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The online marketing world has become a dense jungle of companies and brands fighting for their spot under the sun. Finding new and unique ways to gain your prospects’ attention is critical if you want your product to stand out among your competitors. Our fast-paced lifestyles have turned every minute into a rush hour and most people would rather watch a two-minute video than spend time reading a dense article. Though today’s topic of conversation is not some newly discovered advertising strategy, the many benefits of video marketing make it one of the most powerful and effective tools that you can include in your content strategy. According to us at Alpha Efficiency, video content creation is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools. 

video marketing benefits

Main benefits of video marketing

Nothing sells a product like a good story behind it. Stories communicate emotion and give a face and character to your brand. With vision being our most dominant sense, we can use engaging bite-sized video content to share stories that inspire our target audience and drive purchasing decisions. 

Other than having the power to influence people on an emotional level, video is a measurable medium. Data-driven advertisers find this extremely valuable since they can easily track and measure audience engagement and plan their next steps accordingly. This only scratches the surface, so let us dig deeper and talk about all of the benefits that video marketing can bring to your campaign.

Video boosts conversion rates and sales

According to HubSpot, if you choose to include a video on your landing page, you can increase conversion rates by 80%. Strategically crafted video content hosted by a persuasive presenter highly influences purchasing behavior. Whether it’s tutorials or testimonials, evoking the desired emotions through a video does a much better job in converting a visitor into a lead as well as a lead into a customer than written content could ever do.

Video boosts click-through rates

Video content is a perfect fit for your email marketing campaign. This is the experience we all share – our inbox is overcrowded. With social and promotional emails from different companies that people have never heard of, getting someone to actually open your email has really become a milestone to achieve. However, there is a way; putting the word video in your subject line increases the chances of your emails being opened and decreases unsubscribe rates. Increasing click-through rates by 200-300% isn’t too shabby, is it? This amazing statistic only goes to show that the benefits of video marketing in email campaigns are huge. It is one thing to catch a viewer or prospect’s attention but being able to hold their attention is where video content is the only solution. After all, it is much easier and pleasing to all of our senses to watch a video than go through an endless stream of plain text. A video demonstration of how to use the product you are advertising is a great way to spark an interest in your audience; the era of written manuals is long gone.

Videos and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly

Video content increases the time visitors spend on your website, known also as dwell time. Search engines recognize this as a signal that your website has compelling content thus awarding you with a higher ranking. Consider this:

  • Research by Moovly shows that a brand is 53 times more likely to show up first on Google’s search results page if they have a video embedded on their website. 
  • Search Metrics reports that 55% of search results for keyword searches in the United States contain at least one video.

However, you need to ensure that your videos are optimized for SEO. Besides writing interesting titles and descriptions, you need to add a link to your landing page so your potential customers are able to take the next step and convert effortlessly.

Video content builds trust and credibility with viewers

Videos are the perfect medium to communicate with your customers on a personal level and earn their trust. Among the biggest benefits of video marketing is that you can use it to inform and educate your viewers. This gives you the chance to create a personality for your brand. With over 90% of users saying that product videos help them make buying decisions, once you earn their trust you need to build on that foundation and deliver on your promises. Building trust should be a goal of its own. It’s only a plus when it provides more conversions and sales.

Video content brings a high return on investment

The common opinion among 83% of business owners is that video provides a high ROI. Though professional video production is not cheap, the cameras on our smartphones are constantly improving and there are numerous online editing tools. The main focus doesn’t have to be on the video itself, but the content it brings. Users’ standards to low video quality or poor design aren’t high. It’s the content in which the video portrays that doesn’t do a good job in explaining the product that puts them off, according to the latest research.

Video and mobile go hand in hand

People like watching videos on the go. Whether you are sitting in a coffee shop or on public transportation, videos are perfect time killers and a valuable source of useful information. As much as 90% of users watch videos on their mobile phones and YouTube reports a rise in video consumption by 100% each year. Viewers establish a sense of personal connection with brands that provide content on their devices. With the number of smartphone users growing exponentially each year, it is clear that your brand should not overlook the marketing potential that this huge audience offers.

Videos can explain even the most difficult concepts

If you would ask your users if you should create an explainer video every time you launch a new product, 98% of them would answer positively. That is why nearly half of businesses that reap the benefits of video marketing have such a video on their homepage. Even the most difficult concepts can be explained through video content. However, in case you are creating this sort of video, we suggest using animation instead of a traditional host. Animated videos can entertain viewers as well as help them visualize the concept you are trying to explain better than live video or text.

Video content engages buyers

In today’s fast-paced world, people are often too busy to read long product descriptions. Videos effectively overcome this obstacle. They are very easy to consume because they engage two of the most important human senses – vision and hearing. Another advantage is those that were reluctant to buy your product at first, once they see it in action, they will most likely alter their decision in your favor.

The video encourages social shares

We live in the age of viral videos. As much as 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with their friends. However, you need to keep in mind that they don’t share just any type of videos. People share emotions, not facts. If you want to entice social sharing, your branded video needs to be entertaining. By keeping creativity in mind as well as timing analytics for the best time to post on social media platforms, you can count on 76% of your viewers to share it. Once you encourage social shares, you will see an increase in traffic to your website.

Final thoughts

Advances in technology have brought the golden age of video marketing upon us. Video advertising is more affordable than ever, but to make compelling videos you need to tap into buyers’ psychology as well as employ all of your creative power. Our senses are overwhelmed all day long. Everywhere we look, we see bright colors, shiny objects, and neon lights. It is becoming a challenge for brands to stand out in such surroundings and distractions. This is why your marketing video should be snack-sized and easy to digest. Just like a perfect slice of pizza – add a layer of information, a layer of entertainment, and spice it all up with a pinch of emotion. Once it’s done, serve it to your audience and let the word spread about your brand like wildfire.


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