Why Being Alpha Means Being a Creator

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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Alpha Efficiency is taking a new direction to the topic of creation, and all the tips and tricks, although applicable to the knowledge workers at large, will focus on the content creators. The specific reason behind this, is due to the fact that content creation business is one of the simplest (yet hard) ways to achieve Alpha Lifestyle, which is the ultimate goal of being Alpha Efficient.

Due to the nature of the world, and the future that is narrowing on all of us, most of the professions are becoming extinct. Understanding this future requires plenty of thinking time, focus and determination. This brave new world is leaving billions of people clueless, and understanding our peer to peer networking, and value creating/providing, as well as value compensation will give you a certain edge in shaping the future of humanity.

Who will benefit from reading the Alpha Efficiency?

Therefore, this is the primary focus of Alpha Efficiency as a Magazine as well as the blog. You will find this blog useful If you are a:

  • programmer
  • designer
  • photographer
  • writer
  • marketer
  • Video maker
  • Content editor

Now in order to be professional creator, your creation needs to be your primary source of revenue, when you are doing it independently, such as creating and maintaining your own business. So ultimately this website is for creators, or aspiring creators.

Who can qualify as a content creator?

You don’t fall into a category if you are a programmer, and all your code is for the sake of the company you are working in. However, if you are a programmer, and you have your own mobile/web applications, and you are also selling them and they generate livable revenue for you, than you are considered a creator.

Under this classification, I am personally not a creator, yet. But I hold this as a highest goal, an aspiration into which I am putting energy and time.

What it means to be a content creator?

Being a creator here at our SEO agency in Chicago, means being ultimately responsible over your own business venture. Jobs, money and everything else may come and go, but your ability to create value, connect with people and grow your audience is something that lasts you a lifetime.


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