How to handle your digital marketing projects with Trello

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Stop procrastinating and get to work. Trello is useful for managing your remote workers, and as a digital marketing agency in Chicago, we will guide you through the process. Trello for digital marketing is not as complex as it seems, as you only need to organize its elements, then you are good to go. It allows you to collaborate with your clients in managing the digital strategy and marketing, and they get alerts on the progress of the process, as long as they are connected.

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handle your digital marketing projects with Trello

On Trello, you can create a wide range of activities depending on the above factors and include checklists at every point. Before starting on digital marketing strategies, the first step is to know why you need to use Trello for digital marketing. Trello is a good workspace that facilitates connection with your employees without the need for frequent meetings, emails, or calls. It creates a good space where everyone can view the project and follow the processes, including approval, editing, and management. It maintains a record for everyone, and it is convenient as back-to-back communication is unnecessary. After using Trello for digital marketing for one client, you can easily repeat the same for others, and it reduces the hustle of doing things all over again.

Trello components

Setting up your Trello account is a straightforward process, and it will take a short time, and you then get a chance to explore its components, including;

  • Labels
  • Participants
  • Deadlines
  • Descriptions
  • Checklist


Labels describe every card on the Trello workspace. You do not want to work with unlabeled cards as it will lead to confusion around the place.


You can add relevant members to the Trello cards, and they can participate in the process as they get notifications on the task changes or approval. Only those tagged in a card can view the process, and they do not miss out on the processes. They can then track the progress and contribute if they are obligated.


In any project, there is a deadline for every activity. Trello allows you to add due dates to the cards in the project. You can always change the deadlines depending on your preference, and the tagged members can get updates on the changes through notifications.


Every card has its description, including the files and other details useful for task completion. You can provide a description for each task, and the members can view and act accordingly. Avoid cluttering the interface, as descriptions should be straightforward, as you do not want a congested dashboard to work.


The checklist used on a card depends on the template chosen and appears in different designs. On a checklist, you can add the participants who need to complete the tasks. It ensures that everyone understands their role, hence, slight confusion. Everyone understands their role; for example, clients can be set to view, while other company members may need to edit.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Your need Trello for digital marketing needs and can include activities such as;

  •         Marketing activities
  •         Email marketing
  •         Facebook
  •         Twitter
  •         E-commerce
  •         Blog/website
  •         Resources

Marketing activities

There is no limit to the activities in digital marketing, and you can implement those that you deem fit for your business. They can involve;

  •         Offline marketing
  •         Search engine optimization
  •         Google AdWords

Offline marketing

Offline marketing involves those activities that do not occur online, for example, if your website appears on a newspaper listing. It attracts a different form of traffic offline, increasing the number of customers. An offline marketing card on Trello allows you to monitor the different forms of traffic coming to the website that you did not trigger from online sources.

Search engine optimization

The website’s SEO is one of the most critical components, and it applies to all pages as long as they have consumable content. You need to record the SEO strategy you use on the site and every page. It allows you to monitor the SEO performance on each page, and you can modify them depending on their effectiveness.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows a business to run campaigns on the search engine. Trello for digital marketing is helpful to keep tabs on the links to Google AdWords. You can then monitor the active campaigns and record the results for each, and you can have a good overview of the performance.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most traditional ways to promote your products and services and for communication. You can never go wrong with email marketing as long as you have the right target customers. You can manage your email list to keep track of existing and new customers while getting more leads. Trello comes in handy as you can maintain a card for email lists, or one for each mail, depending on your strategy. You can modify the card the way you want to fit your needs, for example, if you have any schedules and the progress you are having with your client. An email card is exportable to calendar software such as iCal, which gives you more flexibility.


You can maintain many Facebook cards on your Trello dashboard. Facebook has its ad platform, and if you are operating on social media, you can use the Trello cards to record progress, activities, and analytics. You can combine various Facebook cards into one, and it gives you a good overview of the progress, and you can perform your analysis and know what you need to do to improve.


After a slow start, Twitter is now one of the biggest social media platforms, and it is a must-have in your digital strategy portfolio. You create a variety of Twitter cards, but it is best if you have a few or one. It makes everything more manageable, and sample cards can be on Twitter ideas or people you should follow. Maintaining a follow list makes it easier to analyze which people should be part of the profile, and their possible contribution, like through likes and retweets. Ideas are volatile and you do not want to forget one, and you can record them on a card and have a wide range of which you want to implement depending on schedules or preference.


You might have content for your blog and need to create an excellent strategy to manage your content. Look nowhere else, as Trello gives you the perfect platform to manage everything on the cards. You can label everything the way you want, and depending on the arrangement, you can create checklists, and it helps to visualize how the process is going and the pending tasks. You can link with third parties like Google Docs to monitor the blog content writing, and it is easily shareable among participants in the process. If you are using offline sources, you can quickly transfer the content to Trello, and if you have a Gold plan, you do not have limits to the file size.

On your Trello cards regarding the blog, you can then monitor the productivity of the content by linking relevant metrics. You can also add comments where appropriate, and the best place is on the description. If another person gets to the description, they can get an overview of what to expect, and they can also add their feedback which every tagged individual sees. Trello can accommodate pictures on the card just like on the text processors.


E-commerce integration is possible with Trello, and it also applies to any other website you want to add. It is popular among Shopify clients, an e-commerce platform, and as an admin, you can monitor the processes. You can add to-do lists and checklists while checking metrics on customers, conversion, and bounce rates. Other possible integrations include;

  •         Insta-page
  •         MailChimp Signup Form


Collaborating to share resources on Trello is straightforward, such as exchanging digital strategies, content marketing, white papers, or blog posts. Trello collects everything on one card, and it is not like an email thread which can be confusing at times. People are moving away from traditional email communication to Trello, as it provides a more precise way to share resources, such as PDFs and links. It creates a valuable card that every participant relates to and utilizes in their operations.

Trello Boards

Trello boards form one of the main reasons for teams’ successes. It is originally the Kanban board and has modifications to fit different needs. Most Trello users credit the benefits of boards to their success despite others still wanting to use physical boards. As a new Trello team, you need an overview of the available Trello boards. There are many boards on Trello, and to get you started, you can check these out;

  •         Basic agile marketing Trello board
  •         Scrumban marketing Trello board
  •         Advanced digital marketing Trello board
  •         Content marketing Trello board
  •         Design team Trello board

Basic agile marketing Trello board

It is the simplest Trello board, and it defines what the application is all about. It is simple to use, and after logging in, the first step is to create lists. Lists are in columns, and it organizes the processes the way you want, and it is editable. The simplest way to organize columns is to create a to-do list, those in progress, pending and complete. The next step is to set up cards, which makes it possible to assign tasks to members and update the progress of the various tasks.

Scrumban marketing Trello board

Scrumban is a hybrid Kanban board, and it makes it easy to organize sprints. It is similar to the basic agile marketing Trello board but has a sprint backlog. If a process completes before the deadline, the sprint backlog moves it to the ‘complete’ column. The team can then start or continue other activities; hence, it saves time.

Advanced digital marketing Trello board

As the name says, this board is advanced as it optimizes capacity, and it is possible to know the process bottlenecks. It has more columns than the two previous boards, including;

  •         Upcoming
  •         To-do list
  •         Ongoing
  •         Review ready
  •         On review
  •         Awaiting approval
  •         Complete

It is more labor-intensive as it needs extensive management to ensure that everything is in place and updated. However, it gives the best value of most Trello boards, as more reflection on team workflow and processes are more visible. It labels work types: red is for design, blue for social media, yellow for PPC, and Green for content. You can quickly tell which task is the most intensive and takes up the team’s effort and time.

Content marketing Trello board

The content marketing Trello board is just like the advanced digital marketing Trello board. It is, however, specialized for content marketing and has a slight variation. For example, the review part changes to concept review, and the first stage is ideas. It also has similar color labels for the work types.

Design team Trello board

It is a variation to the advanced digital marketing Trello board. Design is now one of the critical design components, and it has its activities. For example, the team should prepare a preview of the design before being reviewed, and finally, work can start. It is easier to backlog activities on the board and prioritize the most important ones.


Trello is a practical yet fun tool to use as it allows the organization of everything in one place depending on the type of board you implement. The layout is simple and easy to use, and the members tagged on activities do not have any issues monitoring progress. Digital strategy is a sensitive process, as it needs proper implementation, and you will not go wrong with Trello. If you have a team, it is easy to set up board tasks, add deadlines, and monitor progress. Trello is backed up on the cloud, and you do not need to worry about losing data. The icing on the cake is that Trello is free, but you can pay for the premium gold version if you want to access more services.


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