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So you recently started writing, but you are still using your mouse to pin point locations in your text? Even if you are writing veteran, and you are using mouse, than you’re on the right place. This article is written specifically for you. These keyboard shortcuts are specifically useful for writers, but for anyone else for that matter.

I’ve been writing for a long time, and my number one frustration was deleting and reformating the mistakes that I’ve already made. If you delete a whole sentence by holding the backspace key, just because it’s easier than locating the mistake with the mouse and clicking on it, than you know exaclty what I mean.

That was me, some time ago. I would type, and as I am a blind typer, making a mistake is quite common. And than the dreaded deletion, and than writing the same text again. Well not anymore. These are keyboard shortcuts are going to help you navigate and delete through text, like you are cutting through warm butter with a knife.

Keyboard shortcuts

    1. Cmd+delete = deletion of the entire row
    2. Option+delete = deletion of the last word
    3. FN+delete = Equivavlent of backspace in Windows, deletes the last letter.
    4. Option+left arrow = moves the cursor to the word to the left
    5. Option+right arrow = moves the cursor to the word to the right
    6. Option+Shift+Left Arrow = Selecting the word to the left*
    7. Option+Shift+Right Arrow = Selecting the word to the right (*-if you keep pressing arrows, you will add more words.)
    8. Cmd+Shift+Left Arrow = Selects the entire row to the left
    9. Cmd+Shift+Right Arrow = Selects the entire row to the right
    10. Cmd+Left Arrow = Moves you to the left side of the row
    11. Cmd+Right Arrow = Moves you to the right side of the row
    12. Cmd + Up Arrow = Moves you to the top of the document
    13. Cmd + Down Arrow = Moves you to the bottom of the document
    14. Cmd+Shift+Up Arrow = Selects the document from the cursor position to the top
    15. Cmd+Shift+Down Arrow = Selects the document from the cursor to the document bottom
    16. Cmd+X = Deletes the word, but saves it to the clipboard (Cut)
    17. Double click with a mouse = selects the word
    18. Triple Click = selects the whole paragraph
    19. Ctrl+CMD+D = Highlights and defines the closest selected word

Hope you enjoyed these keyboard shortcuts for writing, and hopefully they will help you speed up your writing and word processing. If I forgot some of them, and you think they are useful, feel free to add them in the comments.


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