section of this article.

What Are the Benefits of AI-Powered Marketing Tools?

When operating a business in a competitive industry, it takes lots of effort to convince potential clients to choose your products or services. And once your business starts growing, you’ll have to spend lots of time and energy analyzing extensive data in order to provide the best possible experience to everyone who interacts with your company. During this long road, AI marketing tools can prove beneficial for your business in many different ways. Some of the most common include:

  • Marketing automation tools will help you make quality decisions faster: With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning models, you can automate the process of making data-driven decisions. And data is essential for making high-quality in every aspect of digital marketing. AI marketing automation tools can make your social media management and email marketing efforts more accurate.
  • AI marketing tools will save you time and money: Although you’ll have to dedicate a part of your budget to buy the best AI tools for digital marketing, these tools will save you a lot of time and money once you start using them. Artificial intelligence can perform some tasks with the same accuracy as your employees would do but much faster. And AI tools can help your in-house team automate boring tasks and focus on the most important ones. Not to mention that it will help you minimize the number of mistakes your employees make.
  • AI marketing tools help you adapt to each customer: By analyzing your customer data, some AI tools can help you predict customer behaviors to provide everyone with the content they’ll enjoy the most. It will allow you to accurately recommend blog posts, products, or services. That will positively impact the user experience and help you build positive associations around your brand.

Types of AI Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing is a wide field that includes content creation, SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, web design, customer management, social media management, and much more… Many obstacles can arise on the path to success, especially if you don’t have dedicated teams to cover each of these aspects. But when faced with tight deadlines, even large companies sometimes go through tough challenges. Fortunately, the best AI tools for digital marketing we’ll cover in this article can help you find solutions to all of these problems. Here are just some of the ways AI tools can help you and your company improve the work-quality:

Using AI marketing tools to enhance the content creation process:

Regularly creating high-quality content is an aspect of digital marketing you can’t afford to skip. But it can be challenging to keep up with a tight schedule, especially when you run out of ideas. Luckily, there are AI tools that can help you overcome the creativity block or generate better content ideas for your website and social media platforms.

Creating powerful website design with the help of artificial intelligence:

AI tools can help you create beautiful graphics for your website and digital marketing campaigns but also help you with design QA. This way, you’ll ensure that your website is ready to perform at the highest level.

Automating email marketing efforts with AI tools:

Some of the best AI tools for digital marketing can help you improve the quality of the emails you send to your audience. Writing emails over and over again might feel repetitive after some time. That’s why many businesses already use AI marketing tools to research, write and test the quality of their emails.

Creating world-class customer service with chatbots:

If you didn’t have a chance to interact with modern chatbots, you might be surprised by how much they’ve evolved in recent years. Combining them with live support will allow you to craft an amazing customer service experience for your visitors. Help will be available to your customers 24/7, and they’ll never feel ignored again.

Executing a perfect SEO strategy with AI marketing tools:

SEO tools powered by artificial intelligence can help you with various tasks related to search engine optimization. From keyword research to code optimization, you’ll find various SEO solutions among these best AI tools for digital marketing.

10 Best AI tools that will boost your digital marketing success

Now that we understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping digital marketing, it’s time to explore some of the best AI tools for digital marketing. But before we start, please note that numbers are there just for readability purposes. This is not a rank list, and experts from our digital marketing agency advise you to check each of these AI tools to find the one that best suits your needs:



Logo of SEMrush, one of the best AI tools for digital marketing when it comes to SEO and content creation

Price: $119 per month for a Pro Plan/ $229 per month for a Guru Plan/ $499 per month for a Business Plan


  • A wide range of SEO tools
  • Content marketing and content optimization tools
  • Market research and competitor monitoring tools
  • PPC advertising and website monetization tools
  • Social media management tools

If you are looking for an all-around SEO tool with advanced features, not many can compete with SEMrush. This tool can help you with just any aspect of your SEO campaigns – from conducting profitable keyword research to link building. But it also shines in content marketing, social media marketing, analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and much more. But one of the most powerful features SEMrush provides is a position tracking tool. You can choose a keyword and quickly check how your website ranks for it compared to your rivals. 

Another area where SEMrush can be a real game-changer for your company is content marketing. Its toolkit will provide valuable help during each step of creating and delivering content to the right audience at the right time. It can help you find exciting topics, write SEO-friendly articles, and create content marketing plans that deliver results.

It also offers excellent collaboration tools for teams of any size. So it’s no surprise that many famous brands like Apple and Amazon trust SEMrush for their digital marketing needs. We at SEO marketing Chicago agency have been successfully using this tool for years – and yes, it helped us realize that you might be interested in learning more about the best AI tools for digital marketing, so we wrote this article. 

And thanks to an extensive knowledge library, you’ll be able to quickly get a good grasp on one of the best AI tools for digital marketing.


Grammarly logo. Grammarly is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing when it comes to content writing

Price: Basic Plan is free/ Premium Plan starts at $12/ Business Plan starts at $15/


  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Tone detection and suggestions
  • Clarity detection
  • Analyzes your texts to predict how engaging they’ll be to your target audience
  • Advanced writing suggestions that will help you meet a specific style
  • Chrome extension

If you want to ensure your written content is polished and ready to be served to your target audience, you can make this process significantly easier with Grammarly. With a wide range of features, you’ll be able to fix any grammatical errors and ensure you’re using a style and tone that will engage your readers. Thanks to this AI tool, you won’t have to worry about redundancies and inconsistencies. It allows you to focus on gathering fresh ideas instead.

Premium and Business plans bring even more options. You’ll be able to utilize this AI tool to rewrite sentences for clarity, fluency, and increased engagement. Grammarly can also help you deliver your messages in the desired way. Whether you want to sound friendly, diplomatic, confident, etc. – artificial intelligence will suggest changes in real time so you can quickly adjust your text.

What we really like about this AI tool is that it doesn’t automatically replace your words – Grammarly provides you with suggestions you can then either accept or completely ignore. And when you’re done writing, you can check an overall score to make sure it’s ready for publishing.

And if you want to avoid any potential SEO penalty due to plagiarized sentences, this AI tool is great at plagiarism detection. It’s also worth noting that there is a Chrome extension for Grammarly, so you won’t need to bother with repetitive copy/paste actions. This AI tool can help you sharpen your content writing skills anywhere on the web. This powerful AI tool helped Alpha Efficiency’s content writers and editors speed up their work while still improving content quality. logo

Price: $40 for Starter / $82 for Boss Mode/ Custom plans for businesses


  • Over 50 templates for writing a copy
  • Ability to write both long and short content forms
  • Google Docs style editor
  • Art Generator
  • 29+ languages supported
  • Chrome extension available
  • Integration with Surfer SEO
  • AI assistant you can chat with in order to improve content quality
  • Live Chat support

Jasper is an AI marketing tool that can help you create better copy, emails, blog articles, social media posts, and more. It uses GPT-3 model to write texts that sound like humans wrote them. With various templates such as AIDA, PAS, and Features To Benefits, it can help you overcome writer’s block and successfully promote your products or services online. Jasper also comes in handy for writing product descriptions on eCommerce websites. 

If your content creation process lacks speed, then this AI tool might be the perfect choice for you. It can help you generate fresh ideas and polish your content to perfection.


MobileMonkey logo

Price: Custom quote


  • Tools for collecting website visitors’ info
  • Auto-message website visitors
  • Email delivery and multiple senders tools
  • SMS marketing tools
  • Instagram and Facebook DM automation funnels
  • Sends alerts to your team when a qualified lead expresses interest in making a purchase
  • Advanced attribution and analytics tools

With MobileMonkey, you can automate various aspects of messaging and customer engagement on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. This AI tool allows you to create chatbots that provide personalized responses to your potential customers. And if you’d like to send different messages to specific demographics, MobileMonkey allows you to do it in a simple way.

You’ll also get a real-time multiplatform chatbot that is easily integrable with email marketing and CRM systems. This way, you can enhance any of your digital marketing campaigns with accurate targeting and more engaging conversations with your potential customers. We found the MobileMonkey AI tool to be especially useful for B2C businesses. logo

Price: $49 per month for Basic/ $124 per month for Popular/ $299 for Pro


  • Generate personalized cold emails from scratch
  • High-quality subject lines generation
  • Automatically create outreach messages based on prospects’ online data to boost click rates
  • LinkedIn Chrome extension
  • Personalized LinkedIn outreach
  • Create knowledge graphs about your leads
  • Automated SEO backlink outreach

This is definitely one of the best AI digital marketing tools that can help you with personalized email and LinkedIn outreach. It analyses your prospects’ online data to create powerful subject lines and pitch your products in a way that is most likely to drive sales.

And if you want to build backlinks but didn’t have much luck with reaching out to owners of authoritative websites within your industry, might help you change the outcome. This AI tool can quickly analyze entire blogs and craft compelling outreach messages.

It’s also very easy to integrate with other tools and platforms, which makes it a perfect addition to your digital marketing toolkit.


manychat logo

Price: Pro plan costs $15 per month, but there is also a free plan.


  • Automatically book appointments
  • Send order updates
  • Share promotions
  • Answer your customers’ questions
  • Collect feedback and reviews
  • Facebook Messanger, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS support
  • Easy to integrate with other digital marketing tools

One of the best AI chatbots you can use to drive sales, engage customers through personalized conversations, and generate high-quality leads. While the main focus is on Facebook Messenger, you can use ManyChat with Instagram, WhatsApp, and SMS too.

It’s possible to set up this AI tool within 20 minutes, even if you don’t possess any coding knowledge. You can combine ManyChat with Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, and many other tools you are already using.


WriterZen logo

Price: $29 per month for Basic/ $41 per month for Standard/ $69 per month for Advanced


  • Topic Discovery
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword Insights
  • Keyword Importer
  • It provides you with Google’s FAQ and questions people posted about a specific topic in popular communities such as Reddit
  • A list of competitors for a specific keyword and deep insights into their articles
  • AI-powered content brief creation
  • AI writing assistant

As one of the best AI tools for digital marketing, WriterZen can help you with various SEO content creation tasks. Constantly generating high-quality ideas for your articles can be a daunting task, but with this AI tool, you can save a lot of time and energy. Once you enter a focus keyword, WriterZen will help you find interesting topics you can write about. But we’ve just scratched the surface of the wide array of opportunities this AI tool provides.

By showing you important keyword metrics, it will help you find valuable keywords to target with your article. Besides identifying keyword search volume, you’ll also be able to see how many times your competitors included it in their headlines and much more. And in the Keyword Cluster section, you’ll be able to find all the related keywords you can include in your article in order to give it the best possible chances of ranking high in search engine results pages.

And once you set up the desired word count and the number of paragraphs, images, and headings – your writers will get a chance to improve their work quality with an AI assistant. When they’re done writing, you can use a plagiarism check tool to avoid any potential SEO penalty. 

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects logo

Price: $9.90 for a one-month subscription/ $25 for a three-month subscription/ $80 for a one-year subscription/ $129 for a one-time purchase


  • Automatic cropping
  • Desktop software and mobile app available
  • Intelligent scaling
  • Automatic grayscale
  • Strong data protection
  • Selective render for background and foreground
  • Simple integration with other tools

If you have many ideas but not enough time or expertise to turn them into reality, Deep Art Effects can help you. It is a powerful AI tool for image processing that supports over 120 art styles.

What we at the Chicago web design agency especially love about this tool is that it can learn different art styles and also allows us to edit backgrounds separately from foregrounds. With Deep Art Effects, you can also render visuals at any resolution and create your own art styles it will then adapt to. And by using API, you can integrate filters and advanced image technology.


Brand24 logo

Price: $49 per month for Individual/ $129 per month for Team/ $178 per month for Pro/ $348 per month for Enterprise


  • Mentions feed that helps you find out what people think about your brand
  • Intuitive discussion volume charts
  • Mention analytics
  • Influence score
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Customizable alerts
  • Allows you to export data
  • Advanced filters that make this tool very easy to use

Keeping track of your reputation across social media platforms is crucial for growing your business. Brand24 is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing, which helps you monitor positive and negative feedback about your company 24/7.

This easy-to-use platform is an excellent choice for both small and large brands that want to stay informed about various conversations people lead about their business on social media. Its powerful features can help you measure discussion volumes, perform sentiment analysis, and identify the most influential people within your niche. And you’ll be able to segment your audience in order to maximize the effectiveness of your social media management efforts.

And if you’ve recently launched a new marketing campaign, this AI tool for social media management can help you track reactions and learn about potential issues before it becomes too late. Brand24 allows you to set up customizable alerts, so you’ll be first to learn that your brand has been mentioned in a negative context on popular blogs or any other place on the internet.

But if you want to make your digital marketing efforts successful, you need to keep an eye on your competitors constantly. This AI tool allows you to perform a detailed competitor analysis to learn how people perceive your competition.

Logo of - one of the best ai tools for digital marketing

Price: $29 per month for Basic/ $69 per month for Pro/ Customizable prices for Enterprises


  • Quickly find the perfect color palette using the power of artificial intelligence
  • Free in-browser editor for creating SVG vectors
  • Find the best font combinations
  • A voiceover feature
  • Intuitive social media marketing calendar that will help you keep track of important holidays you can inspire your designs with

Powerful visuals are a big part of how web design impacts content marketing. And this is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing when it comes to creating and editing graphics, such as website banners, social media posts, and email headers. By using, you can achieve a more consistent and professional look for your marketing materials.

Without any knowledge in the design field, you can create a strong marketing portfolio within 2 minutes thanks to this AI tool. By experimenting with over 10,000 icons and 20,000 templates available in the library, you can create beautiful logos, graphics, videos, and mockups for your brand. And with the voiceover feature, you can give your business a voice by creating powerful speeches.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you find AI marketing tools that suit your needs. The next step is learning how to use them to gain a competitive advantage. Alpha Efficiency’s AI consulting services can help you get the best out of these AI digital marketing tools.

You’ll get to work with our expert AI consultants, who will help your business stay in touch with the latest trends in artificial intelligence. After analyzing your needs and wants, we’ll suggest the best route for effectively implementing AI solutions. You’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes and delays by learning about best practices and AI tools within your industry.

The future is unfolding itself as we’re speaking, so let’s shape it together. Get in touch today so we can discuss potential solutions.


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