iWork Update and its impact on Productivity

Brian Bojan Dordevic
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The Novelty

New design for iWork is quite appealing. Like the fact that they are moving ahead, giving color change, and on top of that updates to the Keynote and Numbers were quite due. Makes it compelling to start using the iWork all over again.

The impact on productivity is further removing the barriers between the iOS and OSX. These changes might be subtle, but for me, and I assume other people, the ease and simplicity.


And when I thought that changes were not courageous enough, they’ve introduced collaboration.

Feels like Darren and I are going to be having quite a treat! It sounds silly, but I am quite excited! This will allow us people to create presentations together, move ahead with collaborative financial planning. This is opening the new era of capabilities for me and my friends. Today’s Apple announcement made quite an impact for productivity world, and the changes are to be felt immediately for the people that are using it right now, as well as for their friends who will jump ship with the iCloud.

The Impact

And all of that comes at no cost, no monthly or yearly fees. Apple made a revolution in productivity world, and finalized the step in the belief that you are not required to have Microsoft Office anymore in order to be truly productive. More mobile work, more opportunities for collaboration, and all of that is browser enabled, so even the people who have Windows and Android can join you.

All these changes are bringing much needed simplicity to our work, and moving us forward with collective creationism. The work location is officially irrelevant. Now all we need to see is how it all practically works.

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