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Are you looking for an experienced WooCommerce website design company that can build a high-converting online store for your business? Alpha Efficiency's web design experts help clients maximize their eCommerce conversion rates and fully translate their brand image into the online sphere.

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Building a high-converting website design for your eCommerce business requires a lot of effort and sacrifices unless you have experts who can guide you through the whole process. With a decade of experience in building a successful online presence for all kinds of businesses, Alpha Efficiency understands all the obstacles companies face in the competitive online sphere. We have developed a unique workflow to meet clients' needs and wants. Our WooCommerce website design services can help you kickstart your eCommerce journey and secure future growth for your online business.

reasons to use wordpress

Reasons To Use WordPress and WooCommerce Web Design for Ecommerce

The eCommerce journey is full of different choices you have to make in order to position your online store as a leader within the industry. And for many business owners troubles start right at the beginning of this process - when it's time to choose between various eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and more.

When our clients face such a dilemma, our experts providing eCommerce web design services always recommend opting for WooCommerce website design. Here is why we believe WooCommerce is the superior platform for building successful online stores:

WordPress WooCommerce is a cost-effective combination - Pricing is one of the most important factors when building an online store, especially for small business owners. Experience has taught us that WooCommerce provides a much better value for money than all the other eCommerce platforms. Unlike Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and similar platforms - with WooCommerce you won't need to pay a monthly subscription, and you will also be able to find advanced plugins for free or an affordable price on this platform.

WooCommerce web design allows limitless customization - A wide range of features and endless opportunities for customization make the WordPress WooCommerce plugin the most popular choice among successful eCommerce business owners. Unlike on other platforms, where you would have to choose between a limited number of themes, on the WooCommerce website you can go into the smallest details when adjusting the look and feel of your digital environment. As it is an open-source platform, WordPress allows our WooCommerce web design company to provide tailor-made websites for our clients and help them completely translate brand values into the digital environment. connect with their potential customers in yet unwitnessed ways.

WooCommerce websites are SEO-friendly - While most other platforms only provide basic search engine optimization features, you have much more options in your hands when running an SEO campaign for a WooCommerce website. This versatility allows our experts to craft advanced SEO strategies to help you obtain top rankings in the shortest possible periods. And as WooCommerce runs on WordPress, you'll have an access to the rich plugin library where you can find all the necessary tools for easily completing daily SEO tasks. WordPress is also the best platform for blogging, which opens additional opportunities for increasing the number of keywords your WooCommerce website ranks for in search engines and connecting with potential customers by providing useful content.

Clean code

The fact that it gives you full control over your website's code separates WooCommerce from other eCommerce platforms. Templated websites often contain cloaked code that prevents them from achieving success in search engines and providing an amazing user experience for potential customers. You'll waste hours trying to boost a website's performance without much success. On the other hand, An experienced WooCommerce website design company can write clean code from scratch for you and help you build a high-converting, SEO-friendly e-Commerce store that stands out in the competitive online sphere.

importance of clean code for a woocommerce store
woocommerce website speed

Website speed

A slow website can cause customers to abandon your online store before they have a chance to buy anything. This is especially true for competitive industries where potential customers have a lot of different options at their disposal. Boosting your website speed is the first step in improving the eCommerce conversion rate. A fast website will load quickly and give the impression that your business is well-run and organized. Customers will be more likely to stay on your site and make a purchase. And in the hands of experts, there is no better foundation for building fast eCommerce websites than the WordPress WooCommerce combination. Here is why:

  • WooCommerce allows our web design team to minify code
  • Our web design team can enable caching on your WooCommerce website to boost speed
  • There are many image optimization plugins for WordPress

As website speed is an important ranking factor on Google, here at Alpha Efficiency we put it as one of the top priorities when building online stores for our clients.


Thanks to its flexibility, WooCommerce enables you to effectively convert visitors into customers Here is why Alpha Efficiency recommends this platform to business owners who want their online store to be high-converting:

woocommerce web design convertibility

Easy-to-use checkout process - making the checkout process as frictionless as possible is another important design consideration for eCommerce sites that can help you boost conversion rates. Luckily, WooCommerce provides all the necessary features for designing amazing shopping experiences for your customers. Even though the default WooCommerce checkout process is great, you might want to customize it in order to meet specific industry standards. Our WooCommerce website design company can help you add personalized messages, gifts, and donations, customize checkout fields, and much more. It is worth noting that this eCommerce platform supports both one-page and multi-page checkouts, which gives you the power to completely adjust the complete process to meet the target audience's needs and wants. WooCommerce gives our web design team flexibility that is unmatched by other platforms.

WooCommerce supports various payment methods - When it comes to maximizing conversion rates on your eCommerce website, it is important to offer different payment methods potential customers might prefer. WooCommerce supports all the major gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more, but it also supports various regional gateways. And unlike Shopify, this platform doesn't charge its own transaction fees when customers purchase products from your online store. This will allow you to maximize the profit for your business.

Easy implementation of product descriptions - As around 87% of customers look for descriptions of products when forming a buying decision, it is crucial to find an eCommerce platform that allows you to easily insert product descriptions. On WooCommerce you can utilize various description styles to help visitors find the right product faster. Alpha Efficiency can boost conversion rates on your WooCommerce website by writing product descriptions that are both informative and engaging. We achieve this by conducting extensive target audience research before even writing a single word on your product and category pages. 

Various product image styles - Attractive product images are vital for improving conversion rates on your online store. WooCommerce allows you to easily insert various types of product images depending on the location and purpose, including single product images, catalog images, and product thumbnails. And if you forget to adjust image size when adding a new product, this platform will do it automatically for you. To further boost your conversion rates, our web design experts can create advanced visuals for representing your products. For example, we can add 360-degree rotating product images to help potential customers form a buying decision more easily.

Great for PPC campaigns - Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to drive more traffic to your eCommerce website and improve conversion rates through enhanced targeting. Our web design team can connect your Google Ads campaign with your WooCommerce website and provide tools for easy conversion tracking across your web pages. Our WooCommerce web design services will help you get all the necessary tools for boosting your PPC campaigns.

woocommerce web design user experience

User Experience

Building a high-converting online store requires investing a lot of effort into creating a perfect user experience for your potential customers. As WooCommerce provides much more flexibility in web design than other eCommerce platforms, it is a perfect choice for business owners who want to craft a unique experience for website visitors. Our web design agency in Chicago can help you keep potential customers engaged in exploring your content by:

Making navigation smooth - Making navigation smooth on content-rich eCommerce websites can be a challenging task. WooCommerce allows our WordPress web design agency to categorize your products, implement internal search and product filtering features, and design intuitive menus in order to make navigation as easy as possible. 

Designing unique features for your WooCommerce website - WooCommerce is an open-source platform, which means our web design team will have total control over your website's look and feel. Unlike on other platforms, with WooCommerce you won't ever get stuck between a limited number of website templates and plugins, and fail to deliver on the unique needs and wants of your target audience. 

Ensuring your design is accessible - A website that is not accessible to people with different types of disabilities can cause a business to lose customers and revenue. Here at Alpha Efficiency, we build e-Commerce stores that meet advanced levels of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). WooCommerce gives us all the necessary tools for adjusting contrast, font sizes, design element labels, alt texts, and more on your website. As everyone deserves an equally amazing user experience, our WooCommerce website design company ensures that a client's online store is fully accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, and compatible with different browsers and screen readers. 

Conducting extensive tests with real users before the launch date - Testing a website with real users is crucial to make sure that the design, layout, and content are perfect for your target audience. By identifying weak areas before a WooCommerce website goes live, we can improve its usability and make the final tweaks necessary for achieving high conversion rates. Alpha Efficiency uses various methods such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gather user feedback and confirm the quality before launching a website.

woocommerce web design user experience

Turn your eCommerce ideas into reality

Because WordPress is an open-source platform, opting for WooCommerce website design will enable you to build a fully-customized online store and integrate all of your branding elements within a website. However, to take full advantage of this platform, you need an experienced partner by your side. Here at Alpha Efficiency, we believe that every business deserves a unique web design approach, and that's why our web design experts use consultation calls to learn as much as possible about a client's ' company and its goals, and then utilize their extensive knowledge to turn dreams into reality.

turn your ecommerce into reality

From the product page design to the cart page design, our web design agency will listen to your ideas and suggest only the best solutions. If you believe there are unique features that your competition lacks, we'll make sure to make them fully functional before the opening day of your online store. But even if you currently lack inspiration, don't worry - our team conducts comprehensive market research in order to make your WordPress design fresh and high-converting. Our WooCommerce website design company will help you connect with your potential customers in yet unwitnessed ways.

woocommerce web design agency price

How Much Does WooCommerce Web Design Cost

Most eCommerce website building platforms charge monthly subscription fees for business owners. Unlike some of its fierce competitors, the WordPress WooCommerce plugin is free. However, this doesn't mean there won't be any costs when building a premium WooCommerce website design. Take the following factors into account when forming your e-Commerce store budget:

Custom theme - While there are various free themes you can use to create a WooCommerce website, our digital marketing agency strongly advises against this approach for several reasons. First, free themes are often cloaked in code and lead to poor website speed and SEO results. Second, templated online stores have much lower conversion rates as they lack unique features vital for building long-term relationships with customers. Also, by opting for DIY eCommerce website design platforms you'll face a lack of support after the launch date. On the other hand, Alpha Efficiency's web design experts can build a unique eCommerce website from scratch for you, and fully optimize it for your business needs. We'll help you stand out in front of the competition and better connect with your target audience. To learn more about custom theme pricing based on your needs, it is best to schedule a call with our professionals.

Hosting & Domain name solutions - Depending on your needs, hosting can cost between $40 and $4000 per month. Experts from Alpha Efficiency can help you find the right hosting provider based on the size of your website and monthly traffic. We will ensure that your website speed and uptime remain higher than average. You will also need to register your domain name and pay around $15 per year. As finding the right hosting solution and coming up with an attractive domain name that your target audience can easily remember is crucial when running an online store, our WooCommerce website design company will support you through the whole process.

Additional Plugins & Extensions - If you choose to build a WooCommerce website, you will gain access to the rich WordPress plugin library containing many useful free plugins. However, sometimes you'll need to pay for plugins in order to enhance your website design. When forming your budget, consider that premium plugin prices on WordPress range from $15 to $200. And if you want to hire eCommerce website design development services to build a custom plugin, you can expect to pay from $100 to $5.000+ depending on its complexity. But considering the variety of plugins available on WordPress, it is unlikely that you'll ever need such services unless you opt for enterprise WordPress development.

WooCommerce website maintenance - Once your WooCommerce website is up and running, regular maintenance is vital for keeping it in top shape. Small websites cost between $5 to $10 dollars to maintain, however, if your eCommerce website is large - you can expect to pay between $100 and $500 monthly for maintenance services.

WordPress services

As an open-source platform, WordPress currently serves as the foundation for the most successful websites. To help clients establish a powerful online presence, Alpha Efficiency provides the following WordPress services:

woocommerce wordpress services

WordPress SEO services - Search engine optimization is the most cost-effective way to stay relevant within your industry long-term while constantly expanding your audience. Our WordPress SEO agency in Chicago can help you boost search engine rankings for your e-Commerce store by paying attention to the smallest details crucial for crafting a successful SEO strategy. 

WordPress Web Design services - By following the best web design practices and latest trends within the industry, experts from our WordPress web design agency can help you get a fast, secure, user-friendly website that will be able to support your future business growth. We use advanced tools during the whole process to ensure only the best results for our clients.

WordPress Web Development services - Alpha Efficiency's team of seasoned web developers can utilize their advanced coding knowledge and help you turn your ideas into reality. Try our WordPress web development services and achieve a unique look and feel for your digital environment.

Chicago copywriting services - Writing persuasive copy is the most powerful way to convert visitors into long-term customers. Alpha Efficiency's copywriting services in Chicago can help you get engaging content on your website that evokes desired emotions within your target audience. By turning words into the art of persuasion, we support clients at all stages of their marketing campaigns.

Chicago PPC services - Our Chicago PPC agency can help you adjust your ads to target specific demographics or interests and reach more potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer. By utilizing advanced pay-per-click advertising strategies we will ensure that every dollar that you invest brings the desired benefits.

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We can always schedule a Zoom meeting and get to know each other no matter the distance. Our team looks forward to learning more about your business and creating the award-winning web design solution for it.

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