Click fraud detection by a PPC company in Long Grove can help your online retail company save the budget

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Click fraud is when an automated bot or person repeatedly and unnecessarily clicks on your ad link, and it can exhaust your budget without any conversion and impressions gained. If you already have an established PPC campaign, you may need a company to work you through the process. Finding a trustworthy PPC agency near Long Grove can help you detect and protect your PPC campaign from Google Ads fraud, and you will significantly save your budget and ensure better results. Here’s what you need to know about click fraud.

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Who can click fraud on your campaign?


Customers may knowingly or unknowingly participate in click fraud, and usually, the behavior is hard to differentiate. For example, a user can find your site regularly from an ad on a different site and navigate to access it and will look like click fraud. If it does not generate any monetary value, a customer intentionally clicks on your ad to create false traffic. Consequently, your budget suffers from useless clicks.


A publisher can generate clicks intentionally to drive up the traffic from your ad and fraudulently take your advertisement money. It is a way to gain money from your campaign, yet you benefit nothing. Therefore, as you set up your PPC campaign, you should watch out for fraudulent publishers.


Your competitors can also play a part in click fraud. If you have envious ones, they can spoil your campaign through click fraud, and you will notice that your budget is going to waste, yet you are not benefitting. Also, more clicks can potentially drive up the cost of the ad words, and it will spoil your plan by affecting the budget.

Detecting click fraud

Handling click fraud attacks on your own can be a challenge if you do not have proficiency in bot management and machine learning tools. For example, it is possible to filter out traffic from automated sources through Cloudflare bot management. Such tools use machine learning to identify the source of the clicks and categorize them as bots or typical users. Machine learning helps identify common user behaviors, and it will be possible to differentiate an ordinary person from a machine. For example, an average person will be less likely to click on an ad more than three times unless they intentionally do so.

How to prevent click fraud

You need to take charge of your PPC campaign in Long Grove or hire an agency to work for you. There are tips to follow to prevent click fraud as follows. You should stick to your budget and identify any abnormal activity regarding user behavior. Therefore, you need to be close with your analytics tool to know how users react to your ad campaign. Implement negative keywords and industry-specific keywords. You can also use Sift Science, an example of a specialized service, to help you get rid of click fraud.

Wrapping up

Click fraud is a massive detriment to your plans, and you need to be vigilant to get charged for your PPC campaign in Long Grove. It is vital to get a good return on investment as click fraud wastes your budget, yet you will not get any conversions. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner to assist you with your campaign, look no further than our PPC company in Chicago; we are available to cater to your needs. Schedule a call with Alpha Efficiency today, and we will be ready to fix your campaign and proof your future ones.