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In order to understand the complex relation between sex and productivity, first we need to understand the relation between testosterone and sex. For guys these two go hand in hand. Testosterone is a muscle building hormone, and the more testosterone you have, more likely you will produce more of it. The more testosterone you have, the higher is your sex drive. But instead of being horny all the time, we can transmute that sexual energy into something productive. This process is called sexual sublimation.

What we aren’t thinking about, is the fact that we can benefit from timing the sex at the right time, coupling it with right nutrition, and in result exploding our performance in other fields of our lives.

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Harnessing the power of Sexual energy

One of the most important energies, is our sexual energy. The capacity of sexual energy allowed our species to survive in the struggling times. But we’re not living in the times where survival of our children is calculated by the ratio of those that will survive.

In order to fully understand the optimal level of sex, and how it affects us, we need to digest some important facts about sex:

  1. How often to have sex?
  2. What is the best time to have sex?
  3. How often should you ejaculate?
  4. Ways to naturally increase testosterone
  5. Supplements to increase testosterone

How often to have sex?

According to Durex market research, adult males in monogamous relationships have approximately 2 intercourses a week. There is no definitive answer to how much sex you should have, as that is answered by your libido. But in a healthy individual, that takes care of itself, this onset is approximately once a day.

Libido with man is directly linked to your testosterone levels. The higher your testosterone the higher your sex drive. You should aim for daily sex, as a form of exercise. Daily sex is having numerous positive effects, such as:

  • Improved Cardio Vascular health
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduced stress
  • Relived pain
  • Increased longevity
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Better sleep
  • Improved overall fitness
  • Increased levels of Testosterone

What is the best time to have sex?

The delicate question of timing the sex is often related to your partner. Finding a supportive partner in your attempts to lifehack sex life is important, as it might require changes in your routine. From personal experience and scientific empirical data, there are two times. One delivers the most joy, and the other one delivers the best effects related to productivity.

Your highest sexual peak of the day is the morning, when you have the highest levels of testosterone. This is going to deliver the most joy, and set the good tone of the day. But as the lifestyle requires a lot of energy throughout the working week, while morning sex is best performed on weekend mornings.

The second best time to have sex are evenings. Right before you want to hit the sleep. The powerful nature of male orgasm will allow you healthier and deeper sleep, that will allow you longer REM phases, that are directly responsible for the rejuvenation of your body.

How often should we ejaculate?

The question of ejaculation has been widely popular recently, with the rise of Taoist movement and various biohackers, seeking improved life performance. Taoists believe that spilling semen is decreasing your male energy, and that you need to abstain from orgasming up to 30 days to get staggering effects. While there are no scientific researches on the topic, BulletProof Executive blog has a video on Quantifying Sex for Better Performance.

Your sex frequency will scale up along with your energy levels and focus throughout the day, both perceived focus and actual focus. Energy levels area literally going through the roof. You might notice that throughout your workouts. Your set breaks might be shorter, your workouts more explosive.

What is the scientific foundation for this?

Chinese researchers conducted a study in 2003, and enlisted twenty-eight male volunteers to abstain from ejaculation for a period of one week. The participants were tested daily for deviations on testosterone levels. The Chinese study was the first to measure the influence of ejaculation frequency on serum testosterone levels, and the results are provocative.

Researchers found that abstaining from ejaculation for six days had no impact on testosterone levels. On the seventh day, testosterone levels peaked to 145.7% of baseline, and then declined rapidly on the eighth day.

Researchers believe testosterone declined on day eight from the negative feedback suppression of Leutinizing hormone secretion. Leutinizing hormone is essential for testosterone production, and LH determines free testosterone levels. Suppression of LH would decrease serum testosterone levels, returning them to baseline. The study determined that the frequency of sexual activity and ejaculation impacted testosterone levels.

Within the normal guidelines

Watching porn and ejaculating to frequently has shown to reduce motivation levels and generate a lot of wasted time. Apart from scientific data and studies, the mellow “high” we experience after sex is counter productive to our productivity. After sex we release hormone called prolactine, and massive doses of dopamine, that make us feel content, and steer us into inaction. That is why the best time to have sex is in the evening, when that sleepy and groggy prolactine effect kicks in.

The basic premise would be to avoid sex, or at least ejaculation until the most important activities are accomplished for the day. This way all of your sexual energy will sublime into useful activity.

Ways to naturally increase testosterone levels

Before doing anything radical with your body in an attempt to fix your possible condition, or improving the existing one, these are the guidelines that will enable your organism to produce more testosterone:

  1. Get Enough Sleep – Sleep is great, as it enables testosterone production and prevents production of cortisol (hormone of death)
  2. Don’t avoid cholesterol and fat – There is obsession about cholesterol in medical society, which has proven to be wrong, especially for males. Testosterone is produced from cholesterol and it’s a must have nutrient in your daily eating patterns. Cholesterol is found in meat. Fats don’t make you fat, sugar does. Keep low carb diet, with plenty of protein and fat, to keep your energy stable throughout the day.
  3. Stop smoking – Because nicotine and other additives are decreasing testosterone production.
  4. Exercise – Cardio and running are good, but weight lifting is better. Weight lifting is having immediate effect on your muscle mass, and your muscle mass is determining testosterone levels in your body. The more muscle, higher weights and that results in more testosterone.
  5. Avoid unnecessary long term stress – Bad stress, as they call it, is forcing you to release corthyzol which destroys your muscle mass, and lowers your testosterone.
Testosterone-boosting supplements

We have a global problem today: testosterone levels have declined across the word population over the past two decades by about 15%. Usual suspects for this condition are bad foods, lack of physical activity and consumption of toxic substances that have negative effect on testosterone production. This means that on average we suffer testosterone deficiency.

My fitness and weight lifting experience proved one supplement that is definitively bringing the results, and it’s called Tribulus terrestris.


The basic premise of your productivity increase is to elevate your testosterone to the highest level, and than controlling your sexual urges, allowing yourself to channel sexual energy into productive activities. From personal experience of working out in the gym, I can attest there there is a significant change in the psychology of an individual. People with high and healthy levels of testosterones think and act differently. Overall they perform better, than those who aren’t working out and don’t take care of themselves. Coupled with knowledge on how to increase testosterone, improve your sex drive and use those to increase productivity, you can start arming yourself towards unleashing your highest potential on hormonal and emotional level.

You probably don’t need 20, but here is a list of reasons why sex is good for you and your partner: 20 Reasons Sex is Good


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