Ecommerce website packages: What is the price for a high-quality online store?

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Shifting your business operations towards the online sphere allows you to connect with a wider audience and keep your doors open for potential customers 24/7. However, as prices for e-Commerce projects can vary a lot, many business owners are wondering if they have enough budget to build the eCommerce website of their dream. Today, experts from our eCommerce web design agency will help you better understand how much you can expect to pay for a quality online store. For that purpose, we’ll explore different eCommerce website packages Alpha Efficiency provides.

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Ecommerce website packages

Key Factors To Make Your Website Successful

With many different factors to consider when designing an eCommerce website, store owners often need clarification about which areas require special attention. Whether you want to build a premium or a basic eCommerce website, you need to focus on the following key factors:

Having clear goals

To be able to find the right eCommerce packages, you must first set clear goals you want to achieve with your online store. You need to know how many products you’re going to sell and what makes them unique, build an ideal customer profile, have a general idea of how big you want your e-Commerce website to be, and more. During consultation calls, make sure to introduce your custom eCommerce development services provider to your company’s culture and business goals so they can find the right package for you.

Planning your budget

While building e-Commerce stores and achieving a strong online presence is not cheap, proper budget planning will allow you to invest in the most vital digital marketing aspects based on your needs. If you are running a small business, having all the features premium eCommerce websites have might take time to achieve. Feel free to ask experts about their opinion on which eCommerce packages might prove the most beneficial for your business long term.

Finding a way to stand out

Achieving a unique look and feel of your website is another key factor you should pay close attention to if you want to achieve success. As business owners who build eCommerce websites using templates often fail to make their online stores stand out, we always recommend custom eCommerce web designs to our clients. While the custom web design approach might sound more expensive at first, it actually brings a much better ROI to companies past the eCommerce website launch date.

Building trust with your audience

You need to ensure that your potential customers have a positive experience from the beginning to the end of their buying journey, or they’re likely to go elsewhere. With your website design, you need to show that you care about customers’ needs and do business transparently. Also, implementing features such as customer reviews and testimonials can help you build trust by highlighting positive experiences previous clients had with your products or services.

If you constantly invest your efforts in these areas, you will be on the right track to achieving a strong online presence for your online store. 

e-Commerce website packages

With Alpha Efficiency’s all-in-one eCommerce website design packages, you’ll get all the tools and expertise needed to make the process of achieving success in the eCommerce space smoother. We offer:

  • E-Commerce Web Design Packages
  • E-Commerce SEO Packages
  • E-Commerce PPC Packages
  • E-Commerce Web Development Packages

Let’s check what each eCommerce website package contains and how your business could benefit from them. Keep in mind that each package is fully customizable depending on your needs.

ecommerce web design packages

Web Design

Our eCommerce website design packages include:

Custom eCommerce website design

If you want your online store to be high-performing and recognizable, you should completely avoid using drag-and-drop website builders. That’s why our web design packages include custom eCommerce web design. Building a website from scratch allows you to create a user-friendly digital environment, bring your company culture closer to your potential customers, and apply advanced SEO strategies to reach top spots on SERPs. Alpha Efficiency’s experienced designers will help you stand out in front of competitors’ eCommerce websites by providing you with a tailor-made website built on the right platform based on your business operations. They will fully customize it to meet your brand guidelines and implement custom features to satisfy the unique needs of your target audience. To help you connect with your visitors, we’ll conduct extensive audience research and make the navigation smooth, write clean code to achieve high website speeds, implement attractive visuals, and more. And to make sure your website is able to support future business growth, we pay close attention to its architecture and hosting.

Mobile-friendly eCommerce web design

Mobile traffic is on the rise, and more and more people use smartphones and tablets to buy products from online stores. Therefore, we make sure that each e-Commerce website we build is completely optimized to provide an enhanced user experience and make sure your website layout looks great across all devices. Our web design firm will analyze your goals and implement responsive or adaptive web design to boost your conversion rates and send positive ranking signals to search engines. 

Enhanced product filtering

By integrating advanced product filtering features, we can help you make your products always within reach for your customers. They can filter your products by different colors, sizes, categories, pricing ranges, user ratings, brands, materials, popularity, and more. That results in an enhanced shopping experience for your visitors and more sales and returning customers for your business. 

Payment integrations and user-friendly checkout

Alpha Efficiency’s eCommerce website design services include integrating payment options of your choice and creating an intuitive checkout process to ensure you don’t lose any customers during the final stages of their buying journey.  

Enhanced security

By implementing SSL certificates and ensuring your online store is PCI DSS compliant, our e-Commerce website designers will make your website a safe place for customers. We’ll regularly check your website for vulnerabilities and install only secure plugins to prevent hacking events. 

ADA-Compliant eCommerce web design

By paying close attention to the navigation, font sizes, contrast, labels, and other vital aspects of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), our web design firm will ensure users with different types of disabilities can use your eCommerce website without running into any obstacle. That will result in enhanced user experience, better SEO results, and more.


Alpha Efficiency’s affordable eCommerce packages include an SEO strategy entirely created with your business in mind. Our goal is to boost your visibility in search engines and help you connect with wider audiences in a cost-effective way. On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO are equally important, and that’s why we offer SEO eCommerce packages that contain:

Keyword research

For any website or business looking to rank high in search engine results, keyword research is a must. Alpha Efficiency’s SEO team uses advanced keyword research tools to find the best possible keywords for you to target across your website. 

Keyword mapping

We create comprehensive keyword lists and then carefully plan their distribution across your pages to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns. Our professionals will ensure that your web pages contain relevant keywords and internal links. And you’ll get access to a detailed keyword mapping document.

ecommerce seo

Competition research

Analyzing your competition is an essential step you shouldn’t miss if you want to enhance your search engine optimization strategy. Our eCommerce website packages include detailed SEO competition research – we’ll find out how their websites are performing, which SEO tactics they are applying, where they are obtaining backlinks from, and more. That helps us gain a better insight into the strong and weak areas of your website so that we can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Content optimization

Besides offering SEO-friendly content writing services, Alpha Efficiency will also refresh your existing content and optimize it for search engines. We’ll ensure its proper length, readability, tone, and linking structure.


By utilizing advanced link-building strategies, we’ll help you obtain quality backlinks to boost your domain authority. We will also analyze your current backlinks and fix any existing problems. 

Image optimization

E-Commerce websites usually contain a large number of product images. Failing to optimize them can ruin the user experience and make your online store look bad to search engines. We add appropriate alt tags to your images to help search engines and users with screen readers understand the context more easily, and optimize image file sizes in order to improve your website speed.

Creating XML Sitemap

Our e-Commerce services include creating and submitting an XML sitemap to make your online store easier to crawl by search engine bots.

Regular reports

As keeping track of SEO progress can be difficult, we set regular client reports as one of our top priorities. Our team will ensure you always know how your content is performing, how much organic traffic your website is currently obtaining, new opportunities to exploit, what the user experience is currently like on your website and more. During consultation calls, we will discuss the next steps for your SEO campaign.


Well-managed PPC campaigns across various platforms can help you kickstart your eCommerce journey and keep driving high-quality leads to your online store even after your SEO efforts start paying off. We can help you maximize pay-per-click advertising ROI and expand your reach. The PPC E-Commerce packages our PPC company in Chicago offers include the following:

Google Ads campaign management

After analyzing your business goals and obtaining detailed knowledge about your industry, we’ll conduct comprehensive keyword research and set up your account structure. Our experts will then apply advanced bidding strategies to maximize ROI for your paid search advertising campaign. By constantly monitoring performance, we’ll ensure that every dollar invested counts.

Facebook ads management service

We can help you boost your presence on the most popular social media platform by utilizing advanced targeting options. Our team will analyze your target audience, write powerful ad copy, and monitor your campaigns’ performance to maximize ROI. 

Video advertising

There are not many better ways to quickly increase brand awareness than creating video ads. In the hands of experts, video advertising tends to give a much higher ROI to companies. With many possible ways to express your brand values and evoke specific emotions within your target audience, we’ll utilize video ads to increase sales on your e-Commerce website. We can create short (15 seconds) and long (30+ seconds) video forms to help you get more quality leads on your e-Commerce website landing pages.

Display Ads

This form of PPC advertising allows us to extensively segment your target audience and deliver your ads at the right time and the right place. Display Ads are an ideal option for small businesses operating on a tight budget. We will monitor your campaigns and tweak them when necessary.

PPC Remarketing

Even after someone buys a product on your eCommerce website, the job is not done. You need to invest efforts to turn them into regular customers. Our PPC eCommerce website packages include remarketing campaigns focused on bringing customers back to your online store. We will create powerful ads for retargeting users across various platforms. By showing limited-time discounts, reminders, customized offers, and event promotions, we’ll help your eCommerce brand establish long-term connections with its customers.

Web Development

When running an online business, you need to ensure your website is high-performing. Our eCommerce website development packages include:

Custom CMS

In our custom eCommerce website development packages, we offer to create a unique content management system (CMS) with all the necessary features to help you manage your online store daily. Its interface and functionality will be completely based on your needs.

eCommerce web application development

It is no secret that people spend hours on their smartphones and tablets. By putting programming languages such as JavaScript and Python when building a web application for your business, we can open new opportunities for connecting with your customers. For example, our eCommerce web application development services can help you take advantage of a phone’s GPS capabilities to provide targeted, location-based coupons and deals and utilize the push notifications feature to increase sales. 

eCommerce website maintenance

We’ll make sure your online store is always open and provides a great user experience to your customers. Regular backups allow us to quickly get your website up and running in case of any unexpected event. With regular software updates, we will ensure your plugins are error-free and safe. Our eCommerce website packages include 24/7 support if you need help with your e-Commerce web design.

Hosting Support

By finding the right hosting solution for your e-Commerce website, our experts will ensure above-average uptime for your online store. 

Get a quote

The price for completing an e-Commerce project can vary a lot, depending on your needs and wants. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to avoid spending money on premium features and focus on the most important areas for your customers. As every business deserves unique treatment, our web design agency in Chicago offers custom eCommerce website packages to ensure our clients get the best value for every dollar they invest.

Get in touch today and let us know more about your goals so we can find the eCommerce website solutions that perfectly suit your company. You’ll be able to modify your e-Commerce packages at any time during our partnership.


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