Give Your iPhone a New Life: 12 Great Ways to Put Your Old iPhone to Use

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When you first heard about it, it was new, fresh, exciting, innovative. Now your iPhone’s been replaced by its next iteration only to be left collecting dust in a drawer – no longer an interest. With the level our gadgets have reached, though, are they really that useless once you get new hardware? Of course not! After all, technology is mostly innovating in terms of added utility, not fundamental functionality! Your old iPhone is no different! With its advanced hardware, quality screen, WiFi connectivity, availability of apps and multitude of functions, your iPhone may be a step behind your fresh one, but it’s far from useless!

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Here’s how you can give your old workhorse a new life!


Most of the time, kids don’t need the best of the best in terms of new tech. They just need to feel that what they’re exploring is something new TO THEM, not to the fast-paced world adults are calibrated with. Your old iPhone is a perfect way to get your kids excited with a gift, that costs you nothing, but brings them great joy and a new world to connect with. Educational apps, games, GPS and the whole span of the internet are no small matter for kids to explore and grow with.


Download the Motion Sensor app to turn your old iPhone into your new watchdog! With it, you can monitor activity at home, whether that be your kids, pets, yard or front door. Set it up and you’ll have piece of mind when you’re away from your abode!

The same is true for its capacity as a video monitor! If you already have a Wi-Fi webcam stationed at your front door, you can dock your old iPhone at a convenient spot, to easily check who’s at the door.


Once upon a time, there was a device that revolutionized everything. Yes, we’re talking about the iPod. It didn’t have Wi-Fi, nor a fancy screen. It didn’t even have apps! But the world was in love with it, because it brought us music wherever we went. Surely that’s no small feat. Your old iPhone is generations ahead of it’s ancient ancestor, the iPod, so why not keep it around as your dedicated audio player?

No need to congest your new tech with gigs of podcasts, music and audiobooks. You can even dock the ipod at home and employ it as your media player of choice! Just connect to your home audio system, or a Bluetooth speaker, and voila! Besides, that morning run is no adventure to bring your phone to. Take your new iPod with you instead!


Why not load up a library of e-books on your beater tech? Throw it on your living room table and keep it as a reminder to read at least a few interesting bits of creativity a day! We all know kids don’t spend enough time reading books, but combining devices and literature is a proper way to get them excited about reading again! And, of course, if you’re like us, you don’t like getting interrupted by phone calls in the middle of your reading, but like the convenience of lightweight reading devices. You just found your match, the old iPhone! Disconnected and yet so, utterly connected.


We’ve read the research – having Wi-Fi and cellular service buzzing about your head when you sleep may have potential side effects we would better avoid. Whether that’s true or not, we can’t afford to keep our alarm two rooms away and risk being tardy to work, school, or whatever. Maybe we hate being woken and tend to chuck our pestilent messenger of morning to the nearest hard surface, or perhaps we stick to tried and tested old alarm clocks. Your old iPhone beats all the options! It has an advanced alarm system that can hit multiple alarms a day, it’s disconnected from the network, you can choose the least abrasive (or most abrasive) sound to ease you into your morning, and, best of all, if it needs to, it flies with a satisfying thud at landing! Best alarm clock EVER!


Have five remote controls and always end up losing to the couch monster? Be sure you can turn your entertainment system and all its components on by adding a single app to your old iPhone and locking all those other heavy paperweights in a safe place (in case you lose your iPhone too)!

Also, Apple TV lets you use your iPhone to store video content and cast It to your preferred screen! Now that’s an iPhone resurrection!


If you’re constantly out of space on your newest iPhone, you can download the USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive app from the app store, to utilize your old iPhone as extra storage. Keep your images, videos, music, and files there, to protect your new tech from congestion. File hoarding is in our nature, but our old gadgets can certainly help us stay organized.


Most all of us use the on -board navigation systems on our phones to help us get around from point A to point B. But why drain our new phone’s battery, when we can permanently dock our old iPhone in our car, and always have the most advanced navigation system available to us whenever we hop behind the wheel? Keeping it plugged into your lighter, you can even use it as your in car media player, while it sets you on the right path! All while keeping your daily driver charged in your pocket.


Did we get you thinking about your old iPhone again? We hope so! It’s no use as a paperweight, being so thin and all. There’s no reason all that technological spice should collect dust somewhere deep in the catacombs of your never-to-be-used agains. Hit that wall charger and resurrect that quality screen!


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