Franchise Web Design: Best Tips For Creating a World-Class Website

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A strong online presence can make or break a business. But what happens when your business is spread across multiple locations or even countries? That is the challenge that franchises face every day. And if you need a fresh franchise web design but are unsure where to start, don’t worry and keep reading.

In this article, our Chicago web design agency will share expert tips and tricks for creating franchise websites that stand out online. From killer franchise web design to must-have functionality, we’ll explore crucial elements that attract customers and drive sales. Plus, you’ll see real-world examples of businesses that nailed their franchise website design projects. So grab a notebook, and let’s start building a website that will take your brand to the top!

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Franchise web design requires a unique approach that mixes brand consistency with localization.

What Makes Franchise Website Design Unique?

To fully grasp the nuances of franchise web design, it’s crucial to appreciate what sets it apart. Unlike traditional web design, franchise web design involves creating an online platform that not only reflects the brand’s identity but also caters to the specific needs of individual franchise locations.

One of the biggest challenges in franchise web design is maintaining brand consistency across all locations. Each franchise needs to be clearly identifiable as part of the overall brand, which requires uniformity in design elements like logos, colors, typography, and messaging. Keep this in mind as we dive deeper into design aspects you must pay attention to.

5 Elements That Make a Good Franchise Web Design

There are likely many businesses in your area competing for the same customers. A powerful franchise web design can give you an edge over the competition and help you connect with your target audience. But web design franchises need is different from web design for small businesses. So let’s get exploring seven crucial elements that make a world-class franchise web design:

Custom Franchise Web Design Is A Must – Here’s Why

While many drag-and-drop website builders exist, years of experience in the web design business showed us that they don’t provide enough stability and customization options. Franchise businesses usually have robust brand identity systems, and custom franchise web design is the only way to meet each need.

Let’s explore just some of the benefits that custom coded websites for franchises provides over templated websites:

  • A website look that meets your brand guides: Custom franchise web design gives you more control over the look and feel of your website. Instead of using a pre-made template, you’ll be able to create a unique layout and design that aligns with the specific visual identity of your franchise business. All successful franchises aim to keep the same visual identity across all traditional and digital marketing channels.
  • Custom functionality: With custom web design, you can open fresh franchise opportunities and implement unique functionality on your website that aligns with your overall business strategy. For example, suppose your franchise is heavily focused on the in-store experience. In that case, you can include features that promote such an experience and encourage customers to visit one of your physical locations.
  • Higher level of performance: By hiring a WordPress website agency to build your digital environment from scratch, you can get a website that looks beautiful and performs to the highest level. This is vital for your online presence, as site speed and SEO go hand-in-hand.
  • More scalability: Instead of generic templates, you need a web design tailored to your franchise’s needs. You can’t use simple website templates when operating at multiple locations. Templated websites are not scalable and have a much shorter lifespan. Custom web design for franchises allows for better organization and functionality, which will prove essential once your franchise starts growing and expanding. 

Easy Navigation will Boost User Experience

Designing website navigation for franchise websites can be a bit tricky because franchises usually operate in many locations. One way to approach this is to have a main navigation menu with links to each location’s page. On these location pages, you can include specific information such as an address, phone number, and hours of operation for that location. Striking a balance between maintaining consistency and providing unique value with each location page is vital to successful navigation for franchise websites.

For example, McDonald’s website has a top navigation menu with options like menu, restaurant locator, McCafé, and more. And a search bar on the top right corner can also help users find nearby McDonald’s locations and other information that may interest them.

Another crucial aspect of web design for franchises is making it easy for users to find what they want. You can achieve this by including clear and intuitive labels for each navigation menu item and organizing the content in a logical manner. It should not take more than three actions to access the desired page. Our franchise marketing agency loves conducting usability tests with real users to get insights into both strengths and weaknesses of the website’s navigation. That task becomes simple once you start using some of the best UX research tools available on the market.

For example, McDonald’s website has a top navigation menu with options like menu, restaurant locator, McCafé, and more. And a search bar on the top right corner can also help users find nearby McDonald’s locations and other information that may interest them.

High-Quality Images will Help You Engage Your Audience

Avoid using stock photos and generic visuals on your website at all costs. Making your website visually appealing and professional is critical to keeping visitors exploring it. People are naturally drawn to images that look good, so including high-quality images in your franchise web design will help you grab their attention and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

But the value of images doesn’t end there. Visuals can also help you convey complex, important information about your franchise, such as the products or services you offer or the atmosphere of your physical locations. For example, if you are a restaurant franchise, images of your food can entice people to come in and try it for themselves. Images evoke unique emotions and can help your franchise website hook visitors and hold their attention until they take the desired action. Just make sure images go hand in hand with your overall brand identity.

Mobile-Friendly Franchise Websites Drive More Business

It’s estimated that over 60 percent of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your franchise website design isn’t optimized for mobile, you may miss out on many opportunities to drive business growth. Mobile-friendly franchise sales sites also perform better in search engines, and even Google officially stated its mobile-first indexing policy. 

Here are some of the quick tips that may help you design franchise websites that look and function well on mobile devices:

  • Keep it simple: Most mobile users enjoy clean and simple web design for franchises that’s easy to navigate and use. Although it’s sometimes tempting to include various elements on the page, a mobile version should contain only the necessary design elements. Also, make sure buttons and links are big enough to tap on with a finger.
  • Use a responsive design: A responsive design will automatically adjust the layout of your website to fit the screen size of a user’s device. For example, responsive design allows you to present your desktop visitors with a two-column layout and make a one-column layout load for mobile users.
  • Avoid pop-ups: While pop-ups can be a powerful way to boost conversion rates with a desktop web design for franchises, they usually cause poor user experience on mobile devices.

Implementing reviews and testimonials in your franchise website design is a proven way to build trust and expand your client base.

Reviews and Testimonials Show that People Trust Your Franchise

Research shows that 62 percent of consumers trust small businesses more than major franchises. This means franchise business owners must work hard to earn people’s trust in their brands. Reviews and testimonials are widely used in the web design business for building trust with potential customers. But why do they work so well?

Before buying a product or service, people naturally want to ensure it’s worth every penny. They want to know what doing business with you is like, so they actively look for your previous customers’ opinions about your franchise. Reviews and testimonials provide social proof; in some cases, they can even have a more powerful impact than friends’ recommendations.

Web design franchises use often include various forms of testimonials. A professional internet marketing company can help you choose the right one depending on your type of business:

  • Photo testimonials
  • Video testimonials
  • Social media testimonials
  • Audio testimonials
  • Interviews testimonials
  • Case studies testimonials

Follow these tips to make testimonials a powerful marketing tool for your franchise website design:

  • Keep them accurate: Testimonials should be genuine and come from real customers. Avoid making up quotes or using fake reviews. It’s easy for potential customers to see through such intentions.
  • Focus on specific details: Instead of general statements like “great service, try to include details about how your franchise helped the customer. For example, “They helped us increase sales by 30% in the first month.”
  • Use visuals: Photos and videos can help make your testimonials more personal and believable. Take high-quality photos of your satisfied customers, or ask them if they’d be willing to shoot a video for you. 
  • Highlight the problem and the solution: Explain the problem your customer was facing and how your franchise was able to solve it. This will evoke powerful emotions in those potential customers who are currently facing similar problems.
  • Always ask for permission: Never use a customer’s name, photo, or testimonial on your franchise websites before getting permission. This can ruin your reputation and result in a lawsuit.

Invest In Franchise SEO to reach the top spots on Google

Search engine optimization is another factor you must consider during your website creation process. When people search for keywords related to your franchise business, you want your website to appear as close to the top of the list as possible. The higher your franchise website appears, the more likely people are to click on it, and the more they’ll trust you. 

For example, if you own a franchise of a popular pizza chain in San Francisco, with proper search engine optimization, you’ll manage to appear on the first page of Google when people use the “pizza delivery San Francisco” keyword.

A well-designed website with relevant, quality content is crucial for SEO. When creating a web design for franchises, you must create quality site architecture, improve page speed, optimize images and videos, craft a fantastic user experience, and include relevant keywords in the appropriate places. This will allow you to drive more traffic and open new franchise opportunities.

Use Content Marketing for Franchises to provide value to your customers

By creating valuable and informative content, you can establish your franchise as a thought leader within its industry. But content marketing is also essential for building trust and credibility with your audience and improving your search engine optimization results. 

Imagine you’re looking for a new burger restaurant to order from. You come across two websites, one with just a basic menu and contact information and another with engaging copy and blog posts about the history of burgers, recipes, and engaging interviews with people from the industry. Which one are you more likely to trust? The one with the engaging and helpful content, right? That’s what our copywriting services in Chicago can do for your franchise’s digital marketing.

Our Custom Franchise Website Design Services

A world-class website can be the key to unlocking your franchise’s full potential. And our franchise web design services can help you achieve that. 

Imagine your website as the centerpiece of your franchise’s digital marketing strategy. It’s the first point of contact for potential customers and a reflection of your brand’s reputation. By working closely with your team, Alpha Efficiency’s web design experts will create a stunning website that effectively communicates your franchise’s unique value. These are just some of the benefits you’ll get to taste:

  • More brand awareness and conversions thanks to a seamless user experience that drives visitors to take the desired action
  • Increased visibility in search engines thanks to a perfect SEO-build
  • More time for managing your franchise thanks to our maintenance support
  • More credibility and trust thanks to engaging and informative content

Are you ready to take your franchise web design to the next level? Get in touch today and let us know about your unique needs and goals you want to accomplish. Our experienced web designers will then craft a detailed plan for creating a one-in-a-kind website for your franchise.


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