Whether you’re interested in productivity, digital marketing or software developement, this page will serve as a guide to some of our most inspiring content to date. The Internet has become all-consuming, and the majority of jobs depend on you having digital qualifications in order to properly operate your day to day activities. That is why we’ve been writing about Digital Productivity and Digital Transformation extensively on our site for a full decade.

Productivity & Digital Transformation

Digital productivity matters. People that are productive and happy. Earning a living is becoming stressful, and learning the ins and outs of “making it online” is essential to everyone’s well being. We won’t cover the “making money” aspect, but rather focus on the tools and the skills. When it comes to productivity, there are a few tools that have become game-changers, and the Alpha Efficiency team has been using them extensively.

These are Alpha Efficiency approved tools:

  • Evernote (For note-taking)
  • Omnifocus (For task management)
  • Instapaper (For reading saved articles from the web, even when you’re offline)
  • Blinkist (For reading book summaries on the fly)

Besides the apps, we have some interesting concepts that we would love to share with you. Our readers and practitioners confirmed with us that these bring solid returns, materialistically and spiritually. Here is the list of our favorite concepts:

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