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Even though I became hardcore Apple user, I still find one company that creates awesome tech products, that I don’t believe I will be changing anytime soon. If you ever tried Logitech, you will know what I mean. Back when I was investing heavily in my technology, I bought their most expensive model in the store that I could find at that moment. So be prepared, some of the Logitech Performance MX features are going to blow you away!

Mouse for Power UsersPros:

Recently I figured out it’s true power, because of a software feature I overlooked. You can add application specific functions and special button shortcuts. This is huge, because it is giving you an opportunity to power tweak your mouse for every single application on your computer.

Possibilities are endless and overwhelming. But if you aren’t into tweaking buttons of your mouse, you can set global shortcuts and put an end on that. But later on you can add up. And that’s exactly what I am aiming to achieve. Improve my working environment with new shortcuts every once in a while.

On Logitech Performance MX, you will get superior mouse aimed at Power Users. It has 2 modes scroll (fast and slower), 2 additional buttons at your thumbs. Zoom and lower thumb button.

I am using those two for basic navigation in OS X Lion. Lower thumb button is by default my launchpad and zoom is mission control. This is really cool when you want to navigate swiftly between applications. Now what I like the most is actually tweaking back and forward buttons. In Evernote for example, Forward button is search, back button is new note.

All of these can be configured in Logitech Configuration center, which usually comes with the hardware, but if you didn’t get it, you can download it from their website. This software tool serves also for configuration of their keyboards.

It works on almost any surface, including glass. Device pairing with other Logitech products, which basically means that with Unifying usb adapter, you will actually need only one usb adapter for up to six devices.

It can work through your USB, and with the product you are getting a good set of usb cables and neat leather bag, so it just keeps adding value. Beside the regular usb cable, you are also getting a cable extender. I didn’t use this one with the mouse, but it came in handy for some other peripherals that I used.

Replaceable batteries.


It kinda has short battery life. I am not shutting it down ever, so it holds up to a week of my usage, which is light usage. I am quite sure that a gamers would exhaust it within a day.

MacBook Pro users should be aware that if they intend to use it wirelessly for gaming, they might not be able to. Once you have a lot of WiFi packages sent and received, it might interfere with the functionality of the mouse. It’s weird, considering how near the mouse is. But the thing is that MacBook Pro has USB ports on the left side, while it’s right handed mouse. It’s manageable if you setup your wifi to other frequencies, but it’s something to be aware of, before buying.

I didn’t witness this problem on MacBook Air, which has USB ports on both sides.

If you are using the mouse with your left hand, you are out of luck, unless Logitech is making right handed version that I am not aware of.


This mouse is worth the money invested, but I don’t believe it’s for everyone. If you are professional gamer, you will find it lacking, it’s lacks that smoothness that makes a difference between casual, hardcore and professional gamer. On the other hand if you tie it via USB to a computer, you will kinda defeat it’s purpose.

Now beside gamers, those who use mouse for work, will find this it amazing, almost magical. I don’t foresee myself changing this mouse anytime soon, and if I do, it will most likely be it’s successor.

It’s not to complicated, has only 4 additional customizable buttons, but Logitech software makes it up for that . I can see World Of Warcraft players loving it. And also anyone who does graphics design, blogging, video editing.

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