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There are two reasons why I’ve decided to “dump” Spotify, and stick with Apple Music. First, I’ve always been excited about controlling my music through Siri. The second reason was my iTunes Match library, of which I was an avid user, and still stores plenty of my existing library. This was enough to transition me, despite losing the social component of Spotify. Music is important component of my commute, and I enjoy to change it with my voice alone. This article was inspired by My buddy David Sparks. He explained his reasons why it’s not for him, and I’ll share why it may be for you and me.


Apple Music For You


I’ve noticed that “For You” section of Apple store was polluted with garbage hip hop music, and that’s definitively not to my liking. Unlike David, I am the single user of the account, and as I’ve used the app, I’ve been hitting “hearts” on the things I’ve genuinely liked, pretty instinctively. Over time my “For You” section started filling out the things that I actually do like. Hip hop was still there, but I’ve found myself returning to the section. Until I’ve read David’s article on Apple Music, I didn’t realize I was able to state which music I specifically don’t like.


As I’ve made requests that I don’t like some songs, bad songs have started disappearing, although not completely. Due to the fact that I have less musical history and I was the only person using the platform, I feel confident that Apple Music will be able to connect me to new songs, and help me refine the playlists that I’ve been carefully building over the course of last 7 years, which is the length of time I’ve been using iTunes.

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