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Brian Bojan Dordevic
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It’s been a while since the Google announced the murder of Reader. And for the past two months, I was waiting for a replacement that would be worthy of my attention. But then I’ve reconsidered majorly how I started using RSS lately, and the same way as Podcasts, they were mostly read on iPhone.

Downsizing, again

My minimalistic aspirations are making me reconsider and lower the number of applications that I am using. Since iPhone is always with me, and RSS is mostly scanning and saving to Pocket for later reading, I figured, why just not kill RSS applications on Mac and underused iPad altogether?

Contemplation on less sync

Then I gave a thought to that scenario, and realized a small list of benefits:

  1. I won’t have to pay a dime – Reederapp that I am using is perfect and will let me have the whole setup offline
  2. Mac and iPad will have more reading time in Pocket, iBooks, and Kindle – for what I mostly have been using them if I was consuming material.
  3. I won’t have to worry about sync
  4. My RSS will always be with me, so nothing to worry about there


Seems I’m doing this for a second time and putting a bit emphasis on iPhone mini work. This is the second article today written on it, and I am moving more and more of my work straight to the palm of my hand, accessible everywhere.

This seems to be the natural progression. Seems that I am localizing all the distractions basically in the device that I am feeling most personal with, and on top of it all spend most of my free time.

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