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You may have noticed that I have been mentioning a lot of applications for Android, Windows and Mac. But those apps are suited for my personal use as a blogger. On the other hand I haven’t touched much apps for other areas of expertise.

I would love to know what apps you use in your work. What makes them so great and why would do you recommend them to your friends. Help me spread the word about the great apps that you are using and that help you get more things done.

All apps are welcome, I won’t discriminate. Be it iOS, Android or BlackBerry, your thoughts and opinions are welcomed. Help your developer, so he can continue building a better app for you, recommend his work in the comments.

If you wrote a review of the app and you leave a comment, I will include it in the article and give a back link to your website, with your comment being the part of the article.

Here are my personal picks of the apps I love:

1. Reeder – for iPhone and iPad. This is Google Reader client that is absolutely gorgeous and fully featured and functional. I use it on my Mac as well. Integrates fully with second of my favorite apps:

2. Instapaper – Instapaper is application that lets you save your articles for later offline reading. I find it amazing when you don’t have internet access, and guess what, it fully integrates with my third favorite app:

3. OmniFocus – This wouldn’t be my favorite application, if it wasn’t for the awesome desktop client that easily lets me capture my actionable thoughts and tasks. iOS version on the other hand is not that well. It’s functional when you want to read what are the upcoming tasks that you need to complete. Capturing also works fine, if you want to capture a thing or two. Anything above that, leave for the computer… Or use my fourth favorite application:

4. Surprisingly it’s becoming Notes! I started hating Evernote on iOS, it requires me to wait darn too long. I have no idea why they didn’t manage to do a better job at it. But they didn’t! It takes awfully long to search for things and, while I will continue using Evernote, I believe I am going further and further away from it. Notes on the other hand are rather simple, but with some cleaver usage, they can serve you better on your iPhone than clunky Evernote.

Once I want to move note to Evernote, I simply email it to designated address, as I’ve explained previously in this article.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite apps? Why and how do you use them? Take action and leave comment in the section bellow.


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