Freelance Developer or a Web Development company near Pilsen: Which should you choose?

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Developing a website until the concept is complete requires time, effort, and expertise. You might face a dilemma of whether to hire a web development company or a freelance developer. Do you want to know who to trust with web development in Pilsen? Let’s go through what each of them has to offer.

Freelance Developer

A freelance developer works alone. By their title, you can tell that they are free to choose who to work with. So they might handle only a few projects at a time. When choosing a freelancer, consider their portfolio and referees. A portfolio shows their skills and previous work, and a referee gives you an idea of how it is to work with them. For example, you’ll tell whether they have experience in E-Commerce Website Development.

These are their advantages and limitations:

  • Advantages
    • Flexibility
      A freelancer can set their work hours to fit yours. They can also work for the number of hours they define themselves. Their service does not depend on, for example, a defined company working framework. You can negotiate with a freelancer to work in whichever way both of you are comfortable.
    • Low pricing
      A freelancer is less likely to charge an agency-type fee. You will pay for a wide range of services at a low fee because a freelancer does not have the expenses of a company. A freelancer operates on a more cost-effective lifestyle.
  • Limitations
    • Poor management
      Most freelancers are keen to impress and be professional. But, you might run into problems trying to manage a freelancer. It occurs especially if you do not have a binding contract. Your web development in Pilsen will stall. It’s because there’s no proper oversight of the website creation process.
    • Low level
      A freelancer has their interests, while you have yours. If their sole interest is profit-making, you will not achieve a high-quality end product. They won’t pay much attention to detail and will focus on only getting the website running. You may also have a narrow scope of services to choose from. For example, You might not get WordPress maintenance services. Also, they won’t have a good judgment over web development vs iOS development.
    • Personal risks
      There are many personal risks associated with working with a freelancer. For example, if they fall sick, your project stalls. It’s unlike working with a web design agency, where the project goes on unless the whole team is off.

Web development company in Pilsen, IL

A web development company has a defined workflow and processes. They have several developers and other project participants. Their software development tools are high-end. They improve the probability of a high-quality product. When choosing a web development company, look at:

  • Support
  • Development team
  • Portfolio

Support from the company is essential to connect you to the development team. They’ll advise you on how the average website lifespan affects maintenance  and development. Their portfolio should reflect their expertise and skills. Here are the pros and cons of hiring a web development company.


  • Pros
    • Reliability
      A web development company is reliable because they work to fulfill your vision. Your idea goes through extensive examination to find the best solution. You can rely on a web development company to deliver a solid product. For example, you will retain control over the HTML to text ratio.
    • Expansive team
      You get a collection of experts in one place. Services range from project management, graphic design, and content writing to development. A whole team will give you an end product that can compete in the market.
    • Support
      When your project is running, a web development company offers support. You will be more connected to the project through a supervisor. They can give you updates on the progress or whatever you agree on. Compared to a freelancer, one developer will not have the time and focus on updating you on everything. You’ll also achieve a responsive design, for example, through Sage WordPress theme.
  • Cons 
    • Pricing
      A web development company gives you a full range of services, which you’ll end up paying top dollar. It is a downside, as well as a good return on investment. You get stability and a high-quality product. They’ll help you define a suitable price for your project for example, if it’s ECommerce Website Development 

Final thoughts

The debate between a freelancer and a web developer can be a long one. We recommend that you choose a web development company. You are looking for a seamless option to work through your project. Our web development company in Chicago supports you with expertise and technologies. Schedule a call with Alpha Efficiency today to get your web development in Pilsen started. We’ve got your best interests at heart.