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With over 455 million WordPress users across the globe, it is imperative to have a reliable partner by your side that will ensure that your content reaches the right people. Alpha Efficiency is a WordPress SEO company in Chicago that delivers value by increasing your brand's prominence in search engines and ensuring that your target audience finds your content instead of the competitors.

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Wordpress SEO spam

WordPress SEO spam removal

SEO spam injections are often hidden away from website owners' eyes. Hackers employ this black hat technique to use your website to rank their products. They do this by:

  • Inserting links to their websites into your web pages
  • Adding spam comments
  • Redirecting your pages
  • Adding posts and pages with links and spammy content to your website

WordPress SEO is very time-consuming. So, instead of attempting to improve their websites, hackers exploit vulnerabilities in outdated themes and plugins or deploy bots to your login pages that crack your username and password and gain access to your site.

SEO spam does more damage the longer it stays on your website. Once Google discovers that your site is involved in forbidden SEO tactics, they will blacklist you and ban you from their search engine, thus damaging your brand's reputation and making your most valuable business asset completely obsolete.

Our experience has taught us that the usual victims of these attacks are small websites or WordPress blogs of owners who take website security lightly. Furthermore, spam injections are tricky to recognize even to a trained eye.

Luckily, our team of educated professionals has many years of experience dealing with malware. Schedule a call and let our agency scan your web pages for spam injections, rectify the damage, and upgrade your website security while providing feedback every step of the way.

With Alpha Efficiency as your partner, you can rest assured that your WordPress SEO efforts are protected and your business reputation safe.

ADA compliance WordPress plugins

In our Chicago SEO company, we have made it our mission to create websites accessible to people that don't have the luxury of performing everyday tasks as effortlessly as many of us do. To ensure accessibility across your web pages, our team will follow ADA Compliance best practices and infuse your website with some of the most valuable WordPress plugins, such as:

  • WordPress ADA Compliance Check Basic
  • WordPress Accessibility
  • Accessible Poetry
  • Accessibility Suite
  • Text-To-Speech PHP/JS Script Converter
Wordpress SEO ADA complience

Opting for inexperienced agencies is a slippery slope, as various plugins can also cause issues and make your website unusable if not handled by professionals. Our team will check whether all of the plugins are up to date, ensure that your business enjoys only the most stable and bug-free versions of the plugins, as well as always stay at your disposal in case you suddenly find yourself in need of a web design development experts to tend to any unexpected issues. Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it allows us to find a custom software development solution that will make your website even more accessible to people with different types of disabilities.

Making your WordPress website ADA-compliant takes time, effort, and a reliable web design, but it is worth your while. It all starts with the least we can do - giving our websites a bit of tweak - and continues with the opening of minds to a joint mission - to provide the world with equal opportunity for all.

Why is WordPress better than HubSpot CMS?

Digital marketing is a complex craft. We at Alpha Efficiency understand that your business needs a website that can stamp authority and solidify your brand as an established and reliable presence.

When it comes to deciding on the right platform for your website, our company addressed the question of choosing between HubSpot CMS vs. WordPress in terms of:

  • Ease of use
  • Data access
  • Analytics
  • Blog management
  • Extensibility
  • Web pages
  • SEO
  • Themes and styles
  • Customer service
  • Training and digital certifications
  • Security
  • Pricing
why use wordpress seo services

All of these elements combine to make a successful business website that provides a high return on investment. Our findings show that WordPress is a highly flexible content management digital marketing system and a perfect fit for websites and businesses of all sizes. Its large number of themes to choose from makes it easier to build functional one-of-a-kind websites. Furthermore, WordPress allows easy access to data and an unparallel extent to which you can utilize custom web design development to create a website that responds to your brand values.

Also, WordPress originated as a blogging platform and remained the unmatched CMS for this purpose on the market. It will be a strong backbone for your content marketing efforts.

Why it's essential to speed up your WordPress website

Website performance determines user experience and affects how your visitors perceive your business. Google had set the bar high and tied page speed and SEO even more closely with its Core Web Vitals algorithm update by putting an increased emphasis on user experience and demanding that your website loads in two seconds or less in order to compete for top ranking spots on their SERP.

However, this milestone is not always easy to achieve, primarily due to the way WordPress works. When a user visits a page of your website, WordPress dynamically constructs the page by pulling data from sources such as the WordPress database and theme files. This data is then combined into an HTML file and sent to your customer's browser.

This type of "on the fly" page construction can hinder website performance. Also, themes and plugins consume server resources, additionally slowing down your website and negatively impacting your conversion rates.

wordpress seo site speed

As a company with a rich history of providing web development services, we value your customers' time. We use the  Sage WordPress theme, which allows us to maximize your mobile and desktop website speed and drive top-notch Page Speed Insights results.

Having a slow website can lead to a higher bounce rate, reduced traffic, fewer ad clicks, and the loss of a potential customer. In contrast, fast-loading websites perform exceptionally well across a range of metrics, including organic search results, user engagement, and conversion rates. 

Due to its semantically structured system with a streamlined development process, the Sage WordPress theme provides complete control over the front-end and back-end environment. It allows us to compile Sass into CSS and test compatibility as we make changes. Furthermore, the implementation of Blade from Laravel as a templating engine provides a faster and more efficient development process. While working with Sage, our team is able to spot and rectify any possible bugs and mistakes as soon as they emerge, thus saving you valuable time and resources.

wordpress seo blog services

Organizing your WordPress blog

High-quality content is the key to attracting organic traffic to your web pages. However, though often overlooked, the way you organize the content on your WordPress blog pages is just as important. A poorly organized blog usually leads to a decrease in readership followed by a lack of user engagement. Fortunately, with our Chicago SEO company by your side, structuring your content properly is not all that difficult. We'll ensure that your readers can avoid scouring your blog pages in search of the content they are interested in. Instead, our team will make it accessible and easy to locate.

Our WordPress SEO services in Chicago include the following:

  • Keeping your blog pages user-friendly and promoting continued readership
  • Encouraging people to explore your website by enabling them to access more of your content
  • Making your blog appear more professional, credible, and authoritative
  • Improving your website traffic through better search engine optimization of blog pages

While addressing the issue of poor blog optimization, our WordPress developers follow the detailed roadmap specifically created to support your blogging strategy. Here are some of the elements that we pay special attention to:

Organizing website structure and navigation menu:
During indexing, Google and other search engines crawl your site according to its structure. If your site is poorly-structured, your content will fail to rank high on SERP. A structural menu is a cornerstone of a successful business website. We tend to use familiar names for custom menu names so your visitors can easily understand the website structure and seamlessly navigate your pages. Also, our award-winning web design provides consistency throughout the entire experience.

Organizing blog posts and pages:
As the number of your blog posts increases, so does the need to organize the entire content properly. Our professionals will help you organize posts chronologically, by relevance, or in whichever way fits your needs. We'll also implement the sticky posts functionality to highlight your new posts as featured content.

Creating categories and tags:
Similar types of content need to be grouped into categories in order to provide a better user experience to your readers. Search engines also appreciate categorizing posts as long as you don't overdo it. Our search engine optimization team will help you create master categories and expand them with subcategories according to the topics. We'll also set tags to help search engines index your content quickly.

Adding XML sitemaps in WordPress

If you want your pages to be found by search engines more easily, adding XML sitemaps in WordPress is the solution. A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website, including each page's title, description, and URL. It serves as a roadmap to crawlers and helps them better understand the structure of your website. When a user types a keyword into a search engine, the search engine will look through your site's sitemap to find the pages that match the keyword. 

Adding XML sitemaps is important even if your content is already ranking well. It will also allow you to rank updated content, which is essential for better targeting your audience. By hiring our WordPress SEO services in Chicago, our team of dedicated experts will handle the whole process of submitting an XML sitemap to Google for you. And through the custom web design development, we will ensure your site structure is clean and easy to crawl.

importance of xml sitemaps

WordPress keyword research services

Using the right keywords is a proven way to rank your website higher in search engines. As a data-driven marketing agency, we use various tools to find adequate keywords for optimizing your content. Our WordPress SEO services in Chicago will help you:

Identify your competitors
In crowded industries, it is essential to know other websites you are competing with in the "search engine race." Alpha Efficiency will help you get an insight into your competitors' performance in Google and craft the right content marketing strategy to attract more customers to your website.

Find 'main' keywords to target
Identifying high-volume, high-competition keywords that drive conversions is vital for building a long-term SEO strategy. Even though your website might not rank on the first page of Google search results for such keywords, it is worth investing efforts in achieving that goal in the future.

Find the best 'long-tail' variations
Keyword research is much more complex than finding high search volume keywords. Long-tail keywords with low search volume are also vital for an SEO campaign's success. Besides lower competition, such keywords usually align with search intents much better. Our WordPress SEO services in Chicago will help you rank your pages faster by finding the right long-tail keywords to target.

Create a detailed keyword map
Alpha Efficiency's search engine optimization SEO services include keyword mapping. Our experts will identify your priority pages and expand your seed keyword. Then we will produce a detailed roadmap that will help you quickly notice what needs to be optimized and what new content you need to create in order to boost your rankings. A keyword map will also allow you to enhance your internal link-building strategy and easily keep track of your SEO progress.

Analyze search intent
It's essential to optimize the content on your landing pages to match users' search intent and increase traffic quality. We can also help you target transactional keywords to improve conversion rates across your website.

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Alpha Efficiency is a digital marketing agency with expertise in web design development, search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, and custom software development. Our experts put the client's success as the top priority. We are often considered to be providing among the best WordPress SEO services in Chicago.

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