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Email – it’s fast, it’s direct, it’s productive, it’s coursing through internet satellites, cables, and databases by the billions! Whether it’s for marketing business or personal exchange. The accessibility and efficacy of sending emails is no strange matter to us, but the statistics you’ll see here will be sure to stimulate your interest.

According to research, the number of emails received daily is experiencing a massive boom, annually increasing by over 10 billion emails! Yes, you heard right! A ten billion daily email increase every year! So what does that statistic mean for your business?

Breaking it down, the Radicati group takes us a bit deeper into understanding the implications of the email boom. In 2019, the daily emails sent for business are around 129, while the consumer emails sent and received are around 118, with business taking the lead. Either way, you look at it, if you’re looking to market your business via email, you will need incredible professionals to take care of the job.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways to engage your target audience and keep your business growing. It doesn’t matter what kind of business are you running when it comes to email marketing. What’s important is to use your advantage when it comes to efficient use of time and budget. In case you didn’t know, email marketing brings excellent ROI. According to, the median email marketing ROI is 122% and it continues to increase each year. It’s estimated that by the end of 2020 there will be over 4.2 billion email users.

Why Businesses Underutilize Email Marketing & How It Creates An Opportunity

Hard selling inside of an email doesn’t work as we previously discussed. Unfortunately, most businesses are focused on easy wins and quick sales. The other bigger reason why email is challenging is due to numerous deliverability issues, difficulties obtaining a list, inability to filter out the data collected and properly sort it. Email marketing is to put it merely labor-intensive and technological.

The majority of email initiatives don’t pass the automated campaigns, even a smaller number of businesses utilize cold emailing. This really leaves a lot of room for audience engagement, while everyone else is too focused on bleeding their paid media budget.

Emails help you save your time when it comes to reaching your targeted audience with the content related to them. Also, they should be readable, yet informative, and most of all should be stylistically aligned with your brand’s image. Following these guidelines will make your messages stand out from the nonsense stream of ignored junk. Also, it will help you benefit from the ever more pertinent advent of email.

Rather than shooting for a quick sale or click, you should pay attention to the longevity of interaction. Most of us generally sift through our inbox, clicking and reading subject lines from the senders who we’ve grown to find our interest. Their content doesn’t simply push products on us, but intrigues us sincerely, appealing to our interests more avidly. Basically, one of the most important things is that people notice you! How to avoid getting into the spam folder? Improve communication with your customers.

Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

An effective email marketing campaign is one that focuses on building trust through value and consistency. First, find your target audience, organize it into lists, and then adjust your content. What customers really appreciate is when companies treat them as an individual. Remember that it’s very important to nurture relationships with your customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as a birthday wish or welcoming email. Those are some of the most effective ways which many companies use to show their clients that they value them. Generally speaking, of course, it’s not easy at all to stand out in the crowd, especially if you’re running a small business. But it’s a bit different from email marketing. Once you start creating valuable and consistent content for your clients, you will be one step in front of your competitors.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Many other things are supposed to be addressed to keep the advantage. What’s important is to create a message that your customers will look forward to seeing. Since they have signed up for newsletters, we must assume that they would like to be informed about our business and to be involved in that. In that case, use your most powerful marketing weapon-your content. That is what will help you make them more and more interested in how is your business running and keeping them engaged. Research has shown that almost 80% of people are opening emails on their mobile devices, but make sure to reach your audience on any device that they are using.

Is it necessary to note how important is to look professional when it comes to this part of your marketing? Creating a well-designed template that would match your brand’s image is implied and very helpful when it comes to landing into your customer’s inbox. It also contributes to a brand’s recognition.

Thus, when choosing an online marketing company to represent your business, ask them about their strategy. Look for key concepts like personalization, bounce reports, spam reports, email deliverability, domain reputation, IP reputation and style (or voice). The execution of each is imperative to the efficacy of the campaign. Make sure that you will establish an email marketing strategy that would transform your ideas into actions. Remember, email marketing doesn’t only have to bring benefits to you but also your clients. Use the opportunity to make it a two-way conversation and work on that to get their feedback.

Next Steps

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