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Learn how to transform your iPad into a truly useful device, and not just a gadget that’s nice to have. Transition to post-PC world is ongoing, and naysayers were shouting that iPad is consumption only device, but turns out it’s so much more.

My own iPad experience

Ever since I moved to the states, I’ve been using my iPad as the main device. Battery life packed with high mobility in a trusted Samsonite purse, made it an ideal companion. It’s way easier to carry around than a laptop. And the purse left me with freedom to move the gadget around without noticing it.

But the main functionality I was using the iPad for was content consumption. The reason for this was my iPhone addiction. I wanted to do everything on my phone, just because it was so convenient and always near my hand. No matter how hard I tried to remove all notifications, even if I left only iMessages open, it would be enough of a reason to get distracted from actual work. On top of that, sometimes it happened that I would get a phone call in the middle of work, and I would simply forget what was my last position.

Being in front of my Mac for the most of the productive time, my iPad fell to the least used device. But I knew that as a blogger, there is no need for the device that is hard to carry around. Eventually I kept iPad even though I had intentions of selling it. Luckily I decided to stick with it, and couldn’t have been happier with the decision.

The main problem I had with iPad, was the fact that it wasn’t viable writing device, or at least I thought so, until I came in contact with #iPadOnly and got proven wrong.

The Paradigm Shift of #iPadOnly

Michael Sliwinski and Augusto Pinado wrote many things about iOS that I already realized through heavy iPhone usage, iOS didn’t have file system, it reversed the game. You wouldn’t look for the file, you would look for the App. And if you wanted to send the document to someone, you had to go to the app first and find it, than send it, instead of other way around, as you normally would on your Mac.

I’am using this specific example in order to demonstrate the difference between the “normal” computing environment and iOS. It is forcing us to think in a very different direction, which is the reason why people still don’t maximize their iPad output and treat it as consumption only device. But Michael and Augusto went one step further, and experimented with this setup, proving naysayers wrong, on so many levels. Not only iPad is a creating device, it can as well be your ONLY device.

To backup this claim, I can assure you that I’ve spent days on iOS without touching my computer, while still maintaining my usual productive output. This entire, and numerous other Alpha Efficiency articles in past two months were written on iPad and iPhone, as well as published from these devices, proving their claims.

Who is #iPadOnly written for?

I will go and say that anyone who has an iPad (or an iPhone) will draw immense value from this book. You don’t plan on going “all in” with iPad? This book is still valuable for you. Even if the fraction of your workflow is attached or could be managed on iOS, I definitively suggest you go ahead and pull the plug.

Why #iPadOnly?

Before I recommend any book, I like to state a reason why should you get it: The main reason why you should get this book is because it is fun. Some people buy books, and never get to finish reading them, this one will keep you on the edge of your iPad waiting for more.

Our iPad superheroes invested a lot of creative energy into this project, and you can feel it. Their passion for geekines radiates through every word, and once I was done, I felt like I wanted to take them out for a coffee and discuss all the new workflows I came up with after finishing it. Their voice resonates, teaches and amuses you at the same time, and that is important factor of every book, even the techy-geeky ones. It is not yet another manual, it is compendium of use-cases and applications that will transform your iPad into a productivity powerhouse.

But before you buy, there is a warning

Michale and Augusto covered a lot of applications and accessories that they use in order to accomplish this. They found so many great applications and accessories, that they will put you on shopping temptation. While you read (and watch) the book, you will realize how many great apps and supportive gear is out there, and your finger will be on the shopping trigger.

Final Words

In the end #iPadOnly challenged me into revisiting my iPad workflow, and helped me become productive. This helped me eliminating excuse of location, empowering my goals regardless of situation.

And finally the biggest benefit: MOTIVATION. This book is contagious and motivating. You will have a glee in your eyes, and you’ll be eager to explore all the new possibilities you didn’t know before. You will be challenged, but with all that contagious enthusiasm, you’ll be able to overcome the obstacles and ingrain new habits.

Good luck on your journey to mobile freedom.


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