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In a reference to my previous article of leaving Evernote for writing purposes I’ve researched possible workflow options and came up with this.

I’ve found fancy workflow on DucKDuckGo search engine. It utilizes Ulysses, moves content to Byword and finally publishes it to WordPress.

Seems that any meaningful publishing on iOS must go through Byword, hence I am glad that I’ve been using it for so long.

Perhaps my transition would happen much sooner had I not found a comfortable and intuitive way of accessing Byword’s text files and feeding the clipped content into the appropriate Dropbox folders. Seems like I’ve overcame these shortcomings, and now the entire process starts to seem like the idea I’ve envisioned.

The only fallacy now is moving the thousands of notes into Dropbox. Wondering if I can force them into Dropbox through IFTTT.com or Zapier with the help of specific notebooks or tags…


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