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Younger generations don’t carry business cards around, and we have a point. Why carry around heap of papers, when you can simply share the digital version of your business card. However, not everyone transitioned to the culture of the 21st century. The people that grew up in the age where having a business card was a badge of honor, don’t want to abandon their identity, and will cling to the old-fashioned way of doing business out of a habit, as well as out of a necessity to how they do business.

Analogue Business Cards

When this type of people asks you for a business card, they are in fact validating your identity, and seeing what kind of character do you have. It is almost as a qualifying question, where they are checking your background. I’ve found myself caught short- handed in plenty of situations surrounding these gentlemen, where my bona fide of being a business owner fell short of their expectations.

Therefore, even if you personally believe that business cards are outdated, you will encounter people who are inhabiting this realm. And as every great marketer, you will showcase to your target audience that you do understand how they communicate and that you can perpetuate that first impression by leaving a second and in this case a tangible one.

Don’t miss out on great opportunities to get new clients. But as with everything that you should do, try to find ways to do it better and different. Get something special, that will seal the deal, and change the perception of you.

Analogue Business Cards

Meet Hoban Press

But if you are to represent yourself, why not go the extra mile and do the best job you can do? One of the biggest reasons why I didn’t have a business card for so long, was fear of being just a copycat of what everyone else is doing. I had to make a difference. If it is something that will communicate who I am, it needs to show that I am the best and that I pay attention even to the smallest detail. That is why I chose Hoban Press cards.

The quality and style of these cards is superb because Hoban Press team is using stylish Calligraphy coupled with Letterpress Printing. Any cards I’ve reviewed before deciding to go Hoban, were nowhere near close to their quality. I really admire the amount and format of the paper. Learn more on their website, and see their portfolio of business card designs.

Having an amazing business card is a simple way to leave a great impression. They are a networking essential, and Alpha Efficient people always strive to leave a great and lasting impression. Despite the fact that most people share information digitally, having an actual card resonates with vintage energy and shows that you care about the contact, as well as how you are representing yourself.



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