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I don’t want to bombard you with excessive number of shortcuts, I want to keep the basics so you don’t get overwhelmed and still take something out from this article. Beside teaching you shortcuts I will explain a bit how I use them and why they are worthawhile and valuable.

When it bows down to productivity I noticed a trend that people keep: “to many tabs opened at the same time”. This is not good for multiple reasons, but main reason  is huge distraction. You should have 2-3 tabs opened at the same time at most. But how to keep closing tabs? Check it out, along with other neat shortcuts we selected as best for productivity increase.

  1. There are two tricks that I use, when I deal with numerous tabs. First is a radical one and it’s CTRL+W. It allows you to instantly close the current tab.
  2. CTRL+T instantly opens the new tab. It’s good to keep the web apps available first, so that you have new set of bookmarks, available, beside your main set of bookmarks.
  3. Most important keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N opens new tab in incognito mode. This is good if you don’t want to keep record of your browsing in Google history and record in the browser.
  4. If your middle mouse click doesn’t work properly (it happens for me sometimes), really useful keyboard shortcut is CTRL+Left click, which opens the link you’re clicking in the new tab. This can be a life saver if you are operating on the different computer, which has a mouse without scroll. Rare, but it happens.
  5. Now, here’s the awesome combo, that I really like. Pressing F6 (alternative is CTRL+E, for those of you lazy enough to reach F6), will automatically put you in address bar.
  6. And than you start searching, but instead of doing it in the current tab, if you press Alt+Enter, you will open the search (or website) in the new tab. Pretty neat if you ask me, and hell lot of a time saved right there. Important thing in this combo is that it won’t change the address in the tab where you started using it.

Let’s say you found website that catters your interest, but you are looking for a specific word on that page, CTRL+F ignites page search. Instead of looking for a specific word, simple typing will get you there instantly.

Play around with these basic keyboard shortcuts and try to make them the part of your routine. Maybe it will be awkward at start, but it’s time investment that you won’t regret. If you still crave more keyboard shortcuts <—-


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