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So How Much Residual Income Does Alpha Efficiency Make?

Last month was really profitable for Alpha Efficiency. Website has generated me 75$ of absolute passive income. Meaning every day when I woke up, I found money in my email. This kinda got me hooked on the email part, but at least it’s a good experiment. Not to mention that I place value on my work in front of my computer. Every day my email keeps saying to me: “See, Bojan! See, your past work is bringing you the benefits today!”

Now when I compare income from my active involvement with other people projects, I realize that my engagement in passive income is way more profitable and productive for me in the long run. All of it involves risks, but it’s just a matter of what risks do we want to mitigate and what risks are we willing to take.

Now, let’s say that this website generates 50$ a month on average. Let’s see how big of a business that is. If you invested 1000$ in a bank, with an anual interest rate of 5%, you would get 50$ a year, for that kind of investment. Which means that this website as a business is worth 12 000$ with 5% anual interest rate.

All it took me, was a bunch of time, doing something that I love and a measly 20$ startup cost. On the side I was covering my life expenditures with other jobs and freelancing gigs, but the bottom line is that the best investment was in my own “company”. While Alpha Efficiency is not a company yet, but it is aspiring to become one in the long run. That is a pretty good business for a year and a half of part time investment.

Doing things in the long run, does pay off. But in order to make the most out of your potential business venture, you need to cut the time of your learning process. Harnessing the knowledge in the proper way is essential for running a successful business. One really important thing that I never paid attention to in the process.

In this uncertain times, relying only on your job is RISKY! Regardless of how much money you make. The real productivity kicks in, only when you work on your long term residual income. My advice to young people is to have their own business on the side, from anything else that they are doing. For true success, you need more than a job!

And yes, avoid banks. On All levels. Take it from a banker 😉

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

Brian is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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