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Welcome to introduction to outsourcing. Prior to writing this article, I’ve asked my Virtual Assistants (VA’s from now on) to conduct a research on outsourcing, find me 5 top bloggers in this niche, get me the wikipedia facts and get me on the course of writing this article. After witnessing the results for myself, I’ve seen that hiring and running a team of VA’s is the right direction when running an online business, and ultimate productivity booster for digital entrepreneurs.

The time for outsourcing is just right. There was not a better time in history of the world for entrepreneurs to have more opportunities at having their business succeed in times of struggling economy, even on a low budget. Especially for young, talented, technologically savvy people.

What is outsourcing exactly?

Definition By Wikipedia:

Outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process, which an organization may have previously performed internally or has a new need for, to an independent organization from which the process is purchased back as a service. Though the practice of purchasing a business function—instead of providing it internally—is a common feature of any modern economy, the term outsourcing became popular in America near the turn of the 21st century. An outsourcing deal may also involve transfer of the employees and assets involved to the outsourcing business partner.

The definition of outsourcing includes both foreign or domestic contracting, which may include offshoring, described as “a company taking a function out of their business and relocating it to another country.”

But Alpha Efficiency definition of outsourcing is very different:

Outsourcing all the tasks that do not require your physical presence to a team of virtual assistants across the globe, by leveraging economic disparity of the living standards across the planet.

The difference between the business and personal outsourcing is just the fact that professional outsourcers have team of people specially trained for the task, while in your own case, you will be hiring individuals, that will conduct the work, that you will train them to do.

If big companies are doing it, why wouldn’t you? They are making millions of dollars by leveraging economic disparity, it’s time for you to do the same. Run your business like a pro.

As an efficient outsourcer, you will have to know how to properly use and leverage the tools that are freely available (or cheap), in order to get work done. Apart from that field of work, there are also emerging digital agencies with teams of VA’s, who are already trained, or have good learning skills.

Investment costs

VA’s are running anywhere from 200$/a month till 2000$/a month (for developers). Hiring and training a VA will turn out to be one of the smartest financial investment regarding your available time. Sometimes this investment will replace you in the workplace, thus allowing you to completely devote all of your job time, into time reserved for working on your own business.

Another investment you will have to make is going to be time. It will take time for you to learn elementary skills for running a team of VA’s, but after everything is said, done and emailed, you will know that the procedures, best practices and hours invested, are going to pay off dividends in abundance of time.


I don’t expect that this is for everyone. Only people who have vision, and careful execution will be able to get the most out of this, and create a complete business, that doesn’t require themselves to be involved in it, at all. Aside from that, it’s going to cost you time and money. But it’s going to be time well spent, and money very well invested.

So how do I find VA’s?

VA’s are blowing up on the internet. For the time being, I believe that there is more of the offer, than there is the demand, which is the good thing, as it moves prices down. Although, always expect to pay top bucks for the rare skill sets, like coding and graphic design.

If you never had outsourcing experience there is a service that I am going to review, and write guides on how to use it, that is perfect for beginners, as it is affordable, intuitive and the guys behind the backend are SMART.

SMART VA is worth more than the money you invest in him. This service I use is called (Review) and if you are thinking of just starting out with some simple services that will get you on the right track, check out the review and see if they are the right fit for you.

Other places where you can find VA’s:

  1. – This is like a Craiglists, just for Philippines. A great place to look for a VA on your own.
  2. Virtual Staff Finder – This is a service from a great friend of mine Chris Ducker.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing?

Large businesses are using outsourcing to achieve economy of scales. Outsourcing on demand is cutting your expenses, and exponentially increases your productivity. As an individual, you can pioneer into the low cost zone of personal outsourcing, and make the amazing leverage. Trading your money for time of other people, so you can focus on reducing time in office, reducing stress, and generally start living.

If you are capable of identifying low value work, turn it into a process, define it, and communicate it clearly to your assistants, you are creating a leverage on your professional life. If you combine outsourcing with CORE system, it gets ridiculously easy. But outsourcing is a skill set by itself, and will take time for you to learn it, and apply it. If you could pay 300-500$ a month, just to get yourself out of the office, or buy some more time to develop your own business, would you do it?

There is nothing more valuable in your life, than time. The value of money in comparison to your time is insignificant. Money is an idea, but your time isn’t! So learning more about outsourcing is a way to go.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning of the outsourcing series, that is going to be published weekly. Now it’s your turn: Did you ever consider outsourcing? What are your outsourcing challenges? Or perhaps you’ve already tried it? What are your outsourcing experiences?

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