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Being thoughtful while implementing design elements can help you increase the number of prospective patients on your web pages. Engaging plastic surgery web design goes beyond aesthetics and highlights functionality as one of the critical building blocks of an all-encompassing user experience. Our digital experts understand the power of data. Years of experience have provided us with insights to help your practice grow and put your business in the best possible position to compete for the next patient.

That’s why in today’s article, our web design agency in Chicago shares knowledge on how to use web design to present unique attributes of your plastic surgery practice.

web design for plastic surgery

Website design for plastic surgeons

Your website is a calling card to your prospective patients and serves as an introduction to you and your personnel. The design choices you make can be the deciding factor that shapes the visitors’ lasting opinions about your service quality. Featuring a professional and inviting plastic surgery website design is the best way to showcase the quality of your practice and make your business stand out from the competition. An aesthetically pleasing and consumer-friendly design, color scheme, structure, and quality content are elements necessary to captivate your future patients. VIP plastic surgery practices should also consider incorporating photo galleries to display their best results and patient testimonials to add credibility. Our experience has taught us how to tailor our cosmetic surgery website design services to help your business maintain the integrity of your vision. Here are our suggestions for building a polished website and dominating search engines with professional plastic surgery website design.

Optimize for multiple platforms

Mobile searches drive over 50% of website traffic. Failing to meet mobile web design requirements equals opportunities lost since you will be missing out on a large portion of your prospective customers. Therefore, your plastic surgery web design must provide equal responsiveness and functionality on all platforms. With Google’s increasing emphasis on mobile-first web design, failing to provide a seamless user experience on handheld devices is a major telling sign that it is time to redesign your website.

The importance of SEO

Statistics show that over 99% of searchers click on one of the links on the first page of search results. Making your website appear among the top search results will give your practice increased exposure and better ROI.

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes elements that go into search engine optimization. From metadata and tags to headings, subheadings, and word count, each plays a critical part in our efforts to accelerate your business website to higher search engine rankings.

Furthermore, search engines are making constant algorithm updates to their AI in order to crawl your website better. Staying on the sidelines and not updating your website to reflect the latest practices can significantly lower your SEO score.

Connect with your prospective patients

Your prospective patients are driven by emotions when opting for plastic surgery procedures. They are motivated to boost their self-esteem by feeling better about their appearance. That’s why your plastic surgery web design needs to present your practice as the brand they can trust. Anticipating corners and providing answers to all the questions your patients may have can go a long way in building trust early while your prospects are still in an online research phase.

This is where blogs and dynamic content genuinely shine. Dynamic content has the power to cater to the unique needs of your prospects and build meaningful relationships by delivering the right message at the time of their need. Whether through copywriting, landing pages, or forms, including dynamic content in your plastic surgery web design will provide a much higher level of user engagement than static website content.

Additionally, websites that show a steady flow of quality content tend to perform better in search engines. Various studies show that businesses that publish 16 or more blogs per month enjoy four times as many leads as those that publish up to 4 content pieces. That’s where having a solid content strategy plays a huge part. Answering questions and making connections instills the feeling of trust with your patients. With that in mind, your plastic surgery web design needs to reflect your brand’s voice through a relatable copy and engaging images.

Guide your users toward the next steps

The massive growth in the medical industry has resulted in many specialized healthcare practices. Your prospective patients are likely to take their time to research their options online, so your brand must make an extra effort to compete for their attention.

The Pew Research Center research shows that one in five internet users make online reviews part of their decision-making process. Furthermore, as much as 80% of users have researched a health-related topic. That’s a clear sign that healthcare industry brands need to dedicate much attention to their online presence in order to reach more customers.

A properly designed landing page that focuses on the prospect by eliminating any distracting elements will help you guide your future patients toward conversion.

Medical systems integration

Medical practices use various systems for operations, such as CRM, EMR, or lead tracking. Your plastic surgery web design needs to integrate with these systems to be fully functional and efficient.

WordPress integration

Providing a professional website for your practice ensures that your best image is put forward and prospective patients see your brand in the best possible light. With custom plugins that target patient photo and video galleries and reviews, as well as around-the-clock WordPress maintenance services, your practice can feature a technically sound plastic surgery web design and outperform your competition in search engines.

Great user experience

A result-oriented plastic surgery web design needs to be distinctive, attractive, educational, easy to navigate, and feature a prominent call to action. All these elements combine for a great user experience. Engaging your patients and ensuring that the information they are searching for can be easily found encourages and facilitates contact with your business.

WordPress ADA compliance and HIPAA compliance

Around one in five people suffer from some form of disability. ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliance regulations require a website to be accessible to people who have difficulties performing everyday tasks. By not making your website ADA, HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, you potentially exclude around 61 million people living in America with some form of disability. Besides, your practice also risks receiving a $150,000 fine for every ADA compliance violation found on your website.

Plastic surgery website development

At Alpha Efficiency, our team of web developers will dedicate their time, along with their expertise and experience, to create a polished and optimized website that represents your practice in the best possible way. We are devoted to getting closely familiar with your audience and tailoring plastic surgery web design around your ideal customer. Our psychology-focused design and persuasive copy are created to improve your online presence and entice your prospective clients to take action.

Final thoughts

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, invasive cosmetic procedures have increased by almost 200% since 2000. People are going online to find the best plastic surgeons to address their needs. This only highlights the importance of having a website with a design that captures prospective patients’ attention, provides educational content and guides users toward conversion while performing well in search engines. We hope that our article will help you achieve those goals and make your brand’s voice echo far and wide.


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