Why Most Businesses Need To Consider Themselves Digital Publishers?

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to have recurring traffic to your online website without spending money on expensive digital media networks? Intrigued? Good. Reading this article will help you learn what it takes to drive recurring visitors to your website through the creation of content that maximizes your online visibility, trustworthiness and converts your audience into loyal customers. All of this with the minimum budget on paid digital placements.

Why Content and Digital Publishing?

The reason why is because in the long run content is a dramatically cheaper way to acquire online exposure then directly paying for digital media placements. Creating content gives you an opportunity to think through your digital funnels, different layers of interest of your target demographics, and various ways you can achieve them.


While digital content is relatively inexpensive to make, creating the right kind of content requires creative discipline, as well as the right strategies that will help your online assets attract enough of the visibility in the game of online attention. Only the best of content gets to travel far and wide, leaving a lasting impact on the mind of your prospective and existing customers. By getting on board with digital publishing, you are becoming forward-thinking, a smart company, that will take advantage of the low cost, high reward opportunities that content provides.


What qualifies us as competent players in Content Marketing field?

Alpha Efficiency started as the magazine first, and the digital marketing agency second. The long decade of blogging and exposing forward-thinking ideas to searchers have helped us shape as an enterprise that values bold ideas rooted in content marketing that help people grow their productivity system and marketing approach alike. Digital Publishing is in the DNA of our company, and all ideas, concepts, and successes are poised to become a trustworthy content rooted in reality.

With over 4000 organic recurring monthly visits through organic search, we find that our ever-growing website is capturing the right kind of attention that fits our goals. We want to share this success with you, our clients. We accomplish so by putting our skills and expertise at your disposal.


Why Should You Join The Publishing Evolution

Your business would greatly benefit from considering itself a digital publisher. It would help you uncover the online opportunities that you haven’t been aware of before. It would force you to think out of the box, so that you can While the value of creating educational material in your target market can not be understated as it is proven to pay off big dividends, and in our own case it proves it. Sacrifices that myself and the team have made to create ideas that reshape decisions and empower businesses at virtually no charge have been severe. But ultimately the rewards have been worth it, as they’ve established our reputation through visibility, leading us to high net worth consulting and development projects that shaped the history of our organization.

Opportunities have come our way, wouldn’t have reached us without social media and search engines. Content exposure is increasing your credibility and trust, helping you distinguish yourself as a brand that pays attention to its perception. Only a disciplined company would be able to gather the necessary resources to deploy high-quality articles and videos onto their website. Anyone who has ventured deep into creative pursuits understands how much energy goes into creating online content assets that produce tangible results. Content is there for prospective consumers or businesses, ensuring that you stay on top of their mind while they are searching for solutions to their current issues.

Impact of Content

Single video or well thought through article legitimizes your business, ensuring that it appears trustworthy as well as confident. Lack of content leads to missed opportunities, poor exposure and overall lack of trust. Majority of consumers are looking at your social media and your online reputation when trying to determine whether they should work with you. Now owning your digital presence for your brand name, and keywords in your vertical leaves the precious opportunities to your competitors to fiercely attack your reputation, as well capture the interest at the time of decision-making process. Paid advertising simply can not accomplish this level of control over your online destiny.

Completely owning the content channel is the only sure-fire way to put yourself in front of the meaningful impression for your brand and ultimately take control of them.

How Should Your Content Journey Begin?

All starts with the single blog post, that targets a frequently asked question in your space. If you want to identify what those questions are, you can always consult Google Ads keyword planner. To get into the depths of the keyword research, we got you covered with our “Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research Service”, where you can learn the details of our process.

Creating content at the whim or inspiration is a dangerous path to wasted resources. Careful content planning ensures that you are always working on the right ideas at the right time. That is why after keyword research, the next step is creating a reliable editorial calendar for all the ideas that you want to hone in on. With careful planning, you will be able to ensure process integrity that will give you a feedback loop on what you need to focus on in your next marketing sprint.

Appointing a responsible content custodian, or a content manager if you’d like, is one of the first steps towards content success. This person or an agency will be responsible for establishing KPIs and benchmarks for your organization, that will be monitored and re-evaluated as time goes by.

Next Steps

This is just one of the articles where we cover content marketing and digital publishing. Our approach will heavily focus on search visibility, email marketing sequences as well as organic social media. Subscribe to us on Twitter or join our newsletter, and embark yourself on the journey of increasing your organic footprint. If you need a reliable technical and creative assistance with your projects, do not hesitate to set up an appointment with one of our experts. We look forward to talking to you and inspiring your business to reach the new heights.


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