Landing Page Copywriting: 15 Essentials You Can’t Afford To Overlook

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Did you spend time crafting compelling and attractive copy for your landing page, but when you put it on your website, it didn’t bring the desired results? Landing page copywriting is as much an art as it is a science. And, while challenging, everyone can learn to write copy that attracts and converts leads into paying customers. 

In today’s digital world, content is king. Website copy plays an essential in boosting conversion rates and increasing sales. To stand out among your competitors, good copy is no longer just an option but a necessity. Therefore, the demand for landing page copywriting services has escalated over the years. Do you want to learn how to write copy that ensures sales? In this article, I will give you 15 landing page copy techniques that are bound to improve your landing page conversion rates.

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Landing page copywriting

What Is Landing Page Copywriting?

A landing page is a particular page from your business website where users “land” after clicking on a link from an ad, social media, Google result page, etc. It can also be a web page that’s completely separate from your main website. That page is an integral part of the sales funnel since its primary purpose is to convince visitors to make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, or other desired actions. At my digital marketing agency, I always tell my team to put extra effort into landing pages, from design to copy.

Landing page copywriting is all the copy you include on that page. In this new digital world, your landing page copy comes in as your digital salesman. To convert leads, your website copy must be convincing enough to build trust and turn visitors into customers. Adopting landing page copy best practices is key to converting landing page visitors. 

How Long Should Landing Page Copy Be?

Just how long should your landing copy be? Should it be short and sweet? Maybe a bit long?

Let’s put it into context. A potential lead just arrived on your landing page. They are eager to learn more about your brand. They start interacting with your copy – you have some good, interesting copy. However, the copy is too long, and they are unwilling to read through it all. That’s how you lose leads and site traffic. 

The best way to go about it is to keep it short and straight to the point. The idea is to give a small sneak peek of your brand while putting it in a creative outlook. 

15 Tips For Writing Great Landing Page Copy That Drives Conversions

Your PPC landing page design, font, and appearance have a strong influence over your overall website performance, but your copy is what drives conversions. Good landing page copy is the most defining factor in turning users into paying customers. Here are 15 tips that are guaranteed to level up your landing page copywriting strategies:

Landing Page Copy and Unique Value Proposition

Identify Your Value Proposition

In order to create compelling landing page copy, you need to identify your value proposition – or why a customer should choose your products or services. 

What’s your value? How can your offerings benefit your clients? 

At most times, it’s quite easy to get caught up with the day-to-day operations of the business. You’ll essentially need to “zoom out” and pinpoint the primary core of your trade. The best landing page copywriting should reflect the bigger picture of your brand. The fact that you have to capture the lead’s attention means you need to portray your value precisely and build trust. Your value proposition should have a solution that your business brings on board. It is a pre-requisite for how to write copy for a landing page.

I will explain it with help from an example. Suppose you are in the real estate niche. A sample value proposition could include something like:

“We know the hassle that comes with getting those real estate leads. Join our email list to get access to the golden nuggets that we’ve used to acquire and convert real estate leads and make millions in revenue.”

A compelling value proposition considers your target audience’s problem (pain point) and provides a solution. These two combining factors are what drive the lead to convert. 

Define Clear Goals You Want To Accomplish With Landing Page Copy

Just like for any part of your marketing or business strategy, defining clear goals is crucial to reach success.

What do you intend to accomplish with your landing page copy? Your business might have multiple goals: you want to sell your products, get potential clients to sign up on your newsletter landing page, or download a free e-book.

Remember that a landing page must have only one goal – the desired action you want visitors to take. Regardless of your objectives, adjusting your landing page efforts to your specific goals will provide higher efficacy levels.

Addressing the audience's pain points

Don’t Ignore Audience’s Pain Points – Actively Address Them

Pain points are the driving force of any landing page content. Detailing the pain points that your target audience is facing gives you credibility; it’s what connects you with the prospect.

If you are still not sure what paint point your business is offering solutions to, take a moment to define them. You can also interview loyal customers or ask your sales team which benefits that you offer most resonate with clients. 

Let’s say you are trying to manage your leads through email, so you’re looking for an email marketer, but you are stuck between two experts to hire.

The first email expert only states his qualifications and that they’ll adopt email automation software to manage your leads. They are not fully aware of the precise problem that you face; they just offer a general solution. The second email expert goes deep to showcase your exact problem and states something along the lines of:

“I understand it can be quite challenging to manage leads acquired from advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads traffic sources. With my expertise, you get a full breakdown of how to segment leads with segmentation campaigns, do email automation, and send follow-up emails”.

Which email expert are you more likely to go with? You’d probably go with the second. Why? Because they fully get your pain point in context and will probably have the best approach to solving the problem. And that’s the true power of using pain points.

Best Landing Page Copywriting Is Focused On Benefits

What does your audience stand to gain when they, for example, sign up for your email landing page or acquire your services? While your offering’s technical specifications and features are necessary, your landing copy should also include benefits as the selling point. You want to think of your landing page as an exchange of value platform. 

Would you sign up for whatever value you’re promising your leads? You have to think from the prospect’s perspective to boost your conversions; emphasize how your products or services will improve your client’s current situation. 

Writing copy for landing pages should include benefits that an audience in that niche is particularly interested in. It should be something priceless that will immediately attract the potential lead.

Creating a sense of urgency with landing page copywriting

Create Urgency Within Your Landing Page Copy To Make Readers Act Faster

Have you ever reached a landing page that was so well developed that it gave you the urgency to acquire whatever product it was selling? Well, chances are that they’ve implemented a sense of urgency within the body copy present on the page.

Creating urgency forms an idea on the prospect that the offer is not always going to be accessible for them, and they must act immediately. 

An example of this type of landing page copy would be:

“We’ve built a lead generation automation software for Real estate agents that has made us a 7 figure income. You can access it for $0 only for the next 24 hours. Join our email list to get exclusive access.”

As long as your business provides an enticing offer that addresses the client’s pain point, the sense of urgency will make more potential leads take your desired action.

Use Customer Testimonials To Reduce Friction

Testimonials from previous clients form such a powerful marketing tool. Most of us look at various reviews before purchasing a product or hiring a service service. There are fewer mental barriers when buying something that is approved by others. Your landing page copy comes with the same scenario. 

You could tell potential customers how you’ve worked with world-class clients and how your service benefitted them. But it won’t have the same impact as some solid testimonials from the clients you’ve worked with. 

For example, suppose you’re looking for accounting software for your brand online, and you make it to an accounting blog. They seem to have what you’re looking for. At the bottom of the blog post, they have a newsletter link; you click on it. They’ve got an offer for a free version of their accounting software, and to access it, users must sign up for their newsletter. You’re fascinated but not enough to give up your email.

You’re not sure if the accounting software will meet your exact needs. However, at the bottom of the newsletter, you notice a slider with various testimonials about the accounting software. One particularly catches your eye:

“I had been struggling to do accounting for my online store to capture orders and expenses. Software X came in handy with a plugin that does everything for me automatically. I just have to generate reports. Software X saves me 2 hours every day.”

Avoid Complex Sentence Structures To Retain Attention

In this fast-paced world, no one has time to read complex vocabulary despite how good your offer may be. That’s a proven formula to get rid of leads. The goal of good website copywriting services is to reach out to as many people as possible. When you use complex words, you set a limit to this factor. In landing page writing, you want to put things in simple and brief copy because the buyer journey adopts the same formula.

One of the main strongholds of marketing is “Make it make sense.” This stronghold ensures clarity as to why your target audience needs your product/service. But you must come across your point as straightforwardly and shortly as possible. 

Try Writing Like You’re Talking To A Friend

Conversational writing is one of the most crucial landing page best practices.l Remember that prospects like to feel they are being spoken to instead of spoken at or about

Conversational writing gives character to copy, and you’re likely to convert a lead while bringing out your authenticity as a brand to achieve business goals. You can enhance your landing page copy by using this technique; some good tips include:

  • Use the 2nd person – refer to the reader as “you.”
  • Avoid industry jargon.
  • Don’t be too formal.
  • Spice the content with some personality. 

Dedicate 50% Of Your Writing Time To Headlines

Your landing page headline is what captures the attention of the lead once they make it to your landing page. Your page headline has to be a direct expression of your value proposition, so if you already took care of that step, creating a good headline will be easy.

I wrote a complete guide on what can you do to make a headline more compelling and stir curiosity about your exact offer. Simply put, it should include the precise offer of what your lead benefits from when they sign up.

Some creativity will always attract leads to want to learn more about your offer. The goal is to hook them up in the initial seconds. And such power doesn’t come randomly. When you’re done writing your copy, go back to your headlines and read them one by one. If they tell a story on their own, that’s a good sign.

How numbers improve copy.

Excellent Landing Page Copy Often Includes Numbers

There’s a reason why you keep on seeing blog posts with headlines such as “17 ways to improve your skin naturally” or “10 ways to optimize your Facebook Ads”. The last thing leads want is a vague copy; it all comes down to specificity. Adding numbers signifies you as an authority in your field and gives you credibility. Additionally, people want to know precisely what they are signing up for. Including numbers in your landing page copy will likely push conversions or sign-ups.

Another example of this practice would be:

“We built an 8-figure Real Estate business in 2 years. Here are 14 strategies you can use for exponential growth”.

Specifying what prospects will get on the other end definitely sparks interest and motivates them to convert.

Place Keywords Mindfully To Attract The Right Audience

If you have been in the marketing space for some time, you must have heard about keywords. These are words that your clients use when searching for a product or service that relates to your brand. 

For example, with a product like Builderall, keywords may be “website builder” or “email automation software.” Those are potential keywords users will search for when wanting to hire or learn more about such a service. Do you have to guess which keywords your potential customers are using? No, there are plenty of keyword research tools you can use for that.

Keywords also help search engines like Google understand what your landing page content is about, so it can show your site on result pages when users make a query. That practice, known as search engine optimization (SEO), is one of the most crucial landing page features.

There are some other strategies to access keywords:

  • Interview prior customers: Get in touch with previous customers and account for their experiences. Capture the words and the language that they use. 
  • Search for online reviews associated with your product: Online reviews are an excellent source for customer words. Identify commonly used words and patterns to understand customers’ perspectives. Collect this information and immerse it in your blog content and landing page copy.
  • Social media: Social media is part and parcel of a brand’s marketing efforts. Check out the content that relates to your industry and identify inquiries coming from users. Accumulate this content and include it in your landing page copy.

Consider web skimmers in your copy

Did you know that a significant percentage of your audience only skims through your content? You’ll rarely find online users reading content word for word. And that’s why you want to include snappy catchphrases and a clean copy structure to entice copy skimmers.

To consider this factor, follow these guidelines:

  • Use shorter sentences: Avoid using long sentences and body copy. Aim to keep your sentences short and straight to the point. 
  • Arrange your content visually: No one enjoys going through plain content without a distinctive sub-headline and topic. It looks uninteresting and dull for any reader. Characterize your copy with bigger fonts and colors for headlines to retain attention. 
  • Use bullet points: Great landing page copy breaks down the content in bullet points when listing items for better appearance and understanding for readers.

Your aim is to make your landing page copy precise, easy to read, and understandable. This is how you retain attention from web skimmers. If you are struggling with this step, you can use the help from a landing page copy template. 

Mix Sentence Lengths To Hold Attention And Evoke Emotions

Grabbing your landing page visitors’ attention comes in a couple of ways. Using sentences with short and long sentences combined is a proven formula to engage your audience.

Some readers will exit your landing page if you have content with too many long sentences. Whatever point you want to drive across, divide it into small sentences and longer ones. I use a simple rule: one thought – one sentence.

Mixing sentence lengths brings out the authenticity of your copy and will likely attract more eyeballs to interact with your copy. 

Use Action-Driven CTA

What is a landing page copy without an outstanding call-to-action? I’d call it a big flop. A good CTA is a revenue-generating machine. As much as you’ve managed to retain attention till the end of the body copy, it’s now time to go above and beyond to get them to convert. 

You want to have a custom CTA aligned to the copy present on your landing page. The words that you use on your CTA easily determine your chances of making those conversions. 

Go a step further to add some “flavor” to your CTAs like the following examples:

  • Get your 30-day free trial
  • Download this PDF instantly
  • Grab your free pro plan 

Moreover, you can add some trigger words under your CTA to make it more enticing for your audience. For example, under a CTA that says “Get free access now,” you can use trigger words such as “Free forever.”

A/B Test Your Copy To Maximize ROI

The key to getting it right with your landing page copy is doing some A/B testing. Through this type of testing, you can test different copies – headlines, sub-headlines, CTAs, etc. – and identify the landing page copy that manages to catch the most leads. Now, exclusively use that specific copy on your landing page.

As marketers, we can come up with copy that we think will resonate with potential leads. However, you’ll only know the power of a particular copy of a B2B landing page design from the perspective of a prospect. The metric that you’ll use to determine the effectiveness of your conversion copy is how many visitors you manage to convert.

Furthermore, you can use customer feedback to gather reception regarding your copywriting techniques. This is done through online surveys and chat features on your landing page. Users can give you raw and comprehensive feedback on how you could improve for better conversion. 

It’s Time To Start Crafting High-Converting Landing Page Copy, One Word At A Time

Copywriting skills and techniques are a must-have if you’re to catch those leads to become potential clients and improve landing page conversion rates. It is not just about putting out engaging content; your copy must be persuasive enough to guide leads through the decision-making process. 

It might look simple. But it takes work. My company is keen to consider critical elements when creating landing page copy. Through my landing page design services, I’ve experimented with copy on thousands of landing pages and identified what works for our clients. 

Building any business online is a challenge in itself. And it may be tough to put up with all aspects of running your online brand. For this reason, I’ve made it my goal to deliver nothing but exceptional landing page copywriting services for brands. Do you need assistance writing your landing page copy? Get in touch and work with my highly qualified landing page copywriters equipped with landing page best practices. Schedule a call with me today and boost conversion rates exponentially.


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