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Have you tried utilizing countless Envato market website templates and never managed to produce a tangible website design that meets your design goals? Don't worry; you are not the only business struggling with aligning your WordPress setup with the latest web design trends. Our WordPress website design company delivers what freelancers, web creators, and WordPress designers can't create: Enterprise level custom WordPress website design.

Stay tuned for our step-by-step guide to creating an exceptionally fast WordPress site. Our team utilizes web design tools such as Figma, clip art images, and unique artwork that formulate SEO Friendly custom WordPress themes and deliver breath-taking, conversion-centric WordPress design. Go beyond Adobe Experience Design XD, and bypass the usage of cheap niche templates and blog-free WordPress themes. That enables your superior website WordPress experience and exceptional first-page rankings that drive profits for your organization.

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When do businesses need a Custom WordPress Web Design?

WordPress is a powerful web creation platform utilized by many leading businesses across different industries. The total number of websites is around 1.3 billion, and WordPress powers more than 455 million of them. It is an open-source software development platform that offers almost endless opportunities to its users. If you decide to use pre-made WordPress themes and available page builders, you will be able to get your WordPress website up and running quickly. However, websites built with Elementor and other builders often fail to deliver the expected results when it comes to performance in search engines.

When you want to rank highly in search engines and generate revenue from your WordPress site, you need to contact a web design business that knows how to play by Core Web Vitals and other Google-imposed user experience expectations.

Hiring a WordPress web design agency will provide tangible SEO and user experience results that in-house teams, and freelancers, won't be able to meet. Every business needs a unique website that truly reflects its brand values while making it seamless for future content updates. And Alpha Efficiency's web design experts aim to deliver beyond that. Hiring our WordPress Web Design agency might prove beneficial if you want:

Unlimited Flexibility - drag-and-drop simplicity website building platforms provide comes with the price of significant limitations. Hiring experienced web creators who know how to build WordPress websites without templates opens the opportunity for unlimited customizations on your business website. Our WordPress designers can implement any feature that you choose: from visually appealing graphic elements that respond to your brand identity system and background music tracks to custom-developed plugins and advanced digital marketing tools. And to help you stay relevant, they will build a website that can support any further business growth.

Increased brand awareness - to stand in front of the competition in crowded industries, you need to build unique relationships with your customers. The problem with templated websites is that they lack complete uniqueness. Experienced WordPress designers can help you improve your brand recognition by integrating all the elements of your brand identity system within your custom WordPress web design. And building your website on the most powerful content creation platform will enable you to spread your messages to the target audience more effectively.

Better user experience on your website - due to improved page speeds, easier navigation, and unique features - a custom WordPress website is a perfect choice for creating a great user experience for your visitors. It will help you achieve better SEO results, increase conversion rates and build long-term relationships with customers.

WordPress Online Store, your customers, will love

Running an online store is more than just selling products. You need to build deeper connections with your target audience to obtain returning customers. By using Adobe Experience Design XD, and other powerful software, our WordPress Designers can create a custom WordPress theme that provides a great user experience for your customers. We perceive websites as storytelling tools that allow us to take your visitors on a brand adventure they will never forget.

The room for fully Custom web design WordPress leaves enables web creators to find a web development solution that meets your every requirement. Every successful online store needs:

Custom shopping features - Implementing additional shopping features, such as unique payment methods, shipping options, dynamic display of products, and similar, can help create a unique shopping experience your customers will enjoy.

Unique look - Customers love stores that breathe uniqueness and attractiveness. One of the problems with websites built with page builders is that they all look similar. By creating your eCommerce website from scratch, our WordPress developers and WordPress designers will ensure that it reflects your brand values and stands out in front of the competition.

High Scalability - Custom WordPress web design services will help you build a solid foundation for further expansions. We will set up a website infrastructure to support more traffic, increased demands, and new eCommerce trends without harming the user experience. As your eCommerce business grows, you won't have to purchase extra licenses to get satisfactory results.

Enhanced Customer Relationships - by integrating quality customer relationships management software within your website, our WordPress developers will help you gather necessary information regarding your customers' buying habits and preferences. That will open opportunities for more personal targeting with special offers, time-limited discounts, etc.

Clear navigation - website navigation affects the whole browsing experience for your potential customers. Clear navigation allows them to find products and different offers easily. It ensures that there are no obstacles in the buying journey. If you are still determining which type of navigation would best suit your eCommerce store, experienced WordPress designers and WordPress developers can help. When it comes to navigation - small details matter; from navigation bar design to paths to product pages - our web design company tests everything until we find the solution that brings excellent conversion rates.

Can a great web design boost your SEO performance?

Getting traffic to your website is an essential aspect of creating a solid online presence and expanding your business. Many people use Google to search for products, services, or brands, and reaching more potential clients is something every business could benefit from. Running PPC campaigns can help you with that, but optimizing your WordPress site for performance in search engines is the most effective long-term solution. However, choosing just any WordPress theme will not cut it. To rank high on Google, you need a great web design that goes beyond aesthetics.

Hiring experienced WordPress designers and WordPress developers to build SEO-friendly websites proves to be beneficial since the do-it-yourself approach brings many different limitations when it comes to search engine optimization. 

Experts from our Chicago SEO firm recommend investing resources in a great web design for the following reasons:

Enhanced Blog Design - With more than 600 million blogs that exist on the internet, it can take a lot of work to capture visitors' attention for a long time. However, great blog design can help you create a positive first impression, keep users engaged in exploring your content, reduce bounce rates, and much more. To find the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal, Alpha Efficiency's WordPress developers and WordPress designers carefully plan out and test various blog elements until we find what works best for our clients.

Improved Site Structure - Taking care of your site structure during a web design process is vital to every SEO strategy. It allows you to tell Google and other search engines what's important on your website. Custom WordPress design gives you much more control over building a website's architecture. Alpha efficiency's professionals can help you decide whether a flat site structure or a deep site structure is a better option for your business. And by organizing your pages and building a solid internal linking structure, we will ensure better results in search engines.

Better Site Speed - going with just any WordPress template for your website can cause slow loading times and poor user experience, which leads to bad SEO performance. That's caused by megabytes of unnecessary code that must be loaded for your pages to show. By using Sage WordPress theme as a framework, our WordPress developers can achieve above-average page speeds despite a website being feature-rich. Years of experience in WordPress website design helped us find this perfect solution which gives us complete control over both front-end and back-end environments.

Mobile-friendly WordPress Web Designers are here for you

As more and more people use smartphones and tablets for online interaction with businesses, the importance of having a website that functions well on mobile devices has been raised. Failing to create a good user experience on smaller devices could prevent you from ranking high on Google since its crawlers' judgment of a website is often based on its mobile version. That is why Ensuring the mobile-friendliness of clients' websites is high on the list of priorities for our WordPress developers and WordPress designers.

Alpha Efficiency's mobile-first design approach will help you get a website that brings benefits to both your business and its customers. Thanks to fluid grids in responsive web design, your mobile visitors will see the same page desktop users see - only the cascading style sheets CSS will be different.

What can you expect from our WordPress Web Design Company in Chicago?

Our WordPress web design company values open communication and will ensure your ideas are heard. Alpha Efficiency's WordPress designers and WordPress developers follow the latest web design trends with the goal of creating custom web development solutions that help our clients build genuine connections with their target audience and achieve SEO success.

From the top navigation bar to the website footer design, our WordPress website designers pay attention to every small detail necessary for your custom WordPress site's functionality and visual appeal. We aim to maximize ROI by enhancing the user experience and creating a stable platform for your business. By hiring us, you can expect the following:

High WordPress Security

Hackers can cause severe damage to your business by stealing sensitive user information, spreading malware, or even blocking you from accessing the website. Hiring seasoned WordPress developers to take care of your WordPress website's security is a smart way to ensure a safe environment where customers can interact with your business. Also, as Google and other search engines value protected websites, security breaches can degrade your SEO efforts.

We set the security of the client's business operations as the top priority. Within your website, Alpha Efficiency's most talented Chicago WordPress designers will integrate the following:

SSL certificate:

Having a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificate is critical for any site that collects sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and passwords. By implementing it within your custom WordPress theme, our WordPress developers and WordPress designers will ensure the security and privacy of your website traffic. Any information sent between your website and browsers will be encrypted and safe from spying.

Safe plugins:

Installing too many plugins, especially free ones, can not only slow down your WordPress website but also put it in danger. Did you know that uneducated choices of plugins and WordPress themes are accountable for around 98% of website vulnerabilities? Ensuring a high level of protection for our custom-developed plugins is a vital step our WordPress designers have written in their website quality assurance checklist.

After setting up the security infrastructure, experts from our website design company will give you a detailed step-by-step guide on managing your WordPress website to minimize security risks. Our WordPress developers will provide ongoing security support and notify you about all the important updates on time.

Easy-to-use Content Management System

Building your website on a stable, functional, and intuitive Content Management System (CMS) could bring you many benefits in the long run. And WordPress is the most popular CMS choice among both small and large business owners for several strong reasons:

Easy integration with other software - When running a business, you usually use many different apps to achieve your goals. Whether you want to connect WordPress with social media platforms, marketing tools, Amazon Web Services AWS, or any other software - our WordPress developers can do it for you.

Accessibility - What separates WordPress from other content management systems is its accessibility. Everyone, from beginners to pros, can use it for daily matters. It is easy to edit your content, create new pages, edit meta elements, etc. Hiring our web design services might prove beneficial, as our WordPress developers and designers will help you get all the plugins that make managing the content even less of a hassle.

Adaptability - WordPress is an open-source platform that allows our talented WordPress developers and WordPress designers to build fully custom plugins that extend your website's functionality and help you meet your business needs. A well-designed custom plugin could give you the necessary advantage over the competition and help you meet your business goals.

Community support - Since WordPress has a large community. Whenever you run into a problem you can't figure out on your own, you will be able to find step-by-step guides experienced WordPress developers have created. And if that doesn't help, feel free to contact our WordPress web design agency, and we will find a solution for you.

Premium WordPress Maintenance Plans

Since WordPress allows you to build a website for virtually no cost by using free WordPress themes and page builders, some business owners believe that the custom web development process produces "expensive websites". However, when we consider the impact that the functionality and uniqueness of a high-quality website could have on a business's success, it is definitely worth investing money in a custom WordPress design. Return on investment will eventually surpass your costs, and you will still have a powerful business growth tool. And by hiring our WordPress design agency, you will get premium website support services, which include:

Regular Software Updates
Our WordPress developers and WordPress designers will ensure that your website is up to date with the latest security upgrades, new plugin versions, and major WordPress updates. We will keep your business's and visitors' information safe from hackers by removing unnecessary extensions and testing the website for vulnerabilities.

Website Backups
By performing regular backups and storing them offsite, our WordPress developers will be able to get your website up and running in no time in case of any malware infection.

Check for Broken links
We use advanced tools that help us find broken links on your website. By replacing them, we will keep your SEO rankings unharmed.

Site Speed Check
We will keep checking the loading times of your pages to identify any issue that could slow down your website and cause a poor user experience.

Spam Prevention
Our WordPress developers will utilize advanced techniques to prevent spam content on your website.

We will create a Google Analytics dashboard, highlight the most important metrics and give you a step-by-step guide on analyzing your website traffic.

Functionality tests
Alpha Efficiency's most talented WordPress developers and WordPress designers will run comprehensive tests to ensure the functionality of every element on your website. They will test it with various tools and with various browsers.

Administrative / Operation management IT tools
If the expiration date for your domain, hosting, or dedicated IP address is approaching, our team will notify you on time so you can take action. We will also update the copyright date on your website and check if any dated content is up-to-date.

If you encounter any obstacles, our WordPress developers, WordPress designers, and SEO experts will provide you with 24/7 support. You can check what our clients think about us by checking our reviews on Upwork.

Ada Compliance Services

Every fourth adult citizen in the USA lives with some form of disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on disability in all areas of public life, including the provision of goods and services. WordPress websites are increasingly being used to promote businesses and products, and ensuring that a WordPress site is ADA-compliant can help you expand your audience by making your website accessible to everyone.

Our WordPress website design company invests a lot of effort in creating ADA-compliant digital environments for our clients and their audience. There are four general types of disabilities: visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive. By keeping them all in mind during the website creation process, Alpha Efficiency's talented WordPress designers will ensure that your website is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. We focus on all the vital elements for improved accessibility:

Keyboard navigation
If you don't implement clear keyboard navigation on your website, people with motor and visual disabilities will have a hard time exploring it. Alpha Efficiency's WordPress designers and developers are dedicated to implementing all the features necessary for easy website navigation. Your visitors will always know where they are on the website and how to get wherever they want to be without any obstacles.

Form and table labels
By utilizing the power of labels, our WordPress designers and developers can make your forms and tables accessible to everyone. They will ensure the forms are easy to use with both keyboard and a mouse and that instructions for filling forms are understandable and helpful.

CTA buttons
Call To Action buttons are a vital element for increasing conversion rates on your website. They help your visitors know what to do next. If you fail to create CTA buttons that give users clear instructions, you might lose many potential customers. Whether you need a fashion eCommerce site, plastic surgery web design services or a website for any other type of business, our WordPress developers and WordPress designers will ensure that everyone can clearly understand your CTAs.

Using color as the only mean of communication is the wrong approach if you want your website to be ADA-compliant. Our WordPress designers and developers use additional elements, such as patterns, fill, sizing, borders, web design icons, and more, to help you spread messages to people with color blindness. We ensure that the contrast between colors is sufficient enough for everyone to differentiate them.

Fonts are of vital importance for text readability. By choosing suitable font styles and sizes, WordPress website designers from our agency make content readable for everyone. Also, keeping the number of different fonts low and avoiding ones with decorative markings will help you make the website more accessible.

All images on your WordPress site need to have an alt text that helps visually impaired users understand their context better. The text should be clear and neutral, and free of any unhelpful information. Our WordPress designers and WordPress developers will give you a detailed step-by-step guide on optimizing image alt tags on your website to help you deliver the message to everyone.

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