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Every day we thumb through a ton of video content on our social media platforms, and if we’re lucky, we seem to always find a few that are worth a share, or even a second watching. Maybe there’s a sweet tune in there which we want to get into our library, to stick on repeat for our drive to work! It’s a bummer that it’s so tough to download that kind of content! Check out our review of convenient social media video downloader, and save your favorite videos.

Cue majestic music! VidPaw to the rescue! Unlike other sites which allow you to get videos from YouTube alone, or only focus on some other service, VidPaw can tackle any video downloading task, regardless of the social media site it comes from! In fact, they claim compatibility with over 1000 different websites! Whether it be Facebook, YouTube, or whatever have you, VidPaw makes it easy to start collecting that precious video content for your extended enjoyment!


In this article, we’ll point out some of its stand out features!


With mere seconds to grasp the elementary layout and functions of VidPaw, navigating to and downloading the content you’ve scavenged is a synch! We tried many social media video downloaders, but VidPaw has the most user-friendly interface.


Whether it’s that oh so catchy tune, the high def CGI clip, or the touching story someone shot on their phone, VidPaw can tackle your download in whatever way you need it to. Beside getting the clip in HD, or a lower resolution, you can also download it in any of the mainstream filetypes, compatible with the player you’ll be using later. You can even just download the subtitles, if the video has them!


As we mentioned in the intro, VidPaw supports downloading from more than 1000 different sites, not just Facebook, Youtube and Twitter! Just enter the link in the bar and it gives you a thumbnail of the video, and options for different formats to download it in!


Using their website is easy enough, but if you’re a frequent visitor, you might as well download the browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, or Firefox! There’s even potential for an Android app rolling out in the near future!


The world has been up in arms about licenses and copyrights for online media, so most of us are a bit worried downloading free content that hasn’t purposefully been put there for download. With VidPaw, you can at least be sure, that your data isn’t being gathered and saved on their servers. For a free service, that’s outstanding! It does use cookies, however, so still be mindful.


Somehow, despite it being a free service, the site doesn’t even barrage you with ads! How’s that for a pleasant experience! Hope it stays that way!

ads stop


Did we mention it’s all free? Because it is!


In a digital world with so much to take in, it’s a pleasure knowing that not everything’s just a thumb swipe away from remaining in the past. Some things we just want to keep and enjoy. VidPaw, with its free, reasonably private, simple yet multi-functional interface lets us go back again and again to the content we love, even when the internet’s off and we’re out in the world.

Sure, you should still be wary of copyrighted material, or violations of privacy rules, but the service beats any others you may have come across, and that’s no small feat. Hit the URL and enjoy some permanence in an otherwise impermanent stream of fascinating video content. VidPaw is your new best friend.


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