PPC marketing strategy is an integral part of a successful website, maybe even a question of “make or break” of your online business. Therefore, choosing the right company where you will put your trust and to whose hands you will give this important job can be challenging and even frustrating. The best solution is to hire a highly professional company that meets all the conditions and qualities of an expert. Our PPC agency near Dunning, IL, is a company that mastered PPC advertising with knowledge and many years of experience. Here is the list of attributes that can help you recognize an excellent PPC agency:

Data-driven agency

Return on advertising spend (ROAS) data is something that a great PPC agency considers when structuring campaigns. Monthly reports are an excellent way to have insight into campaign effectiveness. As a reputable company, our PPC agency near Dunning, IL, supplies customers with reports that contain elements showing effectiveness and key performance indicators (KPI) such as: 

  • Clicks
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Quality score
  • Conversion Rate (CVR)
  • Cost per conversion – acquisition (CPA)
  • Average position

A-grade communication

Communication is an essential part of building PPC strategy plans. Good communication considers the understanding of your online business needs, goals, domains and budget. Correspondence with the PPC agency is important during strategy planning, processing the plan, and after releasing the campaign. 

Agency is up-to-date with changes in internet marketing

As PPC and Google Ads are constantly changing, the characteristic of a serious PPC agency is the ability to notice and apply changes to the current strategy. Updating the PPC strategy is just one segment of a complex digital marketing system. A competent agency is specialized in interconnected marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media advertising and all other related aspects. 

Keyword research method

One of the properties of a credible PPC agency is a building campaign based on a research-driven method. For setting the foundations of successful digital marketing, our PPC firm does in-depth research for keywords that target your specific audience. Along with determining specific and prosperous keywords, identifying negative keywords has equal importance for an effective PPC campaign. Applying negative keywords is the way to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant search queries that don’t deliver clicks and conversion. Negative keywords are also a feature that cuts costs, increases CTR, and helps establish links between relevant keywords and your ads.

Does the agency provide other PPC-related strategies?

A professional PPC agency provides other services related to the PPC campaign since the successful driving of organic traffic demands covering all fields of internet marketing. 

A PPC strategy is yet another aspect of overall site marketing intertwined with content marketing, social media, paid advertising, email marketing and others. Being a specialist in multiple fields means that an agency can determine, separate and develop each campaign for specific business goals, target audience and conversions that best fits your needs.

Is the agency willing to provide support after launching the PPC campaign?

Hiring a PPC agency should not be a short-term relationship. Stable agencies provide long-term strategy and aim to establish abiding cooperation with their clients. Ask the agency about their services and problem resolving once the PPC campaign is set and cast. You don’t want to be left without professional support after you pay the bill when problems emerge. An experienced PPC agency in Chicago is aware of the need for constant monitoring of data and analysis that the post-activation bears and sustains their partners with long-term assistance.

Does the agency have a portfolio, case studies and testimonies?

Case studies provide insight into previous customers’ problems and issues regarding agency service. Testimonies supply feedback that testifies the type of work agency delivered, approach, strategy and previous customer satisfaction.

The portfolio is the material evidence of agencies’ earlier work. Take a look at the results the agency accomplished for their handled clients. The portfolio displays companies’ preferred strategies, platforms and industry domain agencies that worked the most often. A portfolio is an excellent way to see which industry niche company has the most experience, whether it is a PPC strategy for e-Commerce, blogging, Apps, business consulting or others. 

Final Thoughts

In the right hands, your PPC advertising will reach and present your brand straight to the target audience increasing brand awareness by up to 80%. As soon as your brand recognition elevates, so will the organic traffic, leads and conversion. If you are looking for a reliable company that guarantees a professional approach and quality in structuring your PPC strategy, schedule a call with our PPC agency near Dunning, IL, and discuss the best strategy that works and fits your needs.

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