List of Mobile Blogging Workflow Issues To Tackle

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Blogging from my phone? You are out of your mind!

Blogging is never perfect, and it made me adapt and hack my own phone workflow, to a point where it would make sense doing it straight from the phone. In this piece, you will get a pretty clear idea of how far blogging from your phone can take you.

If I couldn’t blog from the phone, I don’t believe I would be blogging at all. It is quite similar to photography, where we say that the best camera is the one that is always with you. Well, it is the same for blogging. The best blogging tool is the one that is always in your pocket.

Dissecting the Workflow

After spending an entire morning trying to figure out iOS Blogging on my phone, I can say that I am at the same point as for where I was before I started.

Only new revelation is that I know I gotta move a bunch of Evernote notes back into my Dropbox if I ever intend to publish them.

One more thing I’ve learned after spending my morning in 1Writer and Byword is that Markdown with Text Expander is science fiction level of efficiency compared to writing inside Evernote, that now I know for certain that I can’t go back to.

My to-do list that will lead to 100% friction free blogging looks something like this:

  • How to easily publish images from Byword to WordPress ?
  • Is there an app that will upload images to my self-hosted server and get me back a hyperlink on my clipboard?
  • Is there a workflow that will automatically push Safari hyperlink in an embed image markdown format back to the Byword or Ulysses, to a currently open text file?

I feel like I know that I am getting closer to closing down the loop. Think I will ponder more about these issues of publishing images, without resorting to manually opening a WordPress application.

One thing is for certain, I’ve pushed blogging further at the expense of images. Dealing with WordPress images from the phone is still extremely impractical at this point in time. It needs to flow better. Wondering if I could create a workflow specifically for that. Until then, people will have to satisfy with the lack or delayed photos on this blog, but at least they will enjoy my ideas.


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