Mountain Lion – Are You Going to Buy It?

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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Brian Dordevic

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I love some functions that Mountain Lion brings. I still feel it’s a rip off, that we didn’t have the document sync with the Lion to begin with. And I actually do need that feature! I like writing in Pages, it works smooth on iPad and recently they introduced horizontal view on iPhone, so it just might turn out to be my main writing app. And when I say writing app, it’s the app where I finalize the documents, not where I do majority of writing. As I stated earlier that is actually Byword.

But back to Mountain Lion. There are some pretty neat new features, like Twitter and Facebook integration, along with notification center, and Game Center linking with iPhone and iPad. It just might create a good and big gaming ecosystem, which is pretty much available everywhere.

Mirroring image from the computer to Apple TV also sounds good. I am actually considering getting a TV, so that I can attach it to my TV and try watching some movies for a change. One good movie per week. To get inspiration. So with Mountain Lion, I will be actually able to use my laptop wirelessly on my TV, which is pretty great.

Now for the verdict, I am passionate Apple tech tester, and I love having the latest and shiniest apps out there, so I know I won’t be skipping Mountain Lion. But I am not sure it’s made for everyone. Apple is having this aggressive developer cycle, where they are going to push out new software for profits. Fundamentally, it’s just a Lion with a few tweaks in order to pull another $ from your wallet. And in this case it’s 19$ we’re talking about.

Are you passionate about Tech as I am, or you are going to wait for the next release of the software?

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