Digital Marketing Analysis of Jewelry Stores owned by Richline Group Part 1

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Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathaway, are big investors into Richline Group brands. All four of these online retailers have a connected online presence, yet go after slightly different demographics. Warren’s websites from Richline Group include:

Jewelry market is lagging behind the fashion industry in its transformation into digital. This left many store owners complacent. High value ticket items always enjoyed maximum benefits at their physical store locations. Consumers enjoyed the ability to walk into the store and try their jewelry out before making the ultimate buying decision. But with the abundance of online reviews, the convenience of online orders and a more streamlined return process, consumers are flocking to online shops, and that’s what Warren Buffet is betting on. You should too.

In this report we will talk about:

  • Total number of visitors that they acquire online and the value of those visitors.
  • Top Keywords that bring them traffic
  • Ways consumers are finding Richline Group’s websites
  • Costs of Richline Group consumer acquisition on Google Ads

These should give you some ideas on how you could grow your own brand, and compete in the online arena. Data in this report is obtained through As much as we are very enthusiastic about this tool, this data should be only used as a guideline for comparison, and a very close approximation of their actual traffic.

Honora Overview

Honora is gaining 5100 organic visitors per month, and more recently they started advertising on Google, obtaining 5400 paid visits.

So according to that chart at the bottom right, we can notice growth of paid traffic. SEMRush is estimating that Honora is purchasing the traffic value of $7200 per month for keywords that mostly pertain to its brandname. The prices of these keywords are relatively inexpensive, as they aren’t including the heavy hitting keywords. 

Honora mostly ranks for its brand name, where majority of its organic traffic is coming from. The SEO Value of these keywords amounts to $5800 in comparative advertising value. Apparently Honora is managing to generate a lot of offline demand, or potentially influencer marketing, as their product is being sought through their brand name for the majority of the keywords that they are ranking from.

Their backlink portfolio includes around 290 referring domains. Fair market value of the backlinks acquired is around $60 000. Our belief is that most of these backlinks are acquired organically, through brand mentions.

We can notice that their organic efforts slightly dropped since June 2017. This traffic drop would correlate with a decreased demand that would be a result of slowing down of their sales and brand mentions in the physical world.

Our conclusion is that Honora is not a big competitor in the search world, as they do not compete for big and expensive SEO-ed keywords. They are still heavily reliant on offline advertising and social media, but they are very conscious of their search presence. Check out  Instagram for more details on how they operate their social.

This is a first post in our series on Richline Group. We’re eager to hear your comments on our report, and what more would you like to see inside of them.


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