Weekly Review: Overwhelm, procrastination and @TheDailySaint

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Bojan and I have been busy bees this week. Bojan’s work is a little more exciting than mine, seeing how he’s working on setting up is new life on a new continent and everything, but it’s safe to say that productivity under pressure is a theme for us both at the moment.

What we have written

On the “keeping busy” theme, Bojan wrote a great piece this week called Beating Procrastination with the 5-minute rule with some great ideas for getting started on stuff you’re struggling with.

I wrote strategies for dealing with Overwhelm, which describes how I’m coping with an unexpected hike in work and some coping strategies I’m using.

What I have found interesting this week

A few articles caught my eye this week, and the ones I enjoyed the most were completely off-topic but I recommend you read them anyway: Desert Bus: the worst video game ever created is a great piece about a ‘joke’ game that is raising millions for charity, and the Pixar Theory is a nutty-but-fun look at all the Pixar movies with an interesting notion that they are all connected.

For something a little more on-topic, I also enjoyed 10 tips for managing your to-do list from the guys at Asian Efficiency.


I have to admit, I’m still reading Tribal Leadership – a testament to my Overwhelm that I haven’t quite finished it – but I’m nearly done and I have to say, it gets better the further through you get. If you manage people or are part of a large team, I can’t recommend it enough. There are some great real-life examples from interviews they’ve done and the later parts of the book have really resonated with me.


This week I’ve enjoyed Mike St Pierre’s The Daily Saint, particularly an article that I thought was recent but he actually penned in April: Why your next meeting doesn’t have to stink. This is a topic close to my heart and Mike has some interesting insight. Check him out!


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