What’s common to all Chicago plastic surgery clinics ranked on the first page?

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Every company of any type of business strives to be one of Google’s first pagers.

If you want to know how companies are ranked on the first page of this particular web browser and you want your company to be one of them, you’re just in the right place. We’re here to give you answers. Or, one answer. That is because all of the top-ranked companies have one thing in common. And that is Google’s algorithm known as Core Web Vitals (CWV).

There can be different goals behind being a top ranking on google:

  • To improve your visibility
  • To generate more leads
  • To increase engagement
  • To drive website traffic
  • To increase your industry authority
  • To earn trust
  • To build audience
  • To speed up your sales cycle

Therefore, there are many ways to get to the top:

  • Determine keywords
  • Tell Google what keywords you’re using
  • Emphasize location
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Obtain customer reviews
  • List business on other directories
  • Focus on user experience

Of course, if you mix and match them the way Google wants it. But let’s focus a little bit more on that last one on the list because the major factor that puts your website on the top of the search result list is linked to user experience.

Core web vitals measure and score user experience benchmarks set by Google. It measures website design elements that affect the visitor’s experience. 

User experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO) have a lot of overlap, and for many years, Google has been pushing better user experience for better search visibility. Introducing the latest updates in February 2022 has shown its even stronger tendency to  prioritize user experience. The update won’t affect everyone the same way, so it’s important to keep an eye on all the elements of your website to prevent losing your traffic.

User experience is not just focused on meeting the exact needs of the customer but also on simplicity and elegance in doing so. At the same time, search engine optimization stands for making web pages more likely to get ranked on a search engine.  

Core Web Vitals consist of three metrics that are related to page speed, responsiveness, and visual stability:

  • LCP (largest contentful paint) measures how long it takes for the largest content element (text block or image) on the page to load
  • FID (first input delay) measures the amount of time needed for the browser to respond after the user’s first interaction with the site
  • CLS (cumulative layout shift) measures how much page content and elements shift while the site is still rendering


These metrics are designed to give web developers and business owners a concrete way to measure key indicators of UX design and SEO. So in order to be on the top of the search results, your website should score “good” in all three metrics. 

Now let’s see the CWV rank of top plastic surgery clinics Chicago. 

  • JW Plastic Surgery
  • Northwestern Plastic Surgery
  • Doctor Walton
  • Chicago Breast And Body
  • Cangello Plastic Surgery

*The results show mobile insight, and they are taken from the Page Speed Insights tool

While Google has provided a number of tools over the years to measure and report on a website’s performance, the development of CWV takes the lead. Core web vitals indicate that marketers and business owners will have to shift their strategies to focus on user experience SEO strategies.

We think that CWV is vital for making up to first pagers if combined adequately with other factors Google uses to rank sites. Many websites were and are unprepared for the upcoming changes, so we can help your website cope with this and the following updates and achieve the best rankings.


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