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It can be extremely challenging to stand out in a field as competitive as digital marketing, even more so if you are a beginner. It takes years of trial and error to master the trade and gain experience on how to develop a paid social media strategy, how to write alluring and impactful ads, and which keywords to choose. But what happens if you don’t have years to develop your skills? What happens if you want meaningful results – fast? Or perhaps you have all the skills necessary to succeed but lack the opportunity. What then? How to persuade your clients or employer that you are more than willing and able? There is a simple answer to these questions – marketing certifications.

Must-Have Marketing Certifications
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Our digital marketing agency have witnessed an evolution of marketing certifications throughout the last couple of years. They have gained in value as they became more specialized and solution-oriented. They offer insight into new and developing advertising trends as well as validate your existing knowledge. However, just like everything else, not all certifications are worth your while. But, how do you know which certifications offer true value and which are a waste of money? Well, we decided to do the heavy lifting for you and composed a list of ten marketing certifications that are worth adding to your resume.

Digital Marketing Institute’s Digital Marketing Pro

This course offers two certifications – the Digital Marketing Institute and the American Marketing Association certification. It requires ten courses that start with an intro to digital marketing and finish with an advanced digital marketing strategy class. After you have learned the principles, research methods, consumer psychology, and other basics of digital marketing, you will start to explore the more advanced subjects:

  • What are the building blocks of a successful content marketing strategy?
  • How often should you publish content?
  • Do you focus on creating or curating content?

From social media marketing to website optimization, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need.


  • DMI Expert (Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing) – $3,787
  • Digital Marketing Pro (DMI x AMA Dual Certification) – $1,368
  • DMI Master (Certified Digital Marketing Master) – $11,515

Microsoft Advertising Certification

Many marketing certification courses start with well-known facts. However, thinking outside the box is marketing at its best. This is exactly what you learn in this course. The program is free, and it will educate you on how to make the most out of your marketing budget and optimize your ad campaigns.

Another plus for this course is that upon completion, you will be placed in the member directory so your future employer can quickly confirm your certification status.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

As you can see from its name, this is a highly specialized course. Every experienced marketer is aware of just how important a tool Google Analytics really is, as it can quickly identify any given ad strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.

This is a single session, 90 minutes long exam, and you need a minimum of 80% to pass. If you fail the exam, you can try again after one week. The course is free, and Google offers a ton of materials to study.

Google offers two courses – Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics, and both provide vital information that you will use on a daily basis in your marketing efforts.

OMCP Digital Marketing Certification

Online Marketing Certified Professional Certification is a highly advanced course, and we would not recommend it to rookies in the online marketing world.

To earn this certification, you need to demonstrate your marketing skills fully. For starters, you need to pass your OMCP exams. Aside from that, you need to meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • 5000 hours of experience
  • A post-secondary degree with 2000 hours of experience
  • Completion of an approved digital marketing course with 1000 hours of experience

You start by learning the detailed facts of content marketing, how to optimize your conversion rate, and all about email marketing strategies. After that, you learn about mobile marketing and paid search and wrap up with SEO, social media marketing, and general digital analysis.

While the course is highly demanding, it offers an increased earnings potential of up to 26%, and it is certainly worth your time and attention.


  • OCMA – $225
  • OCMP – $395

Hootsuite Academy Marketing Certification

If you already know your digital marketing but are looking to improve your skills with Hootsuite’s program, this is the course for you. Hootsuite Academy also offers in-depth courses that tackle major social media marketing problems, as well as highly specialized marketing courses for people who work in fields like healthcare or social advocacy.

Hootsuite Academy has nine certifications available, and it is up to you to choose a course based on the skills you need to develop to become the best online advertiser you can be.


  • Ranging from $99 to $999

For a seasoned advertiser, Google Analytics and Google Ads go hand to hand. Google Ads is a cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy and an absolute must-know if you are a beginner. Also, if you are already familiar with Google Ads, it is worth taking around five hours to earn this certification.

This is a free course that tackles some of the more complicated Google Ads topics, such as the value proposition of digital marketing, building a campaign from scratch, or measuring metrics.

YouTube Certified

When it comes to certifications, advertisers usually focus on those courses that are all about the basics of navigating the digital marketing world. It is strange that considering how powerful of a tool video marketing is, learning tips and tricks to creating visual content is so often overlooked.

YouTube Certification course is free, and it teaches you how to apply all the building blocks of digital marketing to the YouTube platform. Through courses such as channel growth, content ownership, and asset monetization, you will learn how to create compelling content that converts.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

As the name suggests, this program is focused on developing your content marketing skills. It includes 12 courses through which you will build a strong content marketing foundation, as well as learn how to create an exceptional content catalog.

This free course is perfect for those who have just started a new blog or are looking to grow an existing one as it teaches the value of storytelling and how to properly build a content creation frame. They cover everything from building a guest blogging strategy to promoting your content.

Facebook BluePrint Marketing Certification

We all know how influential Facebook is with its reach that covers almost every corner of the world, and it is no wonder that this platform is so irresistible to marketers. However, most of them approach Facebook ads campaigns in the wrong way using the same tactics they apply to Google Ads. Facebook is its own ecosystem, and the faster you learn what works and what doesn’t, the better your campaigns will perform.

Facebook offers two certifications – the Facebook Certified Planning Professional and the Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

If you wish to become a Facebook Certified Planning Professional, you have to show that you understand how to plan successful campaigns, target the right audience, and maximize your reach.

To become a Facebook Certified Buying Professional, you need to learn how to manage Pages, how to use Facebook Pixel, and generate Facebook Ads.


  • $150 per certification

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

It is clear that SEO can do a lot for your business efforts as it increases your visibility on SERP. However, it seems that many marketers feel reluctant to invest time in Search Engine Optimization and rather stick to content marketing or social media marketing.

This is where SEMrush can help. Their free SEO Toolkit Course provides a detailed look at SEO, and it only takes around three hours to complete. After you complete the course and pass the exam, you will be able to do your own keyword research, metric measurement, and campaign building.

Final thoughts

Digital marketing is an ever-changing world. Platforms and tactics evolve almost daily, and your campaigns must roll with the change to achieve success. As an online marketer, part of your job is to sit on the edge of your seat, ready to jump and grab onto every new trend that emerges in this fast-paced industry. This is why courses like this are something to keep on your radar. They are short and affordable but offer valuable insights and knowledge necessary to give you that extra nudge that will launch your campaigns to another level.

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