Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Word Count As A Writer

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

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Word Count Made Me Feel Incomplete

Lately I’ve been obsessed with writing a lot of meaningful content, but for some reason I’ve never felt Like it was finished. Perhaps I had a desire to recreate a lot of science based, research driven content that I’ve been reading on the Buffer blog, however I recognize that it simply isn’t my style.


Writing Short Form Success

Afterwards I’ve remembered that there are more than enough of the bloggers that keep short form, and still consistently bring value to the table. It got me wondering, why do I keep writing like it is competition? This problematic left me with hundreds and hundreds of unfinished articles that I have zero desire to finish.

Different Way To Measure The Writing Output

Instead of fighting this feeling, I wanted to reconsider it, and just let go. Despite my big passion for long form writing, I don’t believe that I have the capacity to write long and complex pieces on daily basis, hence I’ve decided to publish more often, and have complete ideas, rather than complete long form articles. At the end of the day, it is all about the results, and results in writing can’t be measured by word count.

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